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How to use yogurt to cure constipation?

Posted on: December 18, 2019, edit by Eleanor
Careful! Only These 3 indicators are qualified to cure constipation
Careful! Only These 3 indicators are qualified to cure constipation
Careful! Only These 3 indicators are qualified to cure constipation
Careful! Only These 3 indicators are qualified to cure constipation

Summer is very hot, and people are prone to get angry, there is a lot of beer, ice cream, and crayfish. Constipation symptoms are inevitable.

So many people hope to deal with this problem by drinking yogurt. It is called "living probiotics" or "to exercise intestines"? It is a sensible choice to drink yogurt when constipation!

Wait, nutritional value of yogurt is high, but not all yogurt can solve constipation, you have to choose the right dairy product.

What is the principle of yogurt to solve constipation? 

A: Add enough active probiotics.

Careful! Only These 3 indicators are qualified to cure constipation
Careful! Only These 3 indicators are qualified to cure constipation

Common constipation is based on the excessive number of harmful bacteria and slow intestinal tract peristalsis.

Our body is a huge bacterial ecological group. There are bacteria with a total weight of about 1.5 kg. The most important gathering place is in the intestine also called the intestinal flora. There are nearly 1000-1300+ bacteria in the intestine. In the dry weight of the stool we pulled out, the intestinal flora accounted for about 1/3.

In the body of a healthy person, there are three kinds of bacteria in the intestine: beneficial bacteria, harmful bacteria, and neutral bacteria are present in a certain proportion, in which beneficial bacteria and neutral bacteria are dominant so that normal life activities can be maintained.

But once the harmful bacteria prevail, symptoms such as constipation, diarrhea symptoms, and gastroenteritis symptoms appear. Fortunately, by supplementing specific flora in vitro, these symptoms can be alleviated or even cured.

Keywords: sufficient amount, specific strain, strong activity

For healthy people, adding billions of probiotics every day can ensure the balance of intestinal flora and stabilize normal metabolism. However, for people with constipation, it is useful to add more than 10 billion probiotics per day. If it is severe constipation per year, more than 30 billion active probiotics will work.

Bifidobacterium breve BB-12 in probiotics has a very good effect on promoting defecation. It is also one of the most well-studied and clinically available strains.

In the probiotic products of capsules, lozenges, and powders, the activity of the powder is the best one, generally made by freeze-drying technology and embedding technology, which can minimize the damage of probiotic activity during transportation. Also, the storage conditions are important, preferably stored frozen at 0-4 degrees Celsius.

It’s better to have Prebiotics.

Prebiotics are the food of probiotics, which are not used by harmful bacteria and can promote the proliferation of probiotics. Other prebiotics such as oligofructose and xylooligosaccharide are also a kind of fiber that the human body can't digest, which can make stool soften. It is easier to discharge. 

Therefore, yogurt itself can not alleviate constipation, and it works on the probiotics contained in it.

The sale of yogurt is difficult to do all of the above mentioned three indicators. Relatively speaking, the effect of homemade yogurt supplemented with probiotics is better.

But when you choose the starter, you must pay more attention to the type and quantity of probiotics.


The main function of yogurt is to provide high-quality protein, fat, and calcium nutrient facts. If you are not constipated, daily consumption of homemade yogurt can be prevented, but if you get ill, you need to eat a special probiotic preparation.

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