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Canned milk powder and boxed milk powder, which is better?

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Introduction: In general, infant formula milk powder is mainly packaged in the cans, but there are also many milk powder packages in boxes (or bags). In terms of the pricing of milk, the cans are much more expensive than the boxes. What is the difference? I believe that many sales and consumers are entangled in the problem of milk powder packaging. The direct point is there any difference? How big is the difference? I will explain it to you.

1. different packaging materials

This point is obvious from the appearance. The canned milk powder mainly uses two materials, metal, and environmentally friendly paper. The moisture resistance and pressure resistance of the metal are the first choices. Although the environmentally friendly paper is not as strong as the iron can, it is convenient for consumers. It is also stronger than ordinary carton packaging. The outer layer of the boxed milk powder is usually a thin paper shell, and the inner layer is a plastic package (bag). The sealing and moisture resistance of the plastic is not as good as the metal can.

bag milk powder
bag milk powder

2. the capacity is different

The typical can’s capacity in the milk markets is about 900 grams (or 800g, 1000g), while the boxed milk powder is generally 400g, some boxed milk powder is 1200g, there are 3 small bags of 400g small package, there are also 800 grams, 600 grams, etc.

3. different shelf life

If you pay attention to the shelf life of milk powder, you will find that canned milk powder and boxed milk powder are very different. Generally, the shelf life of canned milk powder is 2 to 3 years, while boxed milk powder is generally 18 months. This is because canned milk powder’s sealing is better and it is beneficial to the preservation of milk powder so it is not easy to spoil and deteriorate, and it is easier to seal after opening.

4. different storage time

Although from the packaging instructions, canned milk powder can be placed for 4 weeks after opening. However, after opening, the box/bag is not completely sealed, and the stored effect is slightly worse than canned, which is one of the reasons why the bag is generally 400g small package. In general, the boxed package after opening is more difficult to store than the can, and the stored effect is slightly worse. It is generally recommended that the box should be eaten within two weeks after opening.

milk powder can

5. the composition is the same

Generally speaking, the cans and boxes of the same milk powder have the same ingredient list and milk nutrient composition table. Mothers can compare them at the time of purchase, and of course, there is no inconsistency.

6. the price is different

In general, the price of the boxed milk powder of the same dairy company will be slightly lower than the unit price of the canned milk powder, so some people buy the box because the price is cheaper.

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Suggestion: look at the age of purchase
If it is a milk powder for newborn, especially for babies within 6 months, it is best to choose canned milk powder, because milk powder is the main ration of the baby at that time, the boxed/bagged milk powder is inconvenient to measure and it is easy to get wet or contaminated if have not sealed completely, and the precise blending of milk nutritional facts are related to the baby's nutritional status. The cleansing of milk powder is related to food hygiene.

If it is an older baby, especially a baby over 2 years old, the milk powder is no longer a staple food, the formula milk powder does not need to be so precise, and the baby's immune system and resistance are getting better and better. At this time, you can consider buying a box/bag. Milk powder can reduce the economic burden. However, it is generally not recommended pouring the bagged milk powder into the previous iron can, which may cause secondary pollution. The bagged milk powder can be stored in a clean and sealed jar.

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