How to identify fake milk powder?

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Dairy products are rich in protein, calcium, phosphorus, etc., and it is nutritious food. But now there is the various brand of milk powder in the market, how should parents use simple common sense to identify the milk powder?

1. Identification barcode

Nowadays, the dairy milk barcode are different in different countries. If you want to check whether the milk powder from milk markets is Originally imported, you only need to know the 2 to 3 digits of the nationwide barcode. For example, the United States, Canada 00-09, 489 represents Hong Kong, 94 represents New Zealand, 84 for Spain, 76 for Switzerland, 80-83 for Italy, 87 for the Netherlands and 880 for Korea.

Identification barcode
Identification barcode

2. Packaging authenticity

The milk powder is well packaged and the seal is flat. The package is also marked with milk powder composition, production year, manufacturer address, trademark, the shelf life of milk powder and so on. However, the fake milk powder’s seal is generally not flat and the label is not clear. If you encounter this, it is wise to not buy it.


3. Watching milk color

Most of the colors of milk powder are light yellow and beige. Of course, it is normal to have different colors depending on the brand and model. Most of the fake powder is pure white, and the shiny milk powder. If you have already purchased milk powder, you can immediately distinguish the different colors of the milk powder from the color.

Milk powder color
Milk powder color

4. Taste the milk powder

Parents can first brew the milk powder for babies with warm water, stir it and taste a little of it, and you can feel the milk fragrance after tasting it. The high-quality milk powder tasted fine, easy to stick to the teeth and its dissolution rate is slow. If the milk powder is dissolved while it entering the mouth, and has a heavy sweet taste, it is likely to be fake milk powder.

5. Brewing with cold water

Using milk powder with cold water. The good quality milk powder will trans the water into the white liquid only after stirring. If the milk powder dissolves automatically or appeared precipitation without stirring after brewing with cold water, it is likely to be fake milk powder.

Milk powder
Milk powder

6. Brew with hot water

If you use hot water to brew milk powder and the brewed-milk have suspended matter, then the milk powder is real. The fake milk powder will dissolve directly, there is no suspended matter at all and there is no smell and color of milk.

7. Product traceability system query

Excellent milk powder can be traced back to the product! By scanning the QR code under the milk powder canister into the product traceability system, you can find the detailed logistics code, product name, applicable age range, raw product batch, shelf life, production plant, and milk company. A series of detailed information such as quality standards.

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