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How to choose the best milk powder for the baby?

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how to choose the best milk powder
how to choose the best milk powder

The author has always advised mothers to insist on breastfeeding. Although most mothers are willing to breastfeed, there are not many mothers who are lucky to breastfeed all the time. Some mothers who have to stop breastfeeding because of the end of maternity leave or lack of breast milk often come to consult how to choose milk powder for babies. Even some parents leave messages at the end of the article, hoping that the author can directly recommend the best milk powder to them. But baby milk powder is really different from person to person.

Every baby is different. It must be chosen according to its own situation. No matter which one I recommend, it can not be said to be the best. For babies, only suitable is the best. Supermarket photography is the key to the problem here, how can we select a suitable milk powder? In my opinion, if you want to choose a suitable milk powder for your baby, you must first ensure that the milk powder is qualified, that is to say, at least in line with China's national standards, and then according to the specific situation of your baby to choose different types of dairy products. Based on the experience, the author summarizes five points, which are sorted out, hoping to give some reference to parents.

how to choose the best milk powder
how to choose the best milk powder

First, before purchasing a can of milk powder, we must see whether the label content on the milk powder can is complete and compliant. The label content is divided into the content that must be standardized and the content that can be optionally labeled. Labels must include food name, ingredient list, net content and specifications, name, address and contact information of producers and/or distributors, production date and shelf life, storage conditions, food production license number, product standard code (excluding imported goods), nutritional ingredient list, registration number, food.

Use methods, appropriate crowd information and food attributes (such as milk-based or soy-based products and product status); also should indicate that "breast milk is the best food for infants in 0-6 months, and this product can be eaten when breast milk is insufficient or no breast milk", and larger infant formula powder should indicate that "supplementary food must be added together". Labels can be optionally labeled with content claims and function claims allowed by national food safety standards, as well as information for product traceability, warning, product after-sales service, etc.

Among them, because the national food safety standards of our country clearly stipulate the content value of essential ingredients (such as protein, fat, carbohydrate, vitamin B1, B2, vitamin C, calcium, iron, zinc, etc.) in infant formula milk powder of 0-6 months old, infant formula milk powder must meet the content requirements of the standard, and should not be necessary for it. Components are claimed for content and function.

In addition, if there are these contents in the milk powder can, it is recommended not to buy:
1. related to disease prevention, treatment function, health care function or with intelligence, increased resistance or immune system function, protection of intestinal tract and other functions;
2. using the image of infants and women or using "human emulsification", "breast-feeding" or approximation Expressions;
3. Containing false, exaggerated, violating scientific principles or absolute content;
4. The source of raw materials labeled as "imported milk source", "from foreign pastures", "ecological pasture", "imported raw materials", "original ecological milk source", "non-polluting milk source" and other vague information. Be careful not to buy or eat products without labels or with incomplete label information, unclear content, masking, reprinting or tampering with dates.

how to choose the best milk powder
how to choose the best milk powder

Second, the ingredients table nutrition ingredient table, I believe that most mothers will buy milk powder will go to see, but the milk powder cans on the ingredients list is also a key point we need to pay attention to. For example, you do not want to give the baby to choose white sugar, vanillin, and flavor of the milk powder, then you must look at the ingredients list, because in the match. All food ingredients and additives used in this can of milk powder will be listed in the table, and in the order of decreasing dosage, but ingredients with less than 2% dosage can not be arranged in the order of decreasing dosage.

For example, we often see some milk powder propaganda that it contains natural OPO, natural butter, but not in the nutritional composition table, so how can we judge whether it really contains it? At this time, we need to look at the ingredient list. It contains natural milk fat in whole milk powder and raw milk, but the content is very low.

At present, the natural butter and OPO advertised in milk powder mainly come from the added cream or anhydrous butter. Cream and anhydrous butter are extracted from milk fat, and more than 99% of them are fat. Adding a certain amount of anhydrous butter or cream, the content of palmitic acid in milk powder can reach more than 50% at the sn-2 position, which can better promote calcium absorption, soften stool and reduce the probability of constipation symptoms.

But it is not certain that the effect of propaganda can be achieved as long as it is added because the content is also involved. Generally speaking, the higher the ranking, the higher the content.

how to choose the best milk powder
how to choose the best milk powder

Third, In the current national standard, the nutrient components must be nutrient components and selective components, and the nutrient components required in the first and second and third stages are different. All the above will be marked in the nutrient composition table of milk powder cans.

Generally, the content of the essential components of qualified milk powder sold on the market at present is different. There is little difference (except for some imported milk powder). The main difference lies in the addition of optional ingredients, such as OPO, lactoferrin, lutein and CPP probiotics. If the baby's digestion is not very good, it is recommended to choose milk powder with adequate OPO, probiotics, dietary fiber, and other nutritional elements or milk powder with high proportion of whey protein; if the baby's immunity is not very good, it is recommended to choose milk powder with adequate lactoferrin, probiotics, nucleotides; if the baby's immunity is not good, it is recommended to choose milk powder with adequate amount of lactoferrin, probiotics, nucleotides.

In the case of calcium deficiency, milk powder with high calcium content and CPP formula should be considered. In addition, if the baby is allergic to milk protein, then under the guidance of the doctor, choose the formula powder for special medical use of hydrolyzed protein. As for the choice of partial hydrolysis or total hydrolysis, it depends on the degree of allergy of the baby.

Fourthly, after opening the can, the powder sensory milk powder of the milk powder should be Milky yellow, and nothing can be seen by the naked eye. The powder should be loose and soft, the smell should have frankincense, if there is mildew or sour taste, it means that milk powder has deteriorated, do not give the baby to eat.

how to choose the best milk powder
how to choose the best milk powder

Fifth, whether the baby likes to eat a milk powder is good, milk nutrition is rich, but if the baby does not like to eat, it is also useless. Therefore, whether the baby likes to eat is also an important factor in judging whether a milk powder is suitable. If the baby eats a milk powder, daily milk, normal stool, normal sleep, every childcare shows normal growth in height and weight, then it can be basically judged that the baby eats this milk powder is suitable, which has nothing to do with the price of milk powder, origin, category.

Whether it's 100 + or 400 +, as long as the baby eats well, it's good; whether it's domestic or imported, as long as the baby eats well, it's good; whether it's goat milk powder or milk powder, as long as the baby eats well, it's good. Generally speaking, parents choose milk powder for their babies. In addition to looking at the label on the milk powder can, they also suggest that the milk source, production technology, formula, milk powder brand, and price should be considered comprehensively. They should not be too entangled with a certain point, follow the trend blindly and choose carefully.

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