How to keep milk powder fresh in summer?

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How to keep fresh milk powder in summer? What is the best way to preserve milk powder in summer? Moms and Dads know that infant milk powder is more hard to preserve than ordinary milk powder. So, in the hot summer, how can milk powder be preserved from deterioration? How to judge whether the milk powder had gone bad?

Normal milk powder color is milky white or creamy yellow; the color of milk powder is affected by many factors, such as the environment of dairy female cows, the fresh forage to eat, the change of seasons. Those factors are all can affect the color of the milk which milks from the cow. Due to the influence of the milk source, the color of the milk powder will be the color of the milk powder of different batches of the same milk powder may be different.

The smell of infant formula milk powder is mainly the original smell of milk. Because it can not add any flavor to enhance the sweetening, the taste of milk powder may not be sweeter.

milk powder
milk powder

Skill 1:
1. Homeothermy and cool:
We will put warm and cool together, because the normal temperature refers to the daily suitable temperature, generally around 25 °C, before the milk powder can is not opened, just put it in the cool and ventilated place at home, avoid direct sunlight. If the temperature is too high,  some nutrients in the milk powder, such as vitamins, immunoglobulins, etc., are inactivated. At the same time, to extend the shelf life of milk powder, most of the tanks are filled with inert gas (nitrogen). If the temperature is too high. It is easy to affect the pressure inside the tank and expand the milk tank.

2. Dry
The main ingredients of the milk powder, whether it is goat milk powder or cow whey powder, are very easy to absorb moisture. The temperature and humidity of the summer air are relatively large, if it is placed in a wet place at home, it is more vulnerable to moisture, thus affecting the quality of milk powder. Generally, kitchens, wet cabinets, floors, etc. are not good places to store milk powder, and it is best to place them on a ventilated shelf. Many parents like to put food in the refrigerator to keep fresh, this method is suited for normal food, since the low temperatures can delay the rate of food deterioration. However, the temperature of the refrigerator is low and the humidity is high, so it is easy to make the milk powder damp, agglomerate or even deteriorate! It will Greatly impact the drinking experience.

3. Avoiding the light
The milk powder’s vitamins, DHA and other milk nutrients easily lose their activity under the light, thus affecting the baby's nutritional intake. Long-term consumption of it is easy to cause malnutrition.  Note: The date of warranty on the package of infant milk powder refers to the above-mentioned suitable conditions and the date of preservation when unopened and is usually around 24 months, once opened, this date becomes invalid.

Skill 2: Preservation method after milk powder was opened. 
After the milk powder is opened, the above principles also need to be followed. Besides, we talk about the preservation of three common milk powder packages.

1. Canned milk powder is the most common packaging method.
In particular, it is necessary to be covered with the milk powder can at once when you took out the milk powder. On the one hand, it can prevent mosquitoes, dust, etc. from entering the can. On the other hand, it can also reduce the loss of protective gas and ensure the quality of milk powder.

2. The bagged milk powder. 
When the bagged milk powder is opened and it must be clamped with a clip. It can also be placed in a vacant clean milk powder can with the bag, but do not directly pour the milk powder into the can, or wash the can. Just Wipe clean with a clean, dry cloth.

3. Boxed milk powder.  
The airtightness of the boxed milk powder is not well-filled as the caned milk powder. However, there are generally bags inside, so you can refer to the way the bagged milk powder for babies is stored. Note: Regardless of the packaging method, milk powder should be eaten as soon as possible after opening. Most infant milk powder packaging will have a logo. Generally, the shelf life of canned milk powder is after opening is about 4 weeks, and some may only be 3 weeks. After the boxed and bagged milk powder is opened, if it is not finished within half a month, don't eat it anymore.

boxed milk powder
boxed milk powder

Skill 3:  the brewed milk preservation method.
The summer weather is sultry, the microbial reproduction speed is accelerated, and the milk powder is best to drink while it brewed. You should brew the milk just for one deal.
Under special circumstances, these five points must be paid attention to when you have to brew the milk volume over one deal:
1. Brewed but never drank milk, store up to 1.5 hours at room temperature in summer.
2. Brewed but never drank milk, save it in the refrigerator only for 24 hours.
3. Do not store the milk in the bottle warmer. The temperature of the bottle warmer’s temperature is about  40 °C. The bacteria can quickly multiply and it is easy to make the milk deteriorate, and babies are easy to get bacteria infection. If it is a last resort, the milk bottle should not be stored for more than one hour.


4. There are bacteria in the baby's mouth, and high-nutrient milk is a hotbed for bacterial breeding. Therefore, it is best to throw away the unsalted milk. It is not recommended leaving it for a while and give it to the baby. Many babies diarrhea because he drank milk like that.

5. Some babies are slow to eat milk. It should be noted that if the baby has not finished drinking the milk for an hour, do not let the baby continue to drink. Do not continue to heat or warm the milk and let your baby drink again! Do not store in the refrigerator. The refrigerator is a small environment with a low temperature and humidity, and the milk powder is very easy to absorb moisture. When milk powder is stored in the refrigerator for a long time, it is highly susceptible to moisture, agglomeration, and deterioration, thus affecting the drinking effect.

For this reason, it is recommended to tighten the opening with a string after opening the bag, and store it in a place where the room is ventilated, dry, and exposed to sunlight. Only liquid milk powder or pre-mixed liquid milk powder can be stored in the refrigerator. Adding a block of sugar to absorb moisture Canned milk powder can be put into a few pieces of sugar cubes, because the sugar cubes have the effect of absorbing moisture, and remember to seal the cans after each use so that the milk powder is not easily damp.

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