The best time to drink yogurt

The best time to drink yogurt

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Now Yogurt is a normal drink in people's lives. Whether it's working hours or leisure time, you can drink yogurt at any time. Do you know when the best time to drink yogurt? Today, I will introduce you to the benefits of drinking yogurt. 

4 time of drink yogurt

If you want to absorb all the nutrients of yogurt, it is time to pick the time. You should know what is the best time of drinking yogurt, and the effect of drinking yogurt in four periods can be doubled.

1. Drink yogurt at night can make calcium

Yogurt is a good source of calcium in food. From the perspective of calcium supplementation, it is more beneficial to drink yogurt at night.

Because the blood calcium level in the human body is low from noon too early morning, it is beneficial to the absorption of calcium in food. At the same time, there are fewer factors affecting calcium absorption in the human body during this period.

Although milk also contains high calcium, compared with it, the combination of lactic acid and calcium contained in yogurt can promote calcium absorption.

However, when drinking yogurt at night, it must be remembered that certain strains and acidic substances in yogurt have certain damage to the teeth, and should be brushed in time after drinking.

Certain strains of yogurt and the acidic substances contained therein have certain hazards to the teeth.

The best time to drink yogurt
The best time to drink yogurt

2. The anti-radiation effect is obvious after using the computer to drink yogurt

Yogurt also has the effect of reducing radiation damage and inhibiting the number of lymphocytes in humans after radiation, so it is good to drink yogurt after receiving radiation.

3. Drink yogurt in the afternoon to replenish energy

Tyrosine in yogurt is a great help to alleviate the fatigue caused by excessive psychological stress, high tension, and anxiety.

After lactic acid bacteria fermentation, the protein, peptide, amino acid and other particles in the yogurt become tiny, and the content of free tyrosine is greatly increased, so the absorption is also easier. Drinking a cup of yogurt in the afternoon can relax the office workers and be full of energy throughout the afternoon, which is more conducive to improving work efficiency.

4. It is good for the stomach by drinking yogurt after a meal 

If you drink yogurt in a fasting state, it is easy to stimulate the gastrointestinal emptying. The nutrition in the yogurt is not enough to be digested and absorbed. The drink can reduce the irritation after eating so that the yogurt is slowly absorbed in the stomach and can help digestion.

The best time to drink yogurt
The best time to drink yogurt

The benefits of drinking yogurt

To promote metabolism

Numerous lactic acid bacteria contained in yogurt can effectively promote gastrointestinal motility, and some wastes left in the human body can be excreted. Moreover, yogurt can also reduce the retention time of waste in the human body, thereby promoting the health of the human body.

Besides, drinking yogurt is very helpful in relieving constipation. If you add bananas when you drink yogurt, the effect will be better.

Lose weight

Because yogurt promotes metabolism, regulates the flora balance in the body.

Yogurt can also discharge human waste time and can remove human waste, so drinking yogurt regularly can lose weight. However, yogurt is not suitable for drinking just after eating. If you drink yogurt immediately after eating, the effect will only be counterproductive.

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