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Top 10 Sheep Milk Powder In China Market

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In some European and American countries, goat's milk has become a necessary consumable for people's life. Goat's milk, goat's cheese, and other goat's dairy products are indispensable nutritious delicacies on the dining table. With the recognition of sheep milk nutrition, the new generation of mothers and fathers after 80 and 90 in China are more willing to choose formula goat milk powder which is closer to breast milk nutrition as a diet.

The market prospects of goat milk powder are very promising. More and more people will understand and realize the nutritional value of goat milk powder. What kinds of goat milk powder are more popular in the Chinese milk markets? Through the investigation on the platforms of Mother's Net, Baby Tree, Pacific Parent-Child Net, Taobao, Jingdong and other platforms, and comprehensive data analysis, the top ten goat milk powder suppliers which are most trusted by mothers are sorted out for your reference.

How about the sheep milk powder price?
From $10 to $100 per can online store! Its multiple options, locale producer or European and US brands (blue river sheep milk powder, max genes sheep milk powder, woodlands dairy sheep milk powder) and from Australia/New Zealand: sheep milk powder Australia, sheep milk powder New Zealand.

NO. 1 Kabrita

Kabrita Sheep Milk Powder is manufactured by the Hepnoke Group in the Netherlands. It has 118 years of dairy production experience and is the world's first producer of sheep milk powder. Products are sold simultaneously in 65 countries and regions around the world, such as Europe, the United States, North America, Central Asia, China, Russia, and Vietnam. In 2011, it formally entered the Chinese market. In 2015, Kabrita has occupied 62.7% of the market share of goat milk powder, ranking first. With its 100% pure milk protein international quality, Kabrita has become the first brand of imported goat milk powder. It is deeply loved by Chinese mothers and babies, and brand loyalty is very high.

In addition to sheep milk for babies and pregnant women, the first "Eye Beam Children's Sheep Milk Powder" launched in June 2017 is suitable for children's milk powder for more than 36 months, which not only meets the comprehensive nutritional needs of children but also benefits children's vision.


NO. 2 Yubao

Yubao goat milk, an influential brand in domestic goat milk powder, was once favored by many consumers, and therefore ranked among the top 10 in the list of goat milk powder. Yubao goat milk powder uses Swiss Saanen goat milk from Northwest Dairy Goat Base as raw material, introduces Swiss advanced production technology, and its scientific formula is more similar to breast milk to meet the needs of baby growth and development.

NO. 3 Karicare Imported Sheep Milk Powder

Karicare sheep milk is the first milk powder brand in Australia and New Zealand. It has more than 100 years of brand history and is a well-known infant milk powder brand owned by Nutricia, a global specialist in maternal and infant nutrition. It is understood that New Zealand Keruikang Sheep Milk Powder is also produced by DGC Company. As a partner of DGC, it is especially suitable for infants with skin allergies and abdominal distension and indigestion. It is a better choice for breast-fed babies.


NO. 4 Yangyang 100

"Yangyang 100" belongs to Qingdao Ruishi Biotechnology Co., Ltd. and has launched the "Yangyang 100" series of sheep milk powder, which is leading the research and development of high-end sheep milk nutrients. Following the scientific theory, infant milk powder was developed with the standard formula of 90 whey without adding sucrose. The main products of Sheep 100 include probiotic formula sheep milk powder, excellent+ OPO formula sheep milk powder, pregnant sheep milk powder, Yudun series infant formula sheep milk powder, etc.

Yangyang 100 focuses on the production of domestic infant formula sheep milk powder, 10 years of quality assurance. With its own Xiangyanghu factory and investment in the expansion of Baiyue Youlis' new plant, it is expected that after the completion of the project in 2017, the production capacity will increase four times as much as it is now, and it is a relatively reliable brand in domestic milk powder.


NO. 5 Fineboo Sheep Milk Powder

As the fifth ranking of goat milk powder, Mayne Dairy Brand, a well-known domestic brand of goat milk powder, mainly uses Shanxi milk source, advanced technology, complete factory manufacturing system. The domestic market has been more mature, product series is more abundant, the pricing of milk is lower than imports, online sales are good.

The milk source of HuanEnbao goat milk powder comes from natural pasture, which guarantees the promise of "synchronous completion of milk collection and freshness preservation, rapid refrigeration in cryogenic tanks", and ensures the quality of goat milk powder. With advanced production technology, first-class production equipment, and strict quality control center, the quality of milk powder is more guaranteed, which is also an important reason why it is favored by consumers.

NO. 6 Carotani

New Zealand DGC (Dairy Goat Co-operative) was produced in collaboration with New Zealand Dairy Sheep Co-operative, which was mainly developed for the Taiwan market in the early stage. At present, the market is mainly in Southeast Asian countries and China market. New Zealand milk source, original cans imported relatively long history of the production of goat milk powder, good reputation.

NO. 7 Happy Sheep Milk Powder

Xi'an happy Sheep Food Co., Ltd. is a brand operation company of Baiyue Sheep Milk Group. It relies on its own milk company, Xi'an Baiyue Sheep Milk Group Co., Ltd. to specialize in the development, development, sale, and service of infant food.

With "excellent fresh milk sources, excellent quality, superior concept, excellent team, high-quality service", we are committed to building a healthy brand of milk powder industry. The quality of the product is good.

NO. 8 Wandashan Goat Milk Powder

Wandashan is one of the oldest milk powder brands in China and was once the leading milk powder brand in China. With the rapid rise of goat milk powder industry, Wandashan also launched superior Golden Boy series goat milk powder into the goat milk industry. Like Youbo Sheep Milk Powder, Superior Golden boy relies on Wandashan's strength, has good market development advantages, and market prospects are also promising.

NO. 9 Herds Sheep Milk Powder

Herds is a brand of Shaanxi Herds Dairy Co., Ltd. Founded in 1992, Herd Dairy is a large professional dairy manufacturer of agricultural industrialization supported by the World Bank, which integrates dairy cattle (sheep) raising, scientific research, processing, and marketing. The company has "herds" brand milk powder and "Herds" brand series herds sheep milk powder, with annual sales exceeding 1.5 billion yuan.

NO. 10 WISSUN Sheep Milk Powder

WISSUN Nidi infant formula sheep milk powder series, good taste, suitable for baby taste, many years of experience in infant milk powder production, imported milk sources, international certification. Mingyi is a brand with a strong market impact, high brand attention, and a good market reputation. There are many ways to buy on behalf of others. Reasons for selection: Domestic goat milk powder well-known brand, stable milk source, complete factory production system, the company's system is relatively complete.

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