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The safety problem of milk powder you should know

Posted on  November 14, 2019, Edited by Samantha, Category  

On February 6, the People’s Daily reported that the French dairy giant Lactalis Group was caught in a milk powder problem scandal in December last year, and the scandal is still talking. Recently, the group acknowledged that the source of the problem milk powder pollution may not have been eliminated for more than 10 years. The matter involved numerous product sales to more than 80 countries around the world, the sales scale is unprecedented in milk markets.

After the news was exposed, it caused extreme shock to consumers around the world. But in fact, this Lactalis scandal was not the first incident of “foreign milk powder”. In recent years, the quality problems of foreign milk companies have already emerged endlessly.

In July 2017, the AQSIQ announced 29 batches of unqualified imported dairy products, 8 batches of infant formula milk powder in total are 13.8 tons and several foreign milk powder brands involved.

In 2016, the well-known German milk powder was discovered Enterobacter Sakazakii and the registration qualification was suspended. The products were banned to import to China. Switzerland, the United States, and other well-known milk powder brands have been ordered to rectify cause they have an irregular production process.

In 2013, the New Zealand tainted milk powder incident led to milk allergy that shocked the world.
In 2009, 15 brands of milk powder in the United States contained perchlorate.

Milk powder production equipment
Milk powder production equipment

For the incident of "foreign milk powder", Chinese consumers also said that they are difficult to escape from buying an unsafe product. They used to worry about buying fake goods. Nowadays, the real brand also has a problem frequently, so that parents are really "upset".

On the contrary, the domestic(China) milk powder market has maintained a high-profile control in recent years, especially after the new policy of milk powder launched. The domestically produced milk powder baptized by “strictest milk powder new policy in history” has steadily embarked on a high standard way.

The “Regulations on the Registration of Formulas for Infant Formula Milk Powder Products” stipulates that all milk powder enterprises must register the formula of milk powder, and need to submit the documents of 10 application materials such as research and development capabilities, scientific safety of formulas, etc.

Also, the relevant departments will send a working group to the production site for verification and inspection. The New Deal also stipulates that applicants for infant formula milk powder products must be the enterprises that produce infant formula, and it must have the corresponding R&D, production and inspection capabilities. Moreover, each milk powder factory can only have a maximum registration qualification of 9 formula milk powder products in 3 formula series. The elimination rate is as high as 80%.

Milk powder production equipment
Milk powder production equipment

Strict inspections have made the unqualified products could not survive. The sampling inspection of the “consumption claims” in 2017 shows that 52 samples of 9 milk powder brands were tested totally. It was finally found that 4 foreign milk powders did not meet Chinese standards. And the measured values of all the indicators of 3 domestic powders such as wonders are in line with China's standards.

The strength of domestic milk powder was witnessed in strict inspections again and again. As a model enterprise in the national powder, wonders have 4000 square kilometers of the great farm, keeping the freshest and highest quality milk source. Enterprises have already fully entered the milk source, products, channels throughout the industrial chain period. It has its independent production lines from the cattle company to the milk source to research and development production, etc., their product can completely be free from environmental contamination, milk source contamination, bacterial infection, and other unfavorable factors. The interference of Wodersun's infant formula, such as AnLiCong, loved by the mothers, is a milk powder specially developed for the Chinese baby's physique. The formula is more suitable for Chinese babies. The era of superstitious foreign milk powder has passed.

Milk powder production equipment
Milk powder production equipment

Therefore, after the People’s Daily exposed the Lactalis scandal, Chinese parents should be more sensible in dealing with their baby’s rations, polishing their eyes to choose a safer and more suitable milk powder for babies. We should know the pricing of milk is not the most important thing when we select milk powder for babies.

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