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Fresh milk PK pregnant women milk powder, which is better?

Posted on  November 21, 2019, Edited by Samantha, Category  

Blurbs: Pregnant mothers need calcium supplementation during pregnancy and need a variety of milk nutrients. Some pregnant mothers will choose fresh milk, and some will choose to drink pregnant women's milk powder. Which one is more suitable for them? Fresh milk and pregnant women's milk powder are different in milk nutrition. And the applicable people are also different, pregnant mothers need to know in advance.


1. Pregnant women milk powder fortified more types of vitamins than the fresh milk and the pregnant milk powder added calcium, Fe, zinc and so on. Pregnant women's milk powder contains more trace elements, such as calcium, iron, zinc, iodine, vitamin A, vitamin D, vitamin E, folic acid, b vitamins, taurine, DHA, etc. Milk nutritional facts are very comprehensive, and calcium content It is also about 3.5 times that of fresh milk. It can be seen that pregnant women's milk powder is more comprehensive than fresh milk, but fresh milk is also good. On milk markets, the pricing of milk is not expensive. Closer to the original milk, rich in biologically active substances including immunoglobulins, cytokines, fewer additives. Drinking fresh milk can consume more milk calories and protein than drinking pregnant women's milk powder-milk and the fresh milk’s tastes are richer, more acceptable, and do not contain refined sugars, which have less effect on the body weight and blood sugar.

2. Fresh milk and pregnant women's milk powder’s suitable people PK. Milk suitable for pregnant women who have a balanced diet, rich in variety, with good nutritional status, Pre-pregnancy health is in good condition, the weight is up to standard, the weight gain during pregnancy is normal, and there is no shortage of various nutrients and those who do not like sweet taste, with gestational diabetes or impaired glucose tolerance.

3. Milk powder is suitable for pregnant women who have a strong pregnancy reaction, which affects pregnant women. Milk powder is suitable for pregnant women who can accept the taste of the dairy product. Milk powder is suitable for pregnant women whose Three-meal diet is not regular, and nutrition is not enough. 

Are you drinking fresh milk or pregnant women's milk during pregnancy? After reading the above comparison, it is better to choose a more suitable one. 

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