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Is domestic milk powder safe? 

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After 10 years, how are the children who had drunk melamine milk powder?  This year is 2018, and it has been ten years since the melamine milk powder incident. To be honest, this decade is a decade of disaster for the Chinese dairy industry. "Bighead doll "----the baby who had drunk Melamine-added milk powder. So today, I will bring readers reviewing the decade, and reflecting on the decade.

Beijing Olympic Games
Beijing Olympic Games

2008 melamine milk powder incident

It is a bit ironic to say that 2008 was the year of the Beijing Olympics. The national pride of the Chinese people was overwhelming during that time. However, the words "melamine" make the Chinese feel ashamed and angry. Melamine, I dare to say that 90% of people now know very well that this substance is toxic.

milk powder
milk powder


But before 2008, this substance was a common element added in domestic infant formula, which caused an abnormality in the urinary system and immune systems of 300,000 infants. Let me give you a look at the timeline of the "melamine" incident:

At the end of 2007, Sanlu(Chinese dairy company, which had collapsed in 2008) received a report from a remote rural area, saying that after eating Sanlu infant milk powder, the baby had particles in the urine.

From August 4th to 9th, 2008, Sanlu tested 200 samples of raw milk delivered, confirming that “the artificial incorporation of melamine into raw milk is the most main way to introduce melamine into infant formula”.

On September 13, 2008, the incident initiated a national security incident level I ("I level" is the higher level: refers to a particularly significant food safety incident) to deal with the Sanlu milk powder pollution incident. Free treatment is provided for sick infants and children, and the expenses are borne by the financial department.

What I have described above is the beginning and end of the melamine incident. Of course, there are some other details are inconvenient to write down, but this is probably the storyline. Second, after the melamine incident, people prefer to buy overseas milk powder for babies. The melamine incident caused Sanlu to close down. This is still a trivial matter. After all, it is only a milk company.

Sanlu eventually closed down. However, in the past, almost all supermarket dairy products were forcibly removed, and 90% of small businesses closed down. Domestic milk powder always lacks trust. Ten years ago, if melamine did not appear, Sanlu milk powder was still the only partner of China Aerospace Center. “Aerospace Milk Beverage and Milk Powder” and the only professional manufacturer of “Aerospace Milk Beverage” in China.

Since then, domestic milk powder has ushered in the dark decade, and the milk markets share of foreign milk powder has soared from 30% in 2008 to 80% in 2018. Trust is like a mirror if it was broken, it difficult to round.

Third, how about children who have been drinking to melamine milk powder? Business failures, industry development is difficult, but what about children who have been seriously traumatized? At that time, the "big head dolls" on the headlines of the major headlines were still heartbroken.

baby with big head
baby with a big head

Bighead doll

A child is the hope of a family, and melamine destroys an entire family. The big-headed doll ten years ago, it is impossible to recover from now.

Their common problems are: silent, introverted, and responsiveness is significantly slower than their peers, and their hands are spread out but the forefinger is always curved! Almost impossible to cure. We should be glad that the melamine incident was discovered earlier, otherwise, we will lose more "hope and future"!

baby with big head
baby with a big head

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