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11 magical uses of expired yogurt

Posted on: August 9, 2019, by Eleanor

The shelf life of yogurt is generally not long, and it is preserved under a temperature of 2-6 degrees. The shelf life of pure yogurt is generally about 15 days. If you want to put it in a normal temperature environment, you have to consider the season. If it is summer, the shelf life of yogurt is correspondingly shorter. The temperature is around 30 degrees, and the shelf life is up to two or three days, or even shorter. Deteriorating yogurt, it is best not to drink, drink diarrhea. However, expired yogurt should not be thrown away, the use of expired yogurt is great. So, what is the use of expired yogurt? Here are 11 tips for yogurt.

Yogurt is best served during the shelf life

Yogurt or milk is best served during the shelf life. And if the yogurt expires, can you drink it? In theory, it depends on whether the number of bacteria in the yogurt exceeds the standard. Of course, the deterioration of yogurt, it is recommended that you still can not drink, the drink may be diarrhea.

If the milk has just expired and you want to check if the milk is still drinkable, try the following:

Milk is generally pasteurized. After pasteurization, a small portion of harmless or beneficial, heat-resistant bacteria or bacterial spores are still stored in the milk. Put the milk in the pot and cook it. If it starts to form a block before boiling, it starts to separate and begins to solidify. This indicates that the bacteria are over the standard, so the milk can not be drunk. 

11 magical uses of expired yogurt
11 magical uses of expired yogurt

What is the usage of expired yogurt?

Expired yogurt is generally not recommended, but there are many other uses. Specifically, the degree of expiration has different effects:

First, the magical effect of the yogurt that has just expired

Yogurt does not expire or just expire, then you can use it to wash your face, take a bath or make a mask. It has been outdated for a long time and contains more bacterial substances. It is recommended not to wash your face or bathe. It is better to use it for other purposes.

1. wash your skin

Lactic acid softens the keratin and has a moisturizing effect. Apply expired yogurt to your hands and pat until fully absorbed. After rubbing, you can clean the stratum corneum. After washing with warm water, apply hand cream and the skin will become quite delicate.

2. yogurt bath

11 magical uses of expired yogurt
11 magical uses of expired yogurt

It is too extravagant to make a yogurt bath with shelf life yogurt, and use expired yogurt to make the best use of it. When taking a bath, spread the expired yogurt evenly all over the body, massage until absorbed, and then rinse off, you will find that the skin becomes quite tender. Washing your face with expired milk, the effect is also a lever, of course, the premise is that the taste has not changed.

3. make a mask

Making a mask is also a good choice for expired yogurt. You can use the mask paper to make yogurt directly, make a simple yogurt mask, or add honey and pearl powder to make a mask. such as:

(1) shrink pores - yogurt egg white mask

Take some egg whites and put them in a small bowl. After breaking up, pour some freshly expired yogurt. After mixing them thoroughly, keep them for 15 minutes and wash them.

(2) Whitening - Yogurt Pearl Powder Mask

For women who want to whiten, this mask - yogurt pearl powder mask is absolutely indispensable.

Put a proper amount of pearl powder into a small bowl, add 4 tablespoons of yogurt, mix the pearl powder, and then put a small piece of paper on it. Of course, you can also apply the adjusted pearl powder yogurt mask on your face. Don't forget to massage on your face until the mask on your face is dry, then wash your face with water.

(3) Moisturizing - Yogurt Honey Mask

Spoon a spoonful of honey and add four to five spoonfuls of yogurt, stir them evenly. The rich natural milk protein in milk can not only effectively moisturize and soften the skin, but the moisturizing effect is very good.

TIP: When the expired milk has been agglomerated, do not use it for skincare. Because when the milk protein is agglomerated, it loses its moisturizing effect, and the meaning of skincare is not great.

11 magical uses of expired yogurt
11 magical uses of expired yogurt


If you have a spirit of trial, try using an expired yogurt to make it. It is said to be equivalent to yeast, which will make the steamed bread sweet and sweet, and a thick milk flavor.

5. hair care

Dilute the expired yogurt with water and apply it evenly to the washed wet hair like a conditioner. After a little massage, wash it off with water to brighten the hair.

6. cooking vegetables

Fresh milk that exceeds the expiration date is not suitable for raw drinks but can be boiled on low heat, added to dishes or snacks after cooling or mixed with egg liquid for toast, or in fish soup or soup.

11 magical uses of expired yogurt
11 magical uses of expired yogurt

Second, the magical effect of expired yogurt with normal smell

When the yogurt expires and the odor is normal, it is not recommended to use it for beauty or facials, but it can be used for the following purposes:

1.wipe the floor

Dilute the expired yogurt and water in a ratio of 1:2 with water, immerse the dry cloth or mop in it, fully absorb the diluted solution and squeeze out excess water to wipe the floor. The floor can be as bright as new.

11 magical uses of expired yogurt
11 magical uses of expired yogurt

2. In addition to ink

Use expired yogurt to remove the ink from the clothes, first wash the clothes with water, then pour the expired yogurt and gently wash to remove the ink from the clothes.

3. Shoes, leather furniture

If the expired yogurt has a small amount of precipitate, but the odor has not changed, you can use it to wipe the leather furniture, make it restore the luster, wipe the yogurt, and then wipe it with water to make the furniture shiny.

Expired yogurt shoes are also very good. First brush off the dirt on the upper surface, then apply the expired sour milk on the upper with gauze. After drying, wipe it with a dry cloth. The upper can be bright and new, and it can prevent the leather surface from cracking.

11 magical uses of expired yogurt
11 magical uses of expired yogurt

Third, the magical effect of expired yogurt with the abnormal smell

When the yogurt expires, it has obvious acid and rots taste. It is inappropriate for use as a skincare food. It is not suitable for wiping the floor and removing the ink. The taste is too rushed. It is recommended to use the following magical effects:

1. watering flowers

In general, expired yogurt to water the flowers, although said that the nutrition is rich, the corresponding taste is also rushing, and recruit small bugs. If you must pour, remember to dilute, the dilution ratio of yogurt to water is about 1:1.5. To avoid the spread of bad taste, you can dig a small pit in the middle of the flower soil, bury the yogurt and fill it, so that the flower can better absorb the nutrients of the yogurt. fishing bait fishing

Many people find it hard to believe that fermented sour milk is a favorite of grass carp, but it is. Pour the fermented sour milk into the fish food and mix it. For fishing, you can have a surprise harvest.

11 magical uses of expired yogurt
11 magical uses of expired yogurt

After reading this article, maybe you will want to learn more about the wonderful use of expired milk.

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