Children should not drink the six "milk"

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As long as the baby is not allergic to milk protein, he can drink milk after the age of one. But there are many things to pay attention to when drinking milk, such as the best drinking time is at night, the maximum daily consumption should not exceed 500ml, and the baby can not drink milk on an empty stomach. Drinking right is good for health, drinking wrong can easily have side effects on the body, especially these six kinds of milk, no matter how good you feel, you can't give it to your baby.

Ⅰ.The six "milk" do not drink to the children
1. Recycled milk
The milk powder is free from nutrition and contains a lot of sugar and perfume.
Mothers may not have noticed that most of the milk products on the market that show "fresh milk" contain recycled milk.

Recycled milk is the milk after two or three high-temperature treatment, concentrated, dried into concentrated milk or milk powder, and then add the appropriate water to make a similar emulsion to the original milk. Recycled milk is the milk powder mixed into milk, the nutritional composition is very low, but it also contains a large number of sugar and essence.

Selection of pasteurized milk
According to the law, pasteurized milk is not allowed to use recycled milk, but also retains most of the milk nutrition. In particular, mothers are reminded that pasteurized milk has a short shelf life.

The six "milk" do not drink to the children
The six "milk" do not drink to the children
  • Lactic acid bacteria beverage
    It's hard to really get to the "lactic acid bacteria".
    Active lactic acid bacteria drinks are not without lactic acid bacteria, but these bacteria can only be stored at 2 ℃ ~ 6 ℃, and most of the activity can only be maintained for a few days. So although many lactic acid bacteria drinks have not passed the shelf life, the beneficial bacteria are almost gone for a long time.

Refrigerated storage is once a little careless, the active lactic acid bacteria will soon die. So if you choose the lactic acid bacteria to drink production date is not within a few days, the baby is likely drinking sugar water.

High sugar content
Many yogurts or lactic acid bacteria on the market are packaged with the word "drink", but this drink is not the same as yogurt.

Although active lactic acid bacteria can regulate intestinal flora, to create sweet and sour taste, many enterprises will add a lot of sugar to lactic acid bacteria drinks. Even if they drink low sugar drinks, it will lead to excessive intake of sugar.

If you want your baby to eat more beneficial bacteria in the intestines, the best way is to make homemade low-sugar yogurt.

The six "milk" do not drink to the children
The six "milk" do not drink to the children
  • Breakfast milk
    Breakfast milk is mostly seasoned milk. Many mothers like to give their babies breakfast milk in the morning, see a lot of additives in the ingredients list, thinking that nutrition is quite complete. And many businesses also advertise that "breakfast milk can replace all the nutrients their children need for breakfast."

But when you look at the ingredients list, you'll know that most of the breakfast milk is flavored milk, with a lot of additives, and the grain content is very light.

Choose pure milk for the baby to drink. If you want to add grain, after the age of one less allergic baby, you can add some cooked cereal to the milk.

The six "milk" do not drink to the children
The six "milk" do not drink to the children
  • A fruit-flavored milk
    Fruit-flavored milk has the most additives. Some babies don't like pure milk with a light taste, so mothers choose to buy milk with all kinds of taste of the fruit.

The milk is added with a large amount of sugar and edible essence after the milk is diluted for taste. In this way, the heat of milk is higher than that of ordinary pure milk, but the nutritive value is greatly reduced.

Whether milk or yogurt, it is best to choose the original taste for the baby. Drinking pigment and essence for a long time will affect the development of the baby's intelligence. It is no problem to drink once in a while, but it is not suitable to be used as a drink to supplement nutrition for the baby for a long time.

The six "milk" do not drink to the children
The six "milk" do not drink to the children
  • Child’s milk
    The child's milk is a business gimmick. All kinds of child's milk in the market, say it is rich in DHA and ARA. And the taste is sweet, not to mention the baby, so many mothers feel good.

But this kind of child’s milk only adds a lot of sugar, essence and other additives to the ordinary milk, not to mention the low nutritional value, the baby is young, the organ development is not perfect, often drinks the child’s milk will affect the baby's health. And child's milk tastes sweet, which is easy to let the baby do not like to eat, so it is recommended to drink less child’s milk.

The six "milk" do not drink to the children
The six "milk" do not drink to the children
  • Milk slices
    Most milk slices, in fact, are junk food.
    Many babies like thick milk slices, mothers also think that milk slices are "solid milk", not only milk slices but also some cheese slices, dried yogurt, milk balls and so on.

A closer look at the ingredients list shows that, in addition to milk powder and sugar, there are the most terrible fat plants, which contain a large amount of junk food--trans fatty acids, which are not only bad for the baby's health but also affect intellectual development, and most of the milk slices are added essence which will affect the health of baby.

How to choose milk slices
But the milk slices are rich in protein and fat, and the heat is relatively high, which can be used to supplement energy after the baby moves. When the mother is shopping, be sure to watch the material distribution table, and select the milk slices which do not contain the plant end.

The baby eats milk slices can't be more than 10g a day, otherwise it is not only not easy to be absorbed, but also affects the normal eating of the baby.

The six "milk" do not drink to the children
The six "milk" do not drink to the children

Ⅱ. How to choose good milk?
1. It contains four nutrients.
High-quality protein, calcium content, vitamin B, physiologically active substances, such as lactoferrin, immunoglobulin, bioactive peptides and so on.

2. Here are the color and smells.
The color of good milk is cream white, the smell is light, the taste is thin, but there is a slight milk smell when drink.

Ⅲ. You have to know about milk.
1. It can't be heated for long.
Heating the milk for too long can destroy the nutrition in the milk. For example, lactose in milk is easy to appear in lactose coking after high-temperature heating; after heating for a long time, it will also affect the absorption of calcium in the human body; it will also reduce the quality of protein in milk and greatly reduce the nutritional value of milk.

2. You can't eat eggs with milk.
The breakfast is common with milk and eggs. But milk and eggs are rich in high protein, with only enough carbohydrates to be better absorbed. In other words, breakfast can't only eat milk and eggs, but also cereal, such as bread, to help the baby to absorb nutrition.

3. You can't drink it like water.
Many people think that milk is high in nutrition value and can be used to help the body to be in good health. It is wrong. The milk calcium content is rich, but it is a poor iron food, it is also easy to cause flatulence, affect the appetite. Besides, full-fat milk contains a certain amount of animal fat, and half of the saturated fatty acids and excessive intake is not conducive to the health of the human body. The total recommended daily intake of dairy products is not more than 500 ml.

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