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How to select the milk powder for baby

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No matter how careless you are before you have a baby after you have a baby, you will become thoughtful and careful, and understand that parents should have love and responsibility. Especially in the process of nurturing babies, from food to using things, you think all should be carefully selected.

Almost all mothers are particularly picky when choosing milk powder for babies. After all, it's the baby's ration, which is related to the baby's health, so it is very significant!

Recently, my girlfriend has been having a hot potato about the child milk powder: the baby is one year old and eight months old and plans to add milk powder to stop the breast milk. But for a mom who has a very high requirement for dietary health, not only to make delicious food by herself, but also require the ingredients are fresh and organic and who buying food must first look at raw materials, nutritional ingredients, production date, and origin, the requirement of selecting milk powder is "critical". She requires the milk powder must be rich and balanced nutrition, no sugar, easy to digest, baby love to drink... The most important thing is to be safe. To choose a milk powder that suits her heart is like climbing into the sky.

After a round of comparison, considering the safety of milk sources, pollution-free and strict international certification standards, the girlfriend finally set her mind on organic milk powder (and in recent years organic milk powder is very popular, many mothers like it), but also in the problem to decide which milk powder she should choose, ... After all kinds of strategies failed, she turned to me to ask for some help.

Just a few days ago, some fans also asked me about organic milk powder, so I chose three organic brands that are well known to evaluate so that you can choose the most suitable milk powder for your babies.

The brand of organic milk powder participated in the evaluation were: Eleva 3, Healthy Times 3 and Topfer 3. The evaluation was evaluated from eight aspects: brand’s organic production history, nutritional components, powder color and fineness, difficulty in brewing, the taste of milk, traceability, price and difficulty in purchasing. 

1. The history of organic production.

brandThe history time of organic productionresult
ElevaAbbott is a global health care company with a long history. Its Eleva Organic Milk Powder Series was officially launched in 2015.HT>topfer>eleva
HTHealthy Times was founded in 1980 in the United States and has been focusing on organic products for 36 years. Besides organic milk powder, the puree, rice flour and molar biscuits under the brand are all organic products.
TopferIn 1989, Topfer developed organic topfer baby milk powder, which has a history of 28 years. It is one of the earliest enterprises in Europe to produce organic milk powder.

In terms of organic historical time, HT is more dominant. After all, it can put forward the organic concept in the early 1980s. At that time, it was a "new trend"!

 2. The formula and composition

ElevaDHA content is prominent, up to 3.02/, higher in the same type of milk powder.Three kinds of milk powder have their own specifications. Mothers are advised to choose according to their babies'needs.
HTOrganic butter, consisting of vegetable oil cream and DHA and dietary fiber GOS, free of sugar and vanillin
TopferDHA, AA, Active Probiotics, Adding Sucrose

In this aspect, Alleva's DHA content in the same type of milk powder is excellent; Healthy Times'organic milk fat is the highlight, because organic milk fat helps to absorb fatty acids and calcium, is more conducive to the digestion and absorption of babies while the stomach is more comfortable; and topper's characteristics are also obvious, that is, the addition of active probiotics. Mothers all like the active probiotics to enhance and improve the immune systems' function of babies.

Relatively speaking, health time without sugar can win the favor of mothers. After all, premature or excessive intake of sugar can harm the baby's malnutrition, obesity, tooth decay, sweets syndrome and so on, which every mother would not like to happen. In other words, the composition of milk powder is not absolute, you should according to the needs of babies to choose.

3. The color and fineness of the powder

Result: HT> topfer>eleva
Eleva: Some clots, yellow powder color, no impurities, powder odor is relatively light.
HT: Fine and smooth powder, light yellow powder, no impurities, because it contains organic butter, powder odor has a light milk fragrance.
Topfer: Fine powder without big particles, no impurities, yellow powder color, powder odor has a slightly fishy smell.

4. The difficulty of brewing

Result : eleva>HT>topfer
Eleva: Good solubility, only a few milk powder clots remain in the bottle, although the picture shows more clumps than HT, it also related to the stirring time ;
HT: The solubility is good. After the milk is poured out, a small amount of milk powder is left in the bottle.
Topfer: It's relatively more insoluble than the above two. After the milk is poured out, there are milk powder clots left.

5. The flavor of the milk

Result :HT>eleva>topfer
Eleva: It tastes sweet and has a slightly fishy smell.
HT: Sweetness appropriate, basically no Fishy smell and taste more natural;
Topfer: The sweetness is moderate, but the Fishy smell is a little bigger.
The taste of milk powder is not absolute. So when choosing milk powder from milk markets, mothers should also consider the taste of their babies.

6. Tracing to the source

Result :eleva=HT=topfer
They all can trace the source.

7. The price

Result: Eleva>HT>topfer

Baby drinking milk
Baby drinking milk

8. The difficulty of purchasing

Eleva milk powder is the easiest to buy, where mothers can buy them at the place such as Leyou, Lijiabaobei Jingdong, and Tianmao; next is Telford, which is not available in physical stores but can be bought through e-commerce channels such as Jingdong, Tianmao and Suning Easy-to-buy.

Due to the short time to enter the Chinese market, HT's purchasing channels are still relatively limited. There are no online purchasing channels. It can be brought in some large scale mother and baby stores.

Comprehensive evaluation

From the evaluation results, we can see that DHA content is the main selling point of Jingzhi Organic Milk Powder. As Abbott's milk powder series, the marketing channels are also relatively perfect.

The overall advantage of Healthy Times is that it has a long history of making organic food for infants and young children. It does not add sugar and vanillin, natural flavor is good for babies to drink, and organic milk fat can help babies absorb, etc. However, it only can buy it thought overseas purchasing. After entering the country, there are few sales channels to buy it, such as the large baby and mother supermarket, it sort of is convenient to buy.

Compared with the former two, a topper is more moderate in price, more channels to buy, slightly fishy taste mainly depends on whether the baby can accept.

This organic milk powder evaluation is officially ended. It is worth reminding you that milk powder should not only be evaluated, but also be selected according to the baby's physique and the needs of the mother. As the saying goes, "There is no best, only the most suitable". Make sure that the milk is good for you.

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