Which milk powder is good for health?

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With the repeated exposure of milk powder safety issues, many mothers are walking on thin ice on the way of choosing milk powder, fearing that the milk powder they choose will affect the healthy growth of their babies. Aiming at this problem, I summarized three tips for identifying which milk powder is safe, hoping to help you.

Which milk powder is safe? How to choose milk powder?
First, after eating,  the baby has no constipation symptoms, no diarrhea and other phenomena, normal growth of body weight and height indicators, baby sleeping soundly, appetite is normal. It also requires the baby to have no bad breath, fewer eye droppings, and no skin rash after eating.
Secondly, knowing the ingredients to recipes for milk powder is helpful for choosing. Compound ingredients in formula milk powder are the most important in milk markets, such as what ingredients are suitable to be added, how many ingredients should be added, and how large the proportion of ingredients should be added, etc., all of which need to be formulated strictly in accordance with the regulations by experts. Next, let's look at the specific standards for safe milk powder.


What milk powder is safe? Criteria for choosing milk powder.
Because of the domestic milk powder incident, many mothers have doubts about what kind of milk powder is safe. In order to let their babies taste safe milk powder, imported milk powder has become the choice of many mothers. It is important for mothers to note that according to the latest state regulations, imported milk powder must be packaged in Chinese (can need to be printed in Chinese), and all inspection standards must conform to the relevant provisions of China on infant formula milk powder.

At present, the selection of milk powder production technology is mainly divided into a dry process and wet process. Dry powder technology is to mix and separate whey powder, minerals and trace elements in the dry state. Wet production is to use fresh milk, add various milk nutrients, trace elements and minerals in milk liquid, and then produce milk powder by sterilization, fat-homogenization and spray drying. Comparing with the two methods, wet production needs adequate milk sources, and processing plants should be set up in pasture accessories, to ensure the nutritional balance and fresh taste of the milk powder produced.

As for the safety of milk powder, milk powder additives are also an important part of milk powder safety. There is no difference between regular milk powder manufacturers and the formula milk powder produced to provide the milk nutritional facts needed for the healthy growth of babies. In order to improve the taste of milk powder and mask the odors of additives, some enterprises will add various flavors and fragrances in milk powder, and the harm of flavors and fragrances will destroy the taste of babies. Organic milk powder for babies is refusing to add any additives that interfere with the baby's taste so that the baby can taste the pure organic taste of nature. This standard is best for growing babies.

More importantly, the negligence in the production and packaging of milk powder may also lead to some harmful substances, such as Botulinum toxin and aflatoxin. Here we talk about the more toxic aflatoxin.

milk powder equipment
milk powder equipment

In 1993, aflatoxin was classified as a class 1 carcinogen by the World Health Organization (WHO) cancer research institute. It is a highly toxic substance. China has a maximum allowable content of 0.5 (aflatoxin M1) for milk and its products (pasteurized milk, fresh raw milk, whole milk powder, evaporated milk, sweet condensed milk cream) and fresh pork tissue (liver, kidney, blood, and lean meat).
Damage to aflatoxin: Aflatoxin is harmful to human and animal liver tissue, which can lead to liver cancer and even death in severe cases.

How to detect aflatoxin in milk powder?
Using BALLYA aflatoxin B1 rapid test Kit can effectively detect aflatoxin in milk powder, then Select safe milk powder.

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