Ten Wonderful Uses of Expired Milk

Ten Wonderful Uses of Expired Milk

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1. Skin Care
Milk contains rich nutrition and has the effect of whitening and skincare. Expired milk will produce lactic acid, which can soften cutin, moisturize. It’s more conducive to skincare. The first to use milk and expired milk for skincare was Cleopatra, Queen of Egypt, who liked to bathe with milk and often bathed with expired milk. However, it should be noted that if milk has been caked, it will not have the above effect.

Ten Wonderful Uses of Expired Milk
Ten Wonderful Uses of Expired Milk

2. Wipe shoes
Remove dirt from the upper of a shoe--use gauze to grab the expired milk and evenly spread it on the upper. After drying, wipe it with a dry cloth. The upper will be as bright as new, and one of its functions is to prevent the leather from cracking.

3. Wipe leather furniture
Wiping leather with a rag soaked in milk can make it look new. If you want to deal with leather products deeply, you can smear milk and dry it thoroughly, and then grind it. Milk can close the cracks and wear leather and look as bright as new.

4. Remove ink from clothes
Wash the clothes with clean water, then pour the expired sour milk gently scrub, you can remove the ink from the clothes.

5. Remove oil stains
After the car has been repaired, the hands will be stained with oil and dust, and become very dirty. At this time, mix the oat and the milk into a paste, and wipe your hands, the dirt can be removed. Even make your hand be moisturized, become more soft and tender.

Ten Wonderful Uses of Expired Milk
Ten Wonderful Uses of Expired Milk

6. Remove rust
Use sour milk (or add some vinegar to the milk) to immerse silver, which can remove rust spots and stains on the surface of the silver. Rinse and dry after soaking. It can also be used to polish the furniture, and the acidic content can remove the dust and dirt while deeply wetting the wood.

7. Repair of cracks in porcelain
If there is a slight crack in the porcelain, you can put it in the pot, soak it in milk, heat it and boil it, then shut down the fire and simmer it for 45 minutes. Proteins in milk combine with clay in porcelain to repair cracks.

8. Haircare
Add a little water to the expired milk, and then apply it evenly on the washed wet hair like a hair care element. After a little massage, wash it with clean water, which will make the hair lubricating oil bright.

9. Go fishing
It's hard for many people to believe that fermented sour milk is a favorite of grass carp, but it's true. Pour the fermented sour milk into the fish food and mix it. You can have a surprise harvest when you fish.

10. Watering flowers
If the expired milk has a distinctly sour taste, it can be used to water the flowers. You can dig a small pit in the middle of the flower soil and bury the milk in it so that there will be no bad smell. It is important to note that milk should not be too much, and only a month or so can it be used for the second time.

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