11 magical uses of expired yogurt

11 magical uses of expired yogurt

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Expired yogurt: Uses and its Importance

Yogurt does not last long on the shelf. At best, it lasts up to 15 days in shelf condition. The sweet drink requires a temperature range of 2-6 degrees Fahrenheit for optimum preservation. Any temperature above that reduces its life span drastically, causing the yogurt to deteriorate faster.

The seasons also play a role in the preservation of the yogurt. In the summer, the average temperature is 30 degrees Fahrenheit. This temperature is not good for preserving yogurt. It reduces its shelf life from 15 days to as low as two days. Cold seasons such as Winter, the temperature gets low and cold, making it the perfect ‘natural’ condition for preserving yogurt. Its shelf life is increased as high as 15 days.

Once the yogurt starts deteriorating, it is not in your best interest to drink it. It can result in illnesses such as diarrhea, and symptoms such as stooling and stomach upset. However, if the yogurt expires, avoid throwing it out as waste. Believe it or not, expired yogurt has a lot of beneficial uses.

When is Yogurt the best suitable for drinking?

Yogurt is best served for drinking when it is still fresh. It is also drinkable inside its shelf life. Outside its shelf life, it becomes unsafe for drinking and can cause diarrhea.

Can I drink expired yogurt?

This question has two answers, yes and no. Yes, you can drink expired yogurt depending on how deteriorated the yogurt has become. No, you can’t drink expired yogurt because of diarrhea it can cause you to suffer.

11 magical uses of expired yogurt
11 magical uses of expired yogurt

To know if you can still drink an expired yogurt, the trick is to test if the bacteria present in the yogurt is higher than the maximum.

There is a method you can use to find out if the expired yogurt is fit for drinking or not. By nature, yogurt is pasteurized. The process of pasteurization kills most of the bacteria (the harmful ones) and leaves behind some harmless bacteria that are immune to heat in the yogurt.

Get a pot and your cooking equipment (cooker or gas). Pour the expired milk into the pot and heat it.  Watch what happens to it while cooking. If you notice a block forming just before it starts boiling, the block separates then solidifies, it is an indication that the bacteria in the yogurt is larger than normal. This means that the expired yogurt is unfit for drinking.

This is just theory; you should avoid using expired yogurt as a drink and harness it for its other uses than to risk battling with diarrhea.

Uses of expired yogurt

Expired yogurt is not recommended for drinking. That does not mean they are useless and cannot serve other purposes. Yogurts have different expiration degrees; this also determines what you can use it for and what you cannot use it for.

The first thing that happens when a yogurt expires is that its magical effect disappears. That lovely taste we feel on our tongue when we drink yogurt is no longer present.

In terms of expired food, yogurt does not expire. What expires means to the yogurt is that it now contains a high number of harmful bacterial substances that makes it unhygienic for human consumption (by drinking).

1. Skin Wash

11 magical uses of expired yogurt
11 magical uses of expired yogurt

Expired yogurt is wonderful for a moisturizing skin wash. It contains an acid called the Lactic Acid. The job of this acid is to soften the keratin in the skin. The lactic acid also moisturizing the skin when applied.

Here’s how to use it to use expired yogurt to wash the skin. You apply it to your hands and rub it till it is well mixed. After that, you clean the outer layer of your skin with warm water. Apply the yogurt on your skin and feel it become delicate and moisturized.

2. Expired Yogurt Bath

Yeah, it sounds interesting, doesn’t it? Dipping yourself into a bathtub of expired yogurt and just relaxing. That’s a great way to enjoy once self. You can use normal yogurt to bath, there is no proof that the expired ones are better for this purpose. Apart from the jollification, it is also an alternative skincare routine.

It makes more sense to use the expired one for bathing purposes since it is no longer safe for drinking. The yogurt that is still healthy for drinking should be kept for that purpose only.

The drinkable yogurt has strong economic value, using it for bathing is a waste of vital resources. You can sell the drinkable yogurt easily and for more money than you would the expired ones.

This is how to enjoy the sensational bathing experience with the expired yogurt. When having a bath, rub evenly the expired yogurt on all parts of your body, spread it until absorbed, and use warm water to rinse it off your skin. Dry your body with a soft and clean towel and feel your skin turn tender and smooth. You can repeat this skincare routine with expired yogurt as many times as you want.

You can also use expired yogurt to wash your face. The effect is a smooth and tender face. Avoid drinking the yogurt though your mouth though, the taste may not have changed but its safeness has.

3. Mask Making

I can use expired yogurt to make a mask? Of course, you can. I bet you did not know this until now. Mask making is one of the numerous alternative uses you can find for expired yogurt.

You can make the mask with expired yogurt in several forms: directly make the yogurt from the mask paper, create a standard yogurt mask and add whitening ingredients such as pearl powder and honey to make a yogurt mask.

Some of these forms and steps to make yogurt masks include:

a. Yogurt Mask made with White Egg

To make this type of yogurt mask, you need some white egg (no yolk), a small bowl, and some quantity of expired yogurt. You take the bowl and put some white eggs (no yolk) inside. Then pour the expired yogurt inside. Mix the white egg (no yolk) and the expired yogurt thoroughly. When done, leave it for about 15 minutes and then wash.

b. Yogurt Mask made with Pearl Powder (for whitening effect)

If you want to whiten your skin, this procedure is right for you. Note that the pearl powder is compulsory to achieve the whitening effect you desire. Now, follow these easy steps to make your yogurt pearl powder.

Step one, gather all the ingredients together. Get your pearl powder, small bowl for mixing, and expired yogurt. Step two, pour the right quantity of pearl powder into the bowl. Step three, add four spoons of expired yogurt into the bowl. Step four, mix the mixture thoroughly. Step five - put a piece of paper in the mixture.

Now, the mixture is set. Apply it (the pearl powder yogurt mask) on your face. Massage your face, keep messaging until the mask applied dries off on it. Wash off once dry with warm water.

c. Yogurt Mask made with Honey (for moisturizing effect)

What you need for this experiment is a small bowl, honey, and expired yogurt. Step one - put a spoonful of honey into the small bowl. Step two - put four to five spoons of expired yogurt into the small bowl. Step three, stir the content of the small bowl evenly.

When done, apply the mixture on the skin and enjoy the rich moisturizing effect. The mixture is rich in natural milk protein which is a great skin moisturizer.

NOTE: If the expired milk is agglomerated, it is no longer good for skincare. Once the expired yogurt attains this state, it is no longer suitable for skincare because the moisturizing effect it once possessed is lost by this process.

11 magical uses of expired yogurt
11 magical uses of expired yogurt

4. To make noodles

Have you heard about yogurt pasta? Yes, it is a thing and it is quite delicious. You do not have to be a master chef to make it, you just need to have a spirit for a food adventure. You can make it with expired yogurt. P.S, it is healthy to eat (and delicious too). Try any expired yogurt flavor into your pasta and enjoy a rich and fulfilling meal. Your taste buds will not recover in a hurry. I take the blame if you become an addict.

5. For hair care

Expired yogurt is also great for treating hair. The trick is to dilute the expired yogurt in water to break its thickness. Wash the hair you want to apply it on and then apply it on the wet hair. Treat it like a conditioner, let it enter the scalp well. Soak the hair in the expired yogurt if possible. Massage it all over the air. When satisfied, use water to wash the yogurt off. The hair will shine and retain a soft feel.

6. For cooking vegetables

Expired yogurt can be added as an ingredient to cooking vegetables. While expired yogurt is not suitable for drinking due to health reasons, it can be used to cook vegetables on low heat. The heat kills off the harmful bacteria and makes it safe for eating. This is a trick many chefs use to make their dishes more appetizing and delicious. Expired yogurt after boiling and cooling is used to make snacks, toasts, and even soups.

11 magical uses of expired yogurt
11 magical uses of expired yogurt

7. For cleaning the floor

Expired yogurt that still has the normal yogurt odor is perfect for cleaning purposes. We can use the expired yogurt to clean the floor especially floors made of tiles. Get a bucket, fill it halfway with water, and pour expired yogurt into the bucket. Maintain a ratio of 1:2, the water taking 2, and the expired yogurt 1.

Get a dry cloth and soak it in the solution. Squeeze out the water from the cloth and use it to clean the floor. Repeat this process till you have cleaned the area you want to cover and it is sparkling clean.

8. For removing stubborn ink

Ink stains are the worst type of stains, they are very difficult to remove. You can use expired yogurt to magically wash off stubborn ink stains on clothes. First, dip the cloth in water, apply the expired yogurt on the spot or spots where the ink stains are and wash till the stains are no more.

11 magical uses of expired yogurt
11 magical uses of expired yogurt

9. For cleaning leather furniture and shoes

It is also useful for cleaning leather furniture and shoes. Dilute the expired yogurt in a bucket of water, dip a dry cloth to serve as a wiper in the bucket of water (now containing diluted yogurt), and squeeze out the water from the cloth. Use the cloth to wipe the furniture of choice (leather) and watch the luster shine brightly. Use another cloth and dip into a bucket of just water and clean the furniture again for a wholesome shine.

The same process applies for cleaning shoes with expired yogurt. Wipeout all the dirt from the shoe with a wet cloth. Apply the expired yogurt on the shoe and wipe to shine. Dry the shoe for a while and wipe it clean with a dry cloth. This method preserves the shoe from cracking.

11 magical uses of expired yogurt
11 magical uses of expired yogurt

 10. For watering flowers

The expired yogurt gets to a point where it is unfit for drinking and cooking, not suitable for cleaning and skincare because of the odious smell it emits. In this state, the expired yogurt is still useful.

You can use it as a form of manure for the soil. Pour it in plants and flowers to enrich the soil components. Do not pour raw, dilute in the water at about a ratio of 1:2.

11. As a bait when fishing

Mix the expired yogurt on your fishing bait and catch a multitude of fish. The smell will attract fishes to the direction of the bait.

Expired yogurts are still useful even though they may have lost some of their original properties such as drinkability. Next time your yogurt expires, instead of trashing it, visit our list to see what other things the yogurt can do for you.

11 magical uses of expired yogurt
11 magical uses of expired yogurt

After reading this article, maybe you will want to learn more about the wonderful use of expired milk.

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