What is the best powder milk?

Every day, I get a lot of advice about milk powder. Recently, a message from a mother with two babies asked me why the milk powder is becoming more and more expensive and I feel like I can't afford it anymore. Before, when the older one ate milk powder, it was sold on ¥100. Now the younger one eats milk powder and that it's generally sold on ¥360 or so. She said that if she still chooses a cheap one, her husband will feel that the cheaper one is unsafe, she would like to ask, now choose milk powder for babies is really to be judged by the price?

How much do you know about milk?

First, the price of milk powder has increased, and the high-end milk powder is popular.

The author also finds a particularly interesting phenomenon. The dramatic increase in the sales of brand manufacturers is often related to the price increase or the listing of high-end milk powder. We seldom see the success of brands through a price reduction, but we have seen some brands’ sales increase with the price increase.

For example, Wyeth's original main product is S26, then launched Illuma which has a high-speed growth in sales, now accounting for more than 70%. In 2015,  FRISO launched the Royal FRISO super-high-end series. As a result, overall sales have been rising, and more mothers are willing to pay more than 150 yuan for the super-high-end series per listener in 2015. Eleva Organic Series was launched in September, and in less than a year, online sales achieved a remarkable 12.1% share. With the development of organic products, Abbott's Eleva has further expanded the share of China's high-end milk markets, and then sales have been steadily increased, alleviating the downward trend. Flying Crane launched Star Flying Sail, in 16, 11.

Seven or eighteen years of continuous growth in sales, and in eighteen years fir mus became the first domestic dairy product enterprise to break through ten billion yuan, of which Star Fir mus contributed nearly half of the sales, successfully pushing Feihe to breakthrough ten billion yuan; even Junlebao, which is famous for its low price in the market, also launched higher-end products, Leplatin, flag, from 130 to 176, and then. To 260. I remember that last year I read a data in an article in the new media of "Milk Powder Circle" that the proportion of high-end milk powder (290-390 yuan/kg) and ultra-high-end milk powder (>390 yuan/kg) in 2017 was more than 50%, reaching 52.1%.

milk powder
milk powder

Second, what causes the price difference of milk powder?

The author believes that the price difference of milk powder on the market is related to its market positioning. For example, organic milk powder and pure goat milk protein milk powder, because of the scarcity of raw materials and high prices, lead to increased production costs. It is known that the price of imported goat whey is around 120,000 yuan/ton, which is much higher than the price of cow whey. Naturally, such products are more expensive. For example, some brands seek differentiation in products.

Additional OPO, lactoferrin, DHA, probiotics, CPP, lutein, taurine and other optional milk nutrients will be added. It is reported that the price of lactoferrin is about 32,000/KG at present, and the output is very small, the resources are very scarce, so the addition of these raw materials will also increase the cost. In fact, some high-end brands have also added these alternative nutritional facts to increase the competitiveness of products. From market feedback, most of the prices are in line with their quality. However, it should be noted that some brands sell lactoferrin at a virtual high price, but in fact, it adds a very low content of lactoferrin, can not achieve its publicity effect, but ordinary consumers are difficult to identify.

Another example is OPO, which can help to absorb calcium and relieve dry stool. However, many brands only mean the amount of OPO, which is almost the same as the ordinary formula. However, the pricing of milk is several tens to 100 yuan higher. In theory, price is a signal of product quality, which can affect consumers' psychology to a certain extent. But if the price of a commodity exceeds the acceptability of the consumer, or if the consumer feels that the value of the commodity is too different from the price, the signal function will disappear.

Previously, the new media of "Milk Powder Circle" once said in this article, "The market is so crazy that the price of milk powder will rise at a probable rate." After the new policy of milk powder, some brands registered through formula began to increase their prices, such as Encinitas, Abbott Eleva, Aptamilc, Nutrilon, and other brands that have also adjusted their prices last year or this year. The price of infant formula milk powder in China is very high. In the minds of consumers, whether it is infant formula or other commodities, its price and value must be equal. Businessmen must not only raise prices but also improve the corresponding quality. Especially when the cost rises, we must not do anything to damage the rights and interests of consumers for profit. Businessmen should insure both the price and quality of products.

milk powder
milk powder

Third, is milk powder really the more expensive the better?

Whenever I meet a parent who has such a view of consumption, I really despise her. Until I saw a message from a mom a few days ago, I think it is necessary to have a good suggestion to the mothers about choosing milk powder in terms of the price. Previously, some people said, "There is no mistake in buying the most expensive item within your ability". Others said, "absolutely do not believe one thing is cheap and easy to use, because expensive determines the lower limit of a thing, cheap determines the upper limit of a thing." But is the baby's milk powder the same? Of course not. We have always emphasized that the choice of milk powder for babies must be based on their own needs. Every baby's physical condition is different, and the nutrition required is different.

For example, some babies are weak in digestion and absorption of intestine and stomach, easy to accumulate food, diarrhea or pull milk valves; some babies are weak in physique, low in immune system function and often catch cold; some babies get allergy to milk protein; besides, there are iron and calcium deficiencies caused by geographical and family dietary habits, and so on. Therefore, we must make a comprehensive choice according to our own situation and daily dietary habits. It is not wise to say which one is the best, because, for babies, only suitable is the best.


Fourth, then, how can we choose a suitable milk powder for our baby?

First of all, you need to know clearly the current physical development of the child, and then choose according to the specific situation of the child, pay attention to the specific situation of the child, not to listen to the neighbors, not to the preferences of parents to choose Oh (Neighbor babies are not necessarily suitable for your baby).

For example, infants with weak digestion are more advised to choose milk powder with adequate milk nutritional facts such as OPO, probiotics, probiotics, or goat milk powder or milk powder with a high proportion of whey protein; infants with weak immunity are more advised to choose milk powder with adequate amount of lactoferrin, probiotics or high proportion of whey protein; for example, infants with weak immunity are advised to choose milk powder with adequate amount of lactoferrin, probiotics or high proportion of whey protein.

If the baby is allergic to milk protein, it is suggested to choose the special formula powder of hydrolyzed protein. As for the choice of partial hydrolysis or full hydrolysis, it depends on the degree of allergy of the baby. If the baby is short of calcium, it is suggested to consider the milk powder with high calcium content and CPP formula at the same time... Second, after knowing your Children clearly, you should learn to look at the formula of milk powder after the specific situation. Above all, these will be labeled in the nutritional ingredients table of milk powder cans.

Generally, the qualified milk powder sold on the market at present has little difference in essential ingredients (except for some overseas milk powder). The main difference is in the addition of optional ingredients (that is, what we often call fortified formula). For example, OPO, lactoferrin, CPP, probiotics, dietary fiber, taurine, inositol, choline, nucleotides and other nutrients. In short, the choice of milk powder, should not blindly worship the price, but also because of the combination of their own economic situation and baby needs to buy, milk powder is not the more expensive the better, only suitable is the best.