How long does the brewed drink milk last?

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In the child-rearing life, mothers often encounter such a situation: after the milk powder is brewed, the baby does not drink or left the milk. When this happens, shouldn't the remaining milk powder be dumped? Can I put the remaining liquid milk in the refrigerator? Moms don't need to worry about it anymore, this article will provide you with a scientific answer.


How long does the brewed drink milk last?
1. Store at room temperature for no more than 2 hours
Regardless of the brand of dairy products, the mothers can not store more than 2 hours at room temperature after the milk has been brewed. After more than two hours, the baby cannot be fed.

2. Refrigerator storage no more than 24 hours
If the baby has not been drunk, you can cover the lid and store it in the refrigerator, but it can't be more than 24 hours. When you need it, you can warm it, and make sure the milk is good for you.

3. The milk powder that has been fed should be finished within one hour.
If the brewed milk has already been fed to the baby, and the remaining part is not finished, it should be finished within 1 hour. After 1 hour, do not feed it to the baby, and do not need to refrigerate or heat it. It is recommended to dump it directly.

Can the remaining liquid milk be put into the refrigerator?
The brewed milk powder is placed in the refrigerator, the theoretical basis is derived from the famous "The Baby Book" by the US medical doctor Sears, but the British Food Standards Agency has suggested that it is best not to put the brewed milk powder into refrigerator to Store so that prevent the milk from bacterial contamination. Therefore, whether put the left milk into the refrigerator or not, people have different views on it.

If your refrigerator is clean enough and regularly removed the bacteria with fresh smell, and does not need to switch the refrigerator door frequently, you can still put the left milk in it. But if your refrigerator is full of other foods and full of many smells, then do not put the brewed milk in it. Milk powder is easily contaminated and easily oxidized.

How to heat the liquid milk taken out from the refrigerator?
1. Use the microwave oven with caution. 
Heating in a microwave oven will instantly heat the liquid milk, which will not only destroy the milk nutrients in the liquid milk but also turn some trans amino acids in the milk powder into their cis isomers, resulting in food poisoning, then babies may vomit after drinking. Also, heating in a microwave oven may cause uneven temperature, and local temperature overheating may easily scald the baby.

2. It is recommended that the milk heated by the bottle warmer. 
It is recommended to put the bottle together with the milk in the bottle warmer and let it slowly return to the temperature at which it is suitable for the baby to drink. If you don't have a bottle warmer, you can put a pot of warm water, put the bottle in warm water, and let it slowly warm up.

Remind everyone: You can't put the prepared milk on the bottle warmer for a long time, because the temperature on the warm milk is just suitable for bacterial reproduction, and the milk itself is easy to breed bacteria, so the milk will be easily deteriorated.

The effect of eating too much milk after it brewing for too long:
It is easy to cause Gastrointestinal distress in your baby. After the baby milk powder is brewed for too long, it is easy to cause the milk to deteriorate and the nutrients are lost. The baby's gastrointestinal system is not yet fully developed, and it is very delicate. The degraded milk powder not only can not add the nutrients into the stomach but also easily lead to gastrointestinal discomfort, which may cause Indigestion, loss of appetite and other symptoms. If the deterioration is more serious, vomit and diarrhea, paleness, food poisoning, etc. may occur.

Baby's leftover brewed milk can't be processed again:
Some babies can't finish the brewed formula milk one time. The mothers can't keep the left brewed milk, and can't wait until the next feeding to heat and then give it to the baby.

Reason: brewed milk powder, it is easy to become worse after a long time, especially the brewed milk that the baby has drunk, it is easy to breed bacteria. If the baby drinks the spoiled milk powder, it will cause constipation, diarrhea and gastrointestinal symptoms.

Treatment: directly dump the baby's remaining formula milk or drink it by mother.
Brewed Formula milk powder should be drunk immediately, although it can be stored at room temperature for one or two hours after brewing, to avoid bacterial growth, it is recommended to give the baby immediately after brewing.

Mothers should give their baby a good habit of drinking milk powder, that is, when the baby's body is normal, regularly feed the baby milk powder.


What kind of water is good for the baby?
From the mistakes most often made by novice parents, we learn how to properly brew the milk to the baby. The first thing to solve is what kind of water is used to brew the milk?

Water that meets drinking water standards is roughly divided into tap water, mineral water, and purified water. Mineral water, as its name implies, is water containing very rich minerals. If you drink alcohol for a long time, it may cause excessive absorption of certain elements in your body and affect your health.

Pure water refers to the physical removal of industrial contaminants, microorganisms, and impurities from water, as well as the removal of available various macroelements and most trace elements of water. If you drink pure water for a long time, it may interfere with the stability of the internal environment. It is because of its purity, lack of probiotics that should be contained in the water, etc. Long-term drinking will lead to insufficient nutrient intake.

It is best to use tap water after boiling, that is, boiled water. The tap water is sterilized, or there may be some residual chloride and nitrite. Therefore, it is boiled for 3 minutes for dechlorination, and after cooling, it is used to wash the milk powder. Besides, you can't use rice soup, noodle soup, soy milk, etc., You can not double the milk nutrition of the two, but also affect the growth and development of children.

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