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Tips to identify the fake milk powder

Posted on  November 15, 2019, Edited by Samantha, Category  

Recently, the case of counterfeiting brand baby milk powder across several provinces and cities in the country has caused widespread concern. The healthy growth of the baby is the wish of all parents. How to select a good milk powder for babies has always been a matter of great concern to mothers. Today, I will teach you how to identify fake milk powder.

How to identify fake milk powder?

1. Look at the packaging design:
On milk markets, good milk powder packaging has good sealing. In order to maintain milk nutrition and keep the shelf life of milk powder for a long time, good milk powder generally uses a plastic cover on the outer layer, tin foil on the inner layer, and a pull ring on the foil paper for easy opening. After tearing the tin foil layer, it is difficult to achieve the sealing effect only by the remaining outer plastic cover. The outer plastic cover has poor anti-oxidation and water resistance, and the air is easy to enter so that the milk powder is oxidized by moisture. The inner layer of foil paper also has the problem of gas permeation before opening, because there is a very fine gas bleed hole at the joint between the foil paper and the milk powder can. If the storage time is long, the milk powder in the tank is easily oxidized.


2. Test feeling:
The milk powder is delicate and will make a "beep" sound.
Use your fingers to pinch the milk powder bag. The milk powder is fine, and the milk nutrients are rich, then it will make a "squeaky" sound. The fake milk powder will emit a "rustle" sound due to the combination of white sugar, glucose, and other ingredients.


3. Identify the color:
The real milk powder with a good milk source is natural milky yellow and the fake milk powder is white, with fine crystals and luster, or bleached white, or other unnatural colors.

4. The smell:
Open the package, the good dairy products have the unique milk flavor of the milk; the fake milk powder has little milky fragrance and even no milky fragrance.

5. Taste:
Taste a little milk powder into your mouth. The real milk powder is fine and sticky, easy to stick to the teeth, tongue and upper palate. It dissolves quickly and has no sugar sweetness (except sugared milk powder); fake milk powder dissolves quickly in the mouth, does not stick to the teeth, and has a sweet taste. The milk calories of fake milk powder are higher than real milk powder.

6. Look at the dissolution rate:
Put the milk powder into the cup and rinse it with cold water. The real milk powder needs to be stirred to dissolve into a milky white turbid liquid; the fake milk powder can be dissolved or precipitated without stirring.  Brew them With hot water to, the real milk powder forms a floating float.

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