How to choose the milk powder for babies

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After the baby had born, the next important question for moms to consider is the purchase of milk powder for babies.

Speaking of this problem, many mothers may feel annoying and fearing some milk powder is not suit for the baby to eat and will affect the baby's development and growth. Some milk powder looks very white, and some are a bit yellowish, is this because of the quality different? Which color of milk powder is better.

In general, the real milk powder should be a natural light yellow. Different stages of infant milk powder will carry out five major milk nutrients which is had comprehensive strengthening and adjustment, such as protein, fat, carbohydrate, vitamin, and mineral according to the physiological characteristics and milk nutritional requirements of infants at different stages. Due to the differences in formulas of milk powders of various brands, there may be some differences in color, but pure white milk powder is not available. The "white" milk powder we usually see may be due to the visual difference caused by the shallow yellow.

milk powder
milk powder

Of course, in addition to the difference in additives, the color of milk powder may also be affected by the female cow's forage, which is why we often say that the milk powder’s color will be slightly different if their raw milk source is different; At the same time, the fat content in the milk powder will also affect the color of the milk powder, we will find that there is a layer of light yellow cream floating on the milk after heating.

Therefore, the color of the whole milk powder is yellowish and the skim milk powder is white. Besides, because the process of different milk companies of milk powder is different, such as the wet mixing process and the spray drying method has a yellower color than the dry mixing process and the drum drying method. But it is not comprehensive to distinguish the quality of milk powder from the subtle differences in color.

How to distinguish the quality of milk powder?

1. Outer packaging

On milk markets, whether it is boxed or canned milk powder, the milk powder produced by regular manufacturers must be packaged, strictly and marked with trademarks, manufacturer name, origin, date of manufacture, batch number, QS, and ISO certification. Do not buy the relevant information on the milk powder that is not marked or has a trace of alteration.

milk powder
milk powder

2. Milk source origin

The source of regular and legal milk powder, there must be a specific description of the milk source on the outer packaging, such as 100% New Zealand origin or imported, and the poor quality milk powder is not mentioned or the concept is vague, does not indicate the origin of the milk source, etc., only indicate manufacturer. Moms and dads must pay special attention to this kind of milk powder.

3. Distinguishing carefully from color, feel and taste

The color of normal milk powder should be milky white or light yellow. The color is the same and lustrous. When you pinch it, there will be a sharp “click” sound. The flavor of good milk powder is generally only a light milk fragrance, and the fragrance will not be too strong. If the color of the milk powder is super white, and if you pinch it, it feels different from the normal milk powder or the fragrance is too heavy, it is wise to pay great attention.

4. Recognize it from brewing

This is the most direct way to judge the quality of milk powder. You can brew some milk powder first. Good milk powder generally dissolves slowly. At the beginning of brewing, it will form a floating thing, and the mixing things will stick the spoon when begin to stir. If the dissolution rate is fast, sometimes it is even better not to feed the baby those milk powder which separated from the water.      

dry milk
dry milk

Buying milk powder is an observant work, moms and dads should not worry too much about it. Choose those common and big brands, the date is fresh and suit for baby's taste’s milk powder, I believe this should not be difficult. if you have doubts, you can try it yourself and make sure that the milk is good for you.

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