How to deal with the expired milk powder?

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A few days ago, there was a mother who asked: "Can the baby drink the expired milk powder?" I will answer this mother: Of course not! Expired milk powder should be thrown quickly, don't feed it to the baby!

Not only the expired milk powder can not be eaten, but also in the shelf life of milk powder, but it opened for long-term, can not give the baby to eat.

Milk cannot be drunk with nine kinds of fruits

It should be known that repeated opening milk powder, repeated contact with the air, maybe contaminated by bacteria in the air, and some milk nutrients are also prone to oxidative deterioration.

If the milk powder has been opened for a month, then don't feed it to the baby.
If you think it is wasteful, you can give it to the father. If a can of milk powder baby can't finish it, then use it to cook the complementary food. It consumes milk powder and replenishes milk when the baby does not notice it. It is also very friendly for babies who don’t have enough milk every day and don’t like to drink milk. The mother no longer has to worry about the milk powder can not be finished.

milk powder
milk powder

Some mothers worry that there is no milk nutrition when they put the milk powder into the complimentary food.
Heating does cause loss of some types of vitamins such as vitamin C and vitamin B in milk. Fat-soluble vitamins (such as vitamin A, vitamin E) and various minerals are not lost.

Moreover, the most important thing about drinking milk is to intake Protein and Calcium.
Heating has little effect on these two main milk nutritional facts. Moreover, the vitamin content of milk itself is not high. Vitamin C and vitamin B can be obtained in minutes from other foods such as grains, fruits and vegetables, and meat.

dry milk
dry milk

So today, I would recommend a pumpkin soup with the added dairy products, sweet and full and suit for 8 months baby. The nutritional value of pumpkin is very high, not only the color can evoke the appetite, but the taste is also good. It is rich in vitamin A and is good for the eyes.

We only use butter, pumpkin, and formula milk powder to make a thick and fragrant pumpkin soup, guaranteed to be more Fragrant than the pumpkin porridge we usually do!

Dish name: pumpkin soup
suitable age: 8m+
Ingredients: pumpkin 80g, butter 10g, formula 80ml, water 50g
Accessories: None
Tool: Ordinary pot

1. Prepare ingredients;
2. After the pumpkin is cut into pieces, steamed in a steamer;
3. Put the butter in the hot pot, melt it and put in the pumpkin pieces, stir-fry until the color becomes darker; (Butter is the fat that is processed with milk, and the baby can eat it in moderation. In this food supplement, it can play a role in Making pumpkin soup more fragrant.)

4. Add 100ml of water to the pot, boil and cook for about 10 minutes on low heat;
5. Put the pumpkin out, cool it and pour it into the cooking stick to break it;
6. Add 80ml of formula milk (brew from the formula milk powder) to the cooking stick and mix well until the whole becomes silky.

The steps are simple, it is very suitable for doing it in the morning, and it is easy to save trouble. Pumpkin soup with butter is not very common, mothers try it soon.

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