Why milk source is important for the quality of milk powder?

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The quality of milk powder largely depends on the quality of milk sources, so many of the advertisements on the market are "from XXX milk source", "imported milk source"... In order to experience the quality of milk sources and give wonderful milk powder for babies, more and more consumers are not satisfied with the domestic milk powder and have chosen foreign milk sources.

I think we can choose the brand and milk powder of infant formula according to the distribution of gold milk source belts in the world.

World Golden Milk Source Belt:
The temperate grassland area between 40 and 50 latitudes in the north and south is surrounded by temperate climate all year-round. The humid air provides good conditions for the growth of juicy fresh forage grass. The dairy cow's food is fresh, safe, comfortable and healthy, which brings people high yield and high-quality milk sources. Therefore, this area is internationally recognized as a high-quality area for dairy feeding belt.

Problems in the use of roughage in dairy cow production

European High-quality Milk Sources:
There are many pastures in the world's gold milk source belt, including the United States, Australia, Europe, Asia and so on. The dairy industry standard of the European Union milk markets is the most stringent in the world. There are many well-known brands of milk powder. So now many domestic consumers will choose the milk powder produced in the cattle company in European milk source areas.

Netherlands - Ranch Country
The development of the Dutch dairy industry is well known worldwide for its high yield, good quality, and considerable benefits. The Rhine River Delta, one of the largest deltas in Western Europe, covers the whole territory of the Netherlands. The Rhine River Delta, with its flat terrain and abundant water resources, is the home of the famous Holstein dairy cows. The superior natural environment and high-quality soil make the best milk source, which makes the Netherlands produce world-class high-quality milk powder. This is where the Dutch bullpen, which is popular with domestic consumers, comes from.

French-Normandy Organic Ranch
The organic ranch of Normandy, France, is located in the Mediterranean climate zone. It is mild and humid throughout the year, and the soil is fertile. The grass-grown is organic, tender and nutritious. Dairy cows eat all day long. The milk is naturally of high quality and milk nutritional facts are rich, and every drop of milk is full of essence, which is kindly known as "European dairy bin". However, Normandy organic pasture produces limited milk per year and seldom exports abroad, so fewer people know in China, but Normandy organic pasture in France is indeed the best source of milk in Europe. It is the milk source of Baby, a leading French high-end organic brand.

German-Alps Organic Ranch
The Algae region at the foot of the Alps in Germany pays attention to the development of animal husbandry. The mild and humid air moisturizes the pasture all over the mountains, and the dairy cows have a superior living environment. This is Germany's most important and famous dairy production area, using the oldest traditional milk production technology to produce high-quality natural milk source. German organic milk powder Hippo HIPP is produced here. It is the milk source of Hippo which with high price-performance and is sought after by ordinary families in Europe.

Organic Milk Source in Australia-Tasmania Island
The whole farm is monitored by the Australian Organic Certification Authority NASAA. All dairy cows like the Spanish cow are not allowed to feed artificially. No pesticides or fertilizers can be used in the pasture of the whole farm. Relatively isolated geographical location and strict quarantine system can keep Australian dairy cows away from the epidemic area and free from infection. Dairy female cows are grazed naturally without notice. Oxytocin, Australia's original TACHS milk collection system, is conducive to the traceability of raw milk, in order to eliminate inferior cows and raw milk; strict control of pesticides and veterinary drugs, milk source safety. Bellamy's milk powder, a local brand, is also well known in China.

In a word, it is better to choose safe organic milk powder. And choose milk powder with a good milk source, and ensure the milk is good for you.

Milk powder safety accidents have been happening in recent years. For example, many mothers were terrified by the aflatoxin exceeding the standard in Mengniu before. So a good source of milk is especially important. Aflatoxin in milk powder comes from the feed that dairy cows eat. If dairy cows that provide milk are fed on pasture, the risk of aflatoxin in milk powder also decreases. Mother is more assured. Aflatoxin is a highly toxic toxin, which can destroy human and animal liver tissue, and even cause cancer. So we must pay attention to aflatoxin.

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