Why we should select milk powder for babies carefully?

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Two relatively small domestic brands in milk markets of safe infant milk powder, Mejia infant formula milk powder, and Jing Jia Beibi infant formula milk powder, of which Enterobacter Sakazakii and chlorine were detected.

On March 7, the General Administration of Market Supervision announced the latest phase of food sampling. This sampling includes 2936 batches of 11 kinds of food samples, including pastries, meat products, fruit products, special dietary foods, beverages, food processed products, dairy products, aquatic products, potatoes and puffed foods, infant formula foods, and edible agricultural products.

Among them, 272 batches of infant formula food were sampled, covering 110 enterprises in 24 provinces (and overseas). The final 270 batches are qualified, including all foreign brands (Nestle, Complimentary, Abbott, Wyeth) and several domestic star brands (Do you, ShengYuan, Beingmata Mengniu Yashili, Beta Jia, Red Star, etc.). Since May last year, these brands have maintained a record of nearly one year's eligibility, which shows the stability of quality control of large brands, and shows consumers our milk is good for you.

milk powder
milk powder

Regrettably, two relatively small domestic brands, Meijia Infant Formula Milk Powder and Jingjiabeibi Infant Formula Milk Powder, were failed on Enterobacter Sakazakii and chlorine tests, respectively. Enterobacter Sakazakii detected in media infant formula is lethal. Enterobacter Sakazakii is a pathogenic bacteria in dairy products. It can affect immune systems and cause meningitis, sepsis, necrotizing colitis and milk allergic in infants and premature infants. It may contaminate the products through the production of raw materials, production environment, and processing equipment.

The state stipulates that Enterobacter Sakazakii should not be detected in milk powder. According to the announcement, Enterobacter Sakazakii was detected in media infant formula (0-6 months old, 1 stage) produced by Heilongjiang Agricultural Reclamation Ingbo Huawei Dairy Co., Ltd. The batch milk powder was produced on October 14, 2018, with the specifications of 800g/can. It comes from Bei Yibi Maternal and Infant Products Shop, Daoli District, Harbin. Another unqualified sample came from Jing Jia Beibei infant formula (0-6 months old, 1 stage), the reason for the unqualified is that the chlorine content is lower than the national standard. Sample information is produced on October 16, 2018.

The specifications are 900g/can. The venue of sale is the Carrefour store of Youkang Baby Maternal and Infant Products in Qingyunpu District, Nanchang City, Jiangxi Province. The manufacturer is Jiangxi newborn Nutrition Co., Ltd. Chlorine is one of the most essential elements in the human body. The lack of chlorine in infants can lead to growth disorders. At present, market supervision departments around the country have urged these two milk powder to take off shelves recall, analysis and rectification measures.

milk powder
milk powder

In addition, there is a lethal toxin that we have to mention, even if it is not detected in this sample. That's aflatoxin. Aflatoxin is classified as a carcinogen by the Cancer Research Institute of the World Health Organization (WHO). It is a highly toxic substance. The harmfulness of aflatoxin lies in its destructive effect on human and animal liver tissues, which can lead to liver cancer and even death in severe cases. China has a maximum allowable content of 0.5 (aflatoxin M1) for milk and its products (pasteurized milk, fresh raw milk, whole milk powder, evaporated milk, sweet condensed milk cream) and fresh pork tissue (liver, kidney, blood, and lean meat).

Aflatoxin can be degraded by some high technology. Such as Aflatoxin 150 ppb in 100 kg peanut oil samples was confirmed. Using Aflatoxin Remover to remove the Aflatoxin.  After degradation, using BALLY aflatoxin B1 rapid test kit to test the content of aflatoxin which is 3 ppb.

Parents and enterprises should pay more attention to the safety of milk powder and milk nutritional facts. Children are the future of the family and the country, and we should supply the best milk powder for babies.

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