Why do babies get diarrhea?

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Why the baby has diarrhea after drinking brew milk?

Xiao Zhang is feeding her baby milk powder from the baby’s age of 1-year-old. She hopes that the baby can still get enough milk nutrients after weaning. However, since the baby drank the milk powder, diarrhea always occurred. Xiao Zhang has some confusion and wondering what the cause of the baby's diarrhea was. So she went to the doctor. The doctor told Xiao Zhang that her baby had milk intolerance. After learning the news, Xiao Zhang especially wanted to know which elements in the milk powder would make the baby intolerant and how to do it to let the baby drink milk powder normally.

milk powder
milk powder

1. The reason for babies can not drink milk powder

If the baby can't drink milk powder because he has the intolerance of milk, it is because there are substances in the milk powder that cannot be digested and absorbed by the baby, such as protein. I believe parents know that protein is an essential nutrient in baby formula milk powder, which can provide the baby with the energy needed by the body and ensure his healthy development. However, most of the formulas currently on the milk markets contain A1β casein instead of the more natural A2β casein, which is digested to produce β-Casomorphin-7 and β-Casomorphin-7 is very It is difficult to be absorbed and digested by the body. Therefore, parents should pay more attention to the formula when choosing milk powder for babies.

2. How to let the baby drink milk powder normally

If you want your baby to drink milk powder normally, parents should try to choose dairy products containing only A2β casein, so that β-Casomorphin-7 will not be produced, so that the baby can absorb better. According to research, the nutritional value of formulas containing A2β casein is closer to that of breast milk, which is more conducive to the growth and development of the baby. Besides, for 0-1 years old, 1-3 years old and older children, because the growth rate and the nutrients required by the body are different, parents should choose different stages of formula milk powder for them to be more conducive to growth.


3. What are the symptoms of milk intolerance?

Many parents think that the rash that appears after the baby had finished milk is a manifestation of milk intolerance. But in fact, the reason for the baby's rash is mainly milk allergy. In general, babies with milk intolerance may experience bloating, abdominal pain and nausea after drinking milk. In severer cases, they may have symptoms of diarrhea and vomiting. However, parents should not worry too much that this symptom will gradually disappear before the baby is 3 years old.

4. Baby's precautions for drinking milk powder

Parents should pay attention to feeding the baby milk. First, the water temperature of the brewed milk powder should not be too hot, so as not to scald the baby's mouth or make the milk nutritional facts' loss. Secondly, the milk bottle should be sterilized by high temperature before brewing the milk powder, otherwise, it will affect the baby's stomach health. Finally, first put water in the bottle, then put the milk powder to avoid the milk that is brewed too thick or too light, avoiding the baby is indigestion.

Although the baby has milk intolerance, it is not a big problem, but the nutrients of milk are very high, if the baby lacks the intake of this substance from childhood, it is not good for his growth and development, so parents still have to find ways to let your baby drink milk regularly.

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