Which milk powder contains OPO?

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Recently, I received a consultation about OPO milk powder, because she heard that OPO can help digestion, soften stool and reduce constipation symptoms. I believe that most parents are no longer familiar with the concept of OPO. So, which of the milk powder registered through the formula now contains OPO? What are their specific contents? How much OPO does milk powder contain? Does milk to tea contain OPO? I want to inform you about this article today.

First, what is OPO?
The full name of OPO is OPO structural lipid. Its chemical name is 1,3-linoleic acid-2-palmitic triglyceride. It is a structured lipid that mimics breast milk lipid, and enzymatic transesterification technology is used to increase the proportion of sn-2 palmitic acid in milk powder. It can be labeled in the optional milk nutrient components of the milk powder package. So nutritional facts made by these milk powder is rich.

Why should OPO be added to milk powder?
Breast milk has always been the best food for babies. So mothers usually worry about how to increase milk supply and pursue benefits of milk thistle. But mothers also should know breast milk is good for how long. All infant formula milk powder is based on breast milk as the gold standard. In breast milk for babies, the proportion of sn-2 palmitic acid is as high as 70%, while that of ordinary formula milk powder is only 10%. Adding OPO structural fat in formula milk powder can make sn-2 palmitic acid reach more than 40%, which is easier to be eliminated. Chemical absorption.

Second, what are the benefits of OPO?

1. Better promote the absorption of fatty acids;
2. Better promote the absorption of calcium and other minerals and vitamins; 2012 International Calcification Organization magazine published research shows that OPO structural fat formula milk powder has a significant role in promoting the bone strength of full-term infants. OPO structural lipid reduces the occurrence of calcium soap, is more conducive to calcium precipitation in bone, and helps the growth and development of the baby's skeleton and teeth.

3. It can reduce the insoluble calcium soap in the baby's feces, alleviate constipation and defecation difficulties;
4. It can help the proliferation of probiotics and improve the baby's intestinal health; the 2013 American Journal of Pediatric Gastroenterology and Nutrition reported that OPO structural fat formula milk powder is beneficial to increase the number of Lactobacillus and bifidobacteria in the intestinal tract. OPO structured lipids can maintain the normal digestive status of the intestinal tract, increase the number of probiotics, form a stable virtuous cycle, and maintain the normal micro ecological balance of the intestinal tract.

Third, OPO is so good, is it better to add more milk powder? How much is milk powder good for health?

China's National Food Safety Standard GB14880-2012 clearly stipulates that 3-Dioleic acid 2-palmitic triglyceride (OPO) is used in the range of 24 g/kg to 96 g/kg in the preparation of milk powder (only for children, the liquid is converted by dilution multiple). The usage range of infant formula food (section 1) is 32-96 g/kg, and that of older infants (section 2) and infant formula food (section 3) is 24-96 g/kg. From the table, we can see that the content of most OPO milk powder is in line with the national food safety standard GB14880-2012.

In addition, it should be pointed out that OPO is a selective nutrient component in the national safety standard of infant formula food in China, and it is not necessary to add it. Although OPO can promote the absorption of palmitic acid and calcium, alleviate the baby's constipation and hard stool, but leading to dry stool, constipation and other conditions of the baby is not only the lack of OPO this reason, so, to choose milk powder for babies, is the best!

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