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Is transform milk powder good for babies?

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Guide:  I used to receive about 10 consultation calls a day, the problem is the gastrointestinal problems that the baby appeared when they transform different kinds of milk, then how to properly handle the transformer of milk? Here are some tips Worth to share with everyone.
Author: Chen Ying
Source: "Milk Powder Think Tank" (ID: naifen234)

Milk transformer is a term we are very familiar with, whether it is from one brand to another, or the same brand of milk powder 1 stage to 2, 2 to 3, or from breast milk to formula milk powder, baby's stomach needs time to adapt. Transform milk seems simple, but it is a frequent reason for the gastrointestinal problem.

Most of the babies will have gastrointestinal problems Especially When the temperature difference between the seasons and the night and day is relatively large and the problems are the same. I remember that I can get about 10 consultation calls a day and the problem almost is the gastrointestinal problem that baby appeared when they transform the milk.

baby drinking milk
baby drinking milk

So why does the baby need to transform milk?

1. to meet the nutritional needs of the baby
In the process of growth and development of the baby, the demand for milk nutrition will also change. To meet the nutritional needs of the baby at different ages, parents should configure different milk powder according to the age of the baby. It is best for the baby of different ages to choose the milk powder of the corresponding age group.

On milk markets, the common segmentation of infant formula milk powder is 1 segment (0-6 months), 2 segments (6-12 months) and 3 segments (1-3 years old).

The 1st segment milk powder is not the pursuit of certain nutrient content, but the pursuit of milk nutrients and the distribution ratio is scientific enough to make the baby eat healthily. The 1st milk powder will also change the composition of nutrients that are not conducive to digestion and absorption of small infants at this stage, making it more suitable for digestion and absorption of small babies.

2nd segment of milk powder is suitable for babies from 6 months to 1 year old. The growth and development of the baby over 6 months accelerated, and the demand for protein and energy increased, so the protein and energy content of the 2-stage formula milk powder had increased. To prevent the baby from becoming obese, the fat content of the 2-stage formula milk powder will be reduced.

Besides, the baby's brain cell development accelerated from this period, at this time should promote the child's brain intelligence and vision development, so the second-stage milk powder will increase the milk nutritional facts that can supplement these two aspects of development.

3 stages of milk powder are suitable for babies over 1 year old. The 3 stages of milk powder further adjust the ratio of essential fatty acids, linoleic acid, protein, and other nutrients, and add taurine, calcium, iron and other minerals and multivitamins to ensure that the baby is adequate. Balanced nutrition. The baby of this age has been able to eat a wide variety of foods and get rich nutrients from it. Milk powder is no longer the only source of nutrients for the baby.

2. Unconditional breastfeeding such as insufficient milk or going to work
Breast-fed babies need to add formula milk powder as the baby grows up cause the mother has insufficient milk or needs to go to work.

3. the baby does not adapt to this brand of milk powder
We all know that even if a milk powder is good, not all babies are suitable, and the best is the right one. At this time, it is necessary for transformer milk between different brands.

Then some mothers may ask, how should we transform milk?
First, let's talk about the situation that is not suitable for transforming milk:
1. The seasons alternate and day and night temperature difference is relatively large or hot summer.
2. When the baby is sick, such as diarrhea, cold, fever, milk allergic, etc., it is not suitable for transforming milk, of course, it is not recommended to transforming milk before and after the vaccine is given to the baby;
3. There is no suggestion to add new food supplements when transforming milk into the baby.


Next, let's talk about how to transformer the milk properly.
1. In terms of the same brand of milk, the common transform method is mixed milk.

Take the 1st to the 2nd stage as an example: it is a process of adding 2 stages of milk powder based on 1 stage milk powder and gradually transforming to 2 stages of milk powder. Transform milk should carry on gradually and do not be hurried must be slowly based on the baby's gastrointestinal digestion and absorption. I will take the amount of milk powder as an example because the amount of water is fixed. 

For example, if your baby eats 3 tablespoons of milk powder, you can add a 1/4 scoop of 2 stages of milk powder based on 1 stage, and eat about 2-3 days. If the baby has good digestion and absorption, you can add 1/2 Spoon 2 stage of milk powder based on the 1st milk powder, eat about 2-3 days, and then carry on gradually, until all transform to 2 stages of milk powder. Some babies have strong gastrointestinal adaptability for about a week and can transformer into 2 stages of milk powder. Some babies have relatively weak gastrointestinal adaptability and will have about 2 weeks to adjust.

2. milk powder to goat milk powder (goat milk powder transform to milk powder)

Our common method of transform milk is to transform milk intervals. The transform of milk between different brands from different milk companies, milk powder must be adjusted according to the feeding recommendations on the package. It is recommended to change the noon meal in the first 2-3 days, change the afternoon meal in the next 2-3 days. Increasing the number of new brands and reduce the original brand slowly in the case of good digestion and absorption of the baby's stomach until the baby adjusts to new brand milk powder. No matter which way to transform milk, it is not recommended giving the baby a lot of new milk powder or directly give the baby a new brand, a new stage of milk powder, which is easy to cause the baby's stomach upset.

3. different brands transform milk

You can use either the mixed milk transform method or the separate milk transform method. One of them is used according to customer habits, but the author prefers the first mixed milk transform method.


Some mothers will say that I also transform milk into this method.
Why is my baby having diarrhea? Let's take a look at the common problems in the process of transforming milk.

1. What is the difference between the production of different batches of milk powder at the same stage and the same brand?

The milk powder at the same stage of the same brand is the same in terms of formula of milk powder and nutrients, and the taste is the same unless it is a company to change the formula of milk powder, it should be another matter. At this time, it is necessary to consider whether the baby has the problem of teething, tiredness, and supplementary food.

2. What should I do if my baby has green stools during the milking process?

Transform milk Exclude the case of the baby had cold or indigestion, you can compare the iron content of the two milk powders. If the iron content of the new milk powder is high, the baby will not absorb the iron completely, and there will be a green stool. If it is just the stool’s color changes and there is no other situation for the baby, The mother should not worry and can be improved by adding probiotics as appropriate.

3. The number of baby defecation during the transform of milk is increasing, at least 3-4 times a day but once a day at the previous time, what to do?

First, we must consider whether the milk transform method is appropriate. Some mothers add a spoon of new milk powder directly to the baby. The baby's stomach is delicate and tender, and the adaptability is relatively weak, so babies will diarrhea after eating. There is also an inappropriate proportion of the new one. The supplementary food, the baby's illness, and the incomplete cleaning of the milk will cause the baby to have more stools.

4. What should I do if my baby has indigestion, constipation, and flatulence during the milk-transform process?

We all know that a baby whose stools usually have a little dryness if he drinks milk-powder milk. In the process of transforming milk, if the baby has indigestion, first of all, it is necessary to consider whether the amount of milk powder is reasonable. Second, we should consider whether he is eating supplement food during the transform time. We should consider whether the baby is not suitable for this kind of milk powder Regard other factors. In the process of transform milk, there is a case of indigestion. The mother can use both hands to rub in clockwise and press the baby's small belly to help digestion, and can also add probiotics.

baby food
baby food

5. Frequent replacement of the milk powder brand is good for the baby?

The production process and nutritional formula milk powder of each milk powder are different. No matter which baby's stomach needs to adapt for some time, frequent replacement of milk powder can easily cause the baby's gastrointestinal burden, which may affect the baby's growth and development. Therefore, it is not recommended to change the milk powder brand frequently.

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