Which one is better? Milk or Yogurt?

Which one is better? Milk or Yogurt?

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Which one is better? Milk or Yogurt?
Which one is better? Milk or Yogurt?

We have talked about all the problems that we encountered during weight loss, but some girls always miss it and find historical news and trouble. So I will help you integrate. What we want to integrate today is the knowledge of dairy products, which has a very high rate of inquiry recently.

What are the advantages of milk and yogurt? Which one do we prefer? How can I eat better?

Nutrition of milk and yogurt


Whether pasteurized milk or room temperature ultra-high temperature sterilized milk, 100 grams of whole milk usually contains about 3g protein, 3.2 g fat and 3.4 g carbohydrate.

Also, 100 grams of milk contains about 100 milligrams of calcium. If it is low fat or skims milk, the fat content will be lower.

Tips: It is good that the higher the protein content and the lower the carbohydrate content in the nutrient table of the milk.


Yogurt is fermented directly by adding lactic acid bacteria to the milk, so the ingredients of the original yogurt are usually about the same as those in the milk.

However, due to the addition of some fruits and vegetables to some flavored yogurt, the unit content of various nutrients in flavor yogurt will be slightly lower than that of milk.

Let’s stop here and you can look at the yogurt you are drinking. What is the first place on the ingredients list?

Which one is better? Milk or Yogurt?
Which one is better? Milk or Yogurt?

There are two main pieces of nutrition we want to eat from milk:

①Rich calcareous matter. Calcium contained in milk is the best product of calcium supplements, and the absorption rate of milk calcium in the human body is very high, which cannot be replaced by all other foods.

②High quality milk protein. Milk protein is a complete protein, which is mainly composed of casein (casein) and whey protein (lactalbumin). It is of great significance to human life.

Which one is better?

In the process of fermented milk into yogurt, some macromolecular nutrients are decomposed into small molecules, which is more easily absorbed by the human body, and the yogurt fermentation process is well manipulated and does not lose any nutrients, so yogurt is no less nutritious than milk.

Yogurt, on the contrary, is better nourished than milk because of fermentation:

The main results are as follows:

(1)Most of the lactose in yogurt is hydrolyzed to galactose and glucose in the process of lactic acid bacteria fermentation, so lactose can choose yogurt if it is intolerant and unable to drink milk.

(2)Probiotics in yogurt help regulate the intestinal tract, but lactic acid bacteria do not survive for a long time and are easy to die.

(3)Yogurt is better than milk for people who are allergic to milk protein. During the fermentation of lactic acid bacteria, most proteins of yogurt are hydrolyzed into amino acids and peptides that are more easily digested and absorbed and less sensitized, so some desensitization treatments for milk protein can be carried out by eating yogurt.

(4)After fermentation, the absorption rate of milk becomes higher. Some studies have confirmed that yogurt is the highest calcium absorption rate in natural food, especially suitable for patients with osteoporosis.

(5)Drinking yogurt can not only increase the level of vitamin D, regulate immunity, promote the control of blood glucose, but also increase the level of adiponectin, which can resist inflammation.

(6)Compared with milk, the thick taste of yogurt is more exciting, making you more satisfied, and the yogurt is a hundred times, and the fruit, cereal, and toast are well matched.

Conclusion: yogurt is more recommended than milk in terms of taste and nutritional value.

The two traps in yogurt

First, yogurt at room temperature

Room temperature yogurt does not need to be kept in the refrigerator, easy to buy and store, thick taste, some are said to be the secret of longevity Village, drinking more can promote digestion!

However, the content of the active lactic acid bacteria in the yogurt has been reduced after delivery, so the fresher the production date when the yogurt is selected.

Yogurt, which can be preserved at room temperature for several months, has no intestinal active bacteria, no to mention any digestive effect.

Which one is better? Milk or Yogurt?
Which one is better? Milk or Yogurt?
  1. Flavor yogurt

The word "flavor" must be avoided when choosing yogurt. Because any flavor fermented milk, flavor yogurt, in addition to water and milk, but also added a lot of other things, this is the first is sugar. Eating too much sugar will lead to getting fat.  You can glance it but do not buy one.

specification260 g / cup
IngredientsRaw milk, mixed jam, white sugar, whey protein powder, concentrated milk, protein powder, hydroxypropyl distarch phosphate, pectin, agar, food flavor, Streptococcus thermophilus, Lactobacillus bulgaricus, Lactobacillus acidophilus
Product CategoryFlavored fermented milk
Product standard codeGB 19302
Shelf life21 days
Storage conditionsPlease store at 2-6 °C in cold storage. After opening, please drink it within 2 days under refrigerated conditions.
  1. Add fruit, grain and so on, undoubtedly increased the calorie burden, if you want to lose weight, but do not choose these. Because the more you drink, the fatter you become!

Finally, I would like to summarize the points of view of this passage:

 The milk and yogurt are both good for our health. It is recommended that you choose the yogurt, the nutrition is rich, the satiety is strong, and it is suitable for more people;

Don't choose normal temperature and flavor. You can make yogurt at home.

The cleaner the yogurt table, the better, and the first one must be milk.

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