Does milk powder contain melamine?

How much do you know about the safety of milk powder?
Speaking of melamine, it is estimated that many parents don't know it now. At that time,10 years ago, it let parents fear when talking about it. Melamine in the milk powder brought a heavy disaster to many families. At that time, I was still a middle school student. I didn't become a mother. Naturally, I knew little about it. At that time, the impact of the event was far-reaching, and when I bought milk powder for my children, I still had lingering palpitations.

milk powder
milk powder

What is melamine?

Melamine, known as protein concentration of milk, is a white crystalline powder with no distinct odor and taste. It is often used as a food additive by illegal traders to improve the protein content of milk powder. To stay away from melamine poisoned milk powder, we need to know what kind of milk powder does not contain melamine.

From an intuitive point of view, good milk powder for babies has three characteristics:
There is fragrance: good milk powder from milk markets has the unique fragrance of milk; pour milk powder has little fragrance, even no fragrance.

Rub the packaging bag it will have squeaked: Hold the bags with your fingers and rub them back and forth. Good milk powder will squeak. However, poor quality milk powder’s particles are largely due to it was mixing the glucose and other ingredients, so it emits a rustling sound.

Slow dissolution: Put milk powder in a cup, the faster the dissolution, the worse the milk powder is. When brewing it with boiling water, good milk powder will float and stick to spoon at the beginning of stirring, while poor milk powder dissolves very quickly.

Maybe many mothers don't know what melamine is, but we must pay attention to it. If melamine enters the baby's belly, it will affect the baby's immune systems and urinary system such as bladder, kidney and so on, and also cause cystitis, bladder stones, and other diseases.

baby drinking milk
baby drinking milk

But there's a way that mothers can check if their baby's milk powder contains melamine.
1. According to the instructions of the milk powder can, mix the milk powder thoroughly until there is no solid milk powder, and then put it in the refrigerator to cool down.
2. Find a black cloth and an empty cup. Cover the black cloth on the cup to filter the milk powder.
3. Pour the cooled milk powder into the cup covered with black cloth and filter the brewed milk powder.
4. If white solids are filtered out on black cloth, the mother can wash these solids more and filter out other sediments.
5. If the mother finds out after washing, there is still have white crystal, put the crystal in clear water. If the white crystal sinks to the bottom of the water, it may be melamine.

milk powder determination
milk powder determination

This method is easy to operate, so the mother can try it at home. If you filter out the white crystals, even if it is not melamine, it is also recommended changing a new milk powder substitute. There is nothing trivial about children.