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Can you lose weight if you just eat yogurt?

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The Secret of Yogurt
The Secret of Yogurt

1. Fermentation of yogurt

Yogurt is a kind of dairy product that is made of fresh milk, pasteurized, then added beneficial bacteria (starter) to milk, and then cooled and filled after fermentation. At present, the yogurt products on the milk markets are mostly coagulated, stirred and added with various kinds of fruit juice jam and other accessories. Yogurt not only retains all the advantages of milk but also enhances its strengths and avoids its weaknesses in some aspects of the processing process, making it more suitable for human nutrition and health care products.

2. Effectiveness of yogurt

Fermented yogurt or yogurt drinks seem to be more popular on the market than strong-flavored milk. What are the effects of yogurt compared with milk? Do you know the benefits of yogurt? Yogurt is milk fermented by lactic acid bacteria. It originated in Bulgaria. Yogurt is rich in protein and lactic acid bacteria, as well as calcium and various types of vitamins, such as vitamin B1, vitamin B2, and vitamin B6.

Yogurt has the effect of beauty and beauty, often drinking yogurt can make the skin more lubricated, but also can moisturize the intestines and relieve constipation. The reason why yogurt has the effect of relieving constipation in daily life is that yogurt contains abundant organic acid, which can promote the secretion of gastric acid, which is very helpful for people to digest food. People with constipation problems can drink more yogurt. Yogurt is rich in highly active inorganic minerals, trace elements such as zinc, vitamin A and some derivatives of vitamin E.

The intake of these substances can help people to expel toxic substances from the body. We know that the reason for acne is that there are some toxins in our body. So we often drink yogurt to poison the body. It is also helpful to remove acne when the hormone is excreted from the body. Yogurt also has a role in supplementing calcium, you may say, milk can also supplement calcium, why must we drink yogurt? Yogurt contains lactic acid. When calcium in yogurt meets lactic acid, it will be combined. At this time, calcium combined with lactic acid will be more easily absorbed.

Therefore, the effect of calcium supplementation in yogurt is better than that in milk. The last effect of yogurt is to lower cholesterol. With the improvement of living standards, many people will have high cholesterol, but yogurt contains 3-3 hydroxy-3 methyl glutaric acid and lactic acid can effectively reduce blood cholesterol.

3. What is the best time to drink yogurt?

We know that yogurt can be used as a drink in our daily lives. We can drink yogurt at any time, but when is yogurt the best for our health? Early in the morning is the lowest level of calcium in human blood, when drinking yogurt is conducive to people's absorption of calcium in food. Drinking yogurt can alleviate radiation damage, so drinking yogurt after using a computer can alleviate radiation damage to the human body.

After fermentation, lactic acid bacteria in yogurt can greatly increase the contents of protein, peptide and amino acid in yogurt. Drinking a cup of yogurt in the afternoon can relax the mood of workers and improve work efficiency. If you drink yogurt on an empty stomach, it may cause stomach damage to some extent, but a cup of yogurt after meals can effectively help digestion.

4. Can yogurt lose weight?

The most yogurt on the market is yogurt drinks, which are labeled "flavor yogurt" on the packaging of products. This kind of yogurt has very high sugar content. People often say that people who lose weight can not drink Coke, but in fact, the sugar content of a cup of yogurt is higher than that of a bottle of Coke. In addition to sugar content, let's talk about probiotics. Our common slogan is "live probiotics". Probiotics can promote intestinal peristalsis, but whether probiotics or lactic acid bacteria, they can't live in gastric acid at all. So yogurt promoted by various manufacturers can help to lose weight, which is deceiving.

5. Should we throw the expired yogurt directly?

In our daily life, we often forget to eat food, which is out of date. So after the expiration of yogurt, do we throw it away directly? Is there any other use for expired yogurt? If the yogurt we put in our home is out of date, we can use it to make a yogurt mask. The mask made with yogurt can make our skin more easily absorbed and has the effect of whitening and replenishing water. If we make a mask with no expired yogurt, it's too luxurious. But if there is overdue yogurt, it's too bad to throw it away. It can be used to make a yogurt mask.

6. Several rumors about yogurt

1. Diabetics should not drink yogurt. We said before that yogurt has a high sugar content, so some people will say that diabetics are strictly prohibited from drinking yogurt, but in fact, although yogurt contains sugar, its blood sugar is not rising fast, lactic acid in yogurt can delay gastric emptying, on the contrary, it helps to control postprandial blood sugar, and the rich calcium in yogurt can be balanced. Blood sugar does not aggravate the condition.

2. Yogurt cannot be heated. In winter, if we want to drink yogurt, the cold taste is daunting. Some people say that the effect of heated yogurt will be reduced, but, yogurt can be properly heated, but to avoid high-temperature heating. Also, yogurt may affect taste when heated. It's a rumor that yogurt can't be heated.

3. The sourer the yogurt, the higher the nutritional value. Lactobacillus Bulgaricus must be used to make yogurt. If the bacteria are dominant in content, the acidity will be higher. Lactobacillus will multiply rapidly in the outdoor environment, which will increase the acidity of yogurt. It is not conducive to human absorption and gastrointestinal health, so it is not the better yogurt.

The Secret of Yogurt
The Secret of Yogurt

The effect of calcium supplementation on yogurt is not as good as that of milk. When we talk about the effect of calcium supplementation, people think of milk. They think that the effect of calcium supplementation is better than yogurt. In the process of fermentation, lactic acid bacteria decompose lactose into lactic acid, which reduces the content of lactose, but retains other nutrients in milk, so yogurt still has the effect of calcium supplementation.

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