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Is the overseas milk powder safe? 

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News that a New Zealand brand milk powder Karicare has withdrawn from China milk markets has aroused the concern. The news claimed that Karicare has only one reason to withdraw from China: the manufacturers who produce milk powder in a conscience can't compete with Chinese fraud! The agent imported 1 ton of milk powder but sold 10 tons out.

The article also gives a picture of the relevant news published in the "Business" newspaper. After the news came out, many people in the dairy industry and Weibo(Chinese Social media platform) Online celebrities had forwarded them. The incident continued to discuss. The mothers who bought Karicare milk powder began to worry about whether they had bought fakes one.

Newspaper pictures attached to the news
Newspaper pictures attached to the news

Is this the case? Karicare withdraws from China because the agent Selling fake milk powder? As early as March 21, Karicare China’s official Weibo has announced the news that it will withdraw from the Chinese market. Many media also published relevant reports. Wang Huiying, deputy director of public affairs at Danone NUTRICIA, said that Karicare's withdrawal from the Chinese market is a normal business strategy adjustment.

Shortly after the news of “Karicare’s withdrawal from China due to the agency selling fake product”, many Weibo celebrities began to blame, saying that Karicare’s withdrawal from China was caused by the previous botulism incident, which led to a serious decline in sales of Karicare and decided to withdraw from the Chinese market. In the local report, there is no mention of “agent selling fake products, selling 10 tons by imported 1 tons”.

I have searched for the title "Karicare brand bows out of China" in the newspaper, and the result is not existence. And I found another report from the media. The article was that after the New Zealand Botox incident, the sales of Kricare brand milk powder in China fell sharply. The milk company suffered serious losses, so it decided to stop its selling campaign in the Asian market. The full article also did not mention The problem of agency fraud.

news paper

The reason why the rumor of delisting of New Zealand milk powder had rapid spread shows that Chinese mothers have very low confidence in the safety of Chinese milk powder, and easily frighten by little mistake of the milk powder. Since the melamine incident in 2008, many parents lost confidence in domestic milk powder and turned to buy imported milk powder. If imported milk powder is also fraudulent, can our children still have safe milk powder to drink? Many people may suggest: you can purchase overseas.

Indeed, many mothers now choose oversea purchasing to buy milk powder. After the news that Karicare has withdrawn from China, many mothers are already looking for an oversea-purchaser. However, oversea purchasing are also at risk. 

you should be careful of that scam when you purchase milk powder overseas.
1. May buy fake products or the expired product.

Although the news about "Karicare's withdrawal from China due to agency fraud" is false, it is easy to encounter knockoffs and expired product in oversea purchasing. Some people who have done overseas purchasing said that "purchasers" have many means to "package" domestic goods into foreign goods. For example, some people buy international logistics order numbers and posted them on the domestic shipping box. Some people shipped the empty Carton from abroad and put the domestic goods into the "International Carton", some purchasers will also be attached to the supermarket Shopping Receipt, logistics tracking and other information, but those are actually can be fake.

There are also reports that many of oversea purchasing's low-cost milk powders are collected from Europe's expired milk powder and temporary milk powder. Selling it to China after modifying the shelf life of milk powder.

2. It is difficult to ensure cargo safety during transportation.

Oversea purchasing milk powder is also easily damaged during the continuous transshipment process. The staff of the transshipment company said that the delivery of milk powder from Australia to China may be carried out by plane transportation, maritime transportation, train or car transportation. Each loading and unloading process may cause damage to the internals of the mail, especially the vacuum-packed milk powder, the milk powder may burst if the milk powder box is placed upside down, or other express items are pressed against the package, or if the force is too much during loading and unloading.

3. Do did not understand the information on the packaging.

For most Chinese mothers, when they purchase the overseas version of milk powder, they will face the problem of not understanding the product information, which is very unfavorable for use and even misses important information, such as some ingredients that may cause baby allergy to milk and affect the body’s health.

4. No after-sale services.

If there is a problem with the oversea purchasing milk powder for babies, it is very difficult to return the goods, because, in the case of oversea purchasing, the merchants will ask the consumers to agree the term "do not return." It is also difficult to defend your rights. First, it is difficult to prove the evidence. Secondly, it is difficult in actual operation. The litigation process is complicated, and the litigation cost may be much larger than the claim amount.

How to avoid buying fakes when you have oversea purchasing?

If conditions permit, it is wise for the mothers to give their baby exclusive breastfeeding. If you want to add milk powder, you must choose safe milk powder. Mothers purchase milk powder oversea for giving children a safe milk powder, then how can we avoid buying fakes in oversea purchasing? 

1. Looking for someone reliable and asks him to help you to buy.

If you have reliable relatives or friends abroad, it is best to find them. If there is no such resource, oversea purchasing of any platform of any other channel may encounter the risk of counterfeit goods, so you should ask for more luck. (There is a daddy who said that she once bought fake milk powder on a well-known oversea purchasing website in China.) However, to avoid risks as much as possible, it is recommended to find a formal and qualified oversea purchasing platform to purchase.

2. Do not buy low-priced milk powder.

The expert suggests that mothers should learn to know about foreign official websites when they are want to purchase something oversea and understand the local pricing of milk powder. The normal purchasing should be based on the official selling price. If the purchasing price is the same as the foreign price or even lower, you should be cautious. As for those products that are very cheap, it is best not to buy them.

3. Pay attention to those products with very high sales volume.

Many countries have restrictions on the amount of milk powder purchased. For example, in Australia, local people buy milk powder in the supermarket is limited to 4 cans, and many supermarkets do not have much inventory, it is difficult for ordinary people to achieve large-volume purchases. If milk powder sales are extremely high, you should be vigilant.

4. Look at the packaging details.

To identify the true and fake milk powder, you can also check whether the outer packaging of the product is consistent with the official website product, and pay attention to some details of the packaging and product description, such as barcode, production date and so on.

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