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Why is the source of infant milk powder good in New Zealand?

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New Zealand Milk Source: Times, Geography, Strict management measures. New Zealand is the world's largest exporter of dairy products. Why  New Zealand has the best source of milk? It has to start exploration from the time, place and  Strict management measures.

New Zealand
New Zealand


Fresh milk powder has the greatest milk nutrients and taste. In most pastures in New Zealand, the fresh quality of milk powder can be guaranteed. New Zealand is an island country in the South Pacific. It is picturesque, with snow-capped peaks, golden and glittering beaches, the clear lakes and lush virgin forests. Nature which still maintains its original state as well as numerous high-quality natural pastures, with high-quality dairy Fluffy cow and sheep.

New Zealand
New Zealand


Pure Air in New Zealand: The island country of New Zealand is affected by the trade wind, resulting in good convection around the island, photosynthesis formed by high-quality greening, making the air extremely high oxygen content, while metabolic waste in the air, due to convection, is quickly taken away. This creates high-quality air with high negative ion content in New Zealand.

Water sources in New Zealand:

In New Zealand, forest coverage is 30%, pasture is 50%, 95% of the land is covered by greening, and the industry is scarce. The water source of the island comes from the glacier area, through the natural filtration of volcanic rock area and the infiltration of forest along the way, and the water quality of the island is extremely pure.

Forage grass in New Zealand:

New Zealand Island is a typically mild climate with small seasonal fluctuations and abundant precipitation, which is very conducive to the healthy growth of fresh forage. Dairy cows and sheep eat grass and hay instead of hormones and feed that stimulate lactation. The dairy female cow and sheep known to choose the best grass to eat, and they eat it in large mouthfuls.

milk source
New Zealand

Such a beautiful and healthy natural pasture environment makes the dairy Hereford cow growing here not only healthy, but also happy, and only happy and healthy dairy goats can produce the best quality milk powder.

Strict management measures:

New Zealand is the most stringent country in the field of food management and the most internationally recognized country providing the best quality food.

New Zealand has the highest animal health standards and is a world-recognized country free of mad cow disease, pruritus, and foot-and-mouth disease. Dairy sheep are animals that feed entirely on grass and are not affected by hormones, antibiotics, and pesticides.

In terms of the quality control system, New Zealand has a product traceability mechanism system to reassure international consumers. All New Zealand-originated products have an export certificate of MAF (Ministry of Agriculture and Fisheries). In addition to ISO9002 and ISO9002 quality certification systems, two other organizations are responsible for protecting consumers' rights and interests: the New Zealand Food Safety Authority and the Australia-New Zealand Food Standards Organization, and New Zealand has a well-known and solid reputation for safe food supply.

Although the output of dairy products is only 2% of the world, New Zealand occupies 35% of the international dairy trade with its reputation for safety and high quality. As New Zealand's largest source of export revenue, the dairy industry is continuing its long and glorious history in the world market.

When we feel the purity, beauty, and comfort of New Zealand on the vast grassland of New Zealand Island, we are even more impressed by the persistence of the cattle company in protecting the original ecology and nature of the grassland, which guarantees its quality although it reduces the yield of the milk. Because for them, what matters are not profits, but really healthy milk powder.


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