What is the difference between milk powder and milk?

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Today, I will share the experience of choosing milk powder.
Teach you how to choose a milk powder suitable for weight loss


1. The difference between milk powder and milk

Many people will be confused: Is milk powder the same as fresh milk? Does milk powder lose a lot of milk nutrients, is it better to drink milk directly?

A 200ml cup of milk108kcal6g6.4g6.8g
A 200ml cup of milk powder-milk120kcal5g5.3g12.9g

A cup of 25g brewed milk powder and a cup of 200ml milk, the milk calories and the three major nutrients are the same. The difference is that the milk powder is processed from fresh milk, and some types of vitamins and minerals inside will have a certain degree of damage, but the protein & calcium we need to ingest have not lost.

For the loss of vitamins and minerals, manufacturers now generally make a supplement and strengthen, you see the strengthening of vitamin D, vitamin A, calcium and iron, etc., are nutritionally enhanced products. Therefore, the nutritional value of milk powder is similar to that of fresh milk. Moreover, milk powder is cheaper than fresh milk and the shelf life of milk powder, usually 1-2 years, so the price is still relatively high.

2. The type of milk powder

Generally, the milk powder and formula milk powder you can buy on milk markets. The difference is:
Milk powder: Dairy products made from raw milk to remove water.
Formula milk powder: Raw milk, fresh milk or milk powder are the main raw materials, and account for more than 50% of the total content, adding nutrients such as calcium, vitamin A, etc., or flavors such as chocolate flavor.

3. How to pick milk powder?

(1) Look at the ingredients list
If the ingredient list contains extra sugar, such as white sugar, sucrose, or sweet milk, I don't recommend to buy.

(2) Degreasing milk or full-fat milk?
Some people will be confused, do you have to drink skimmed milk during weight loss? Although a 25g milk powder has a slightly higher calorie fat content than skimmed milk, it does not have much effect on weight loss.
We drink 300-500ml of milk a day, don't worry about fat eating too much. I drink whole milk, which is more concentrated and more satisfying. But if you are very strict and feel that a little more fat is not allowed, it is OK to choose to skim milk.

25g whole milk130kcal6.35g7.4g9.27g
25g skimmed milk90kcal9.9g0.2g12.5g

(3) Choose ordinary milk powder or high calcium milk?
We all know that calcium ions can help fat burning have an auxiliary effect on weight loss. Is it necessary to choose high calcium milk? No.
I choose ordinary milk powder because the extra calcium added in high calcium milk is mostly calcium carbonate or calcium lactate. Compared with the calcium in milk, the absorption rate will be worse. 
And the milk itself has enough calcium, the absorption rate is good, drink a cup of milk every day, plus vegetables and soy products do not specifically buy high-calcium milk to drink. 

(4) Choosing China version or imported milk powder?
Some people think that foreign purchase is safer. I don't think so.
Imported milk powder is made by foreign dairy companies under the local dietary standards rather than according to the dietary standards of Chinese residents. It is not necessarily guaranteed to purchase and transport. When you select milk powder, make sure the milk is good for you at first.

slim milk
sKim milk

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