How do you clean milk bottles?

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In summer, mothers wash bottles like this, which is equivalent to feeding poison to their babies, but many parents are having those mistakes.

When the temperature rises in summer, viruses, and bacteria become very active. If the baby's hygiene of the diet is not paid attention, he will easily have symptoms of diarrhea. Especially for babies who fed with the milk powder, the cleanliness of bottles is directly related to the healthy growth of babies. If parents don't pay attention to these four things when cleaning bottles, it will bad for babies’ health. Come and see if you repeat these mistakes. If you do, you should correct it as soon as possible.

clean milk bottles

1. Wash the bottle with cold water

When many parents wash bottles, they find that the bottle seems clean, so the parents directly wash them with cold water, then put them down and continue to use them next time. This is not correct, cold water can not kill bacteria, and the dirt in the corner of the bottle is difficult to clean without using the bottle brush. The dirt adherence to the bottle long time not only affects the taste of milk powder but also breeds bacteria, then leading bacterial infection and affecting the healthy growth of the baby. Besides, careful mothers will find that many babies will vomit after eating and flatulence when they are breast-feeding. The bottle is likely inappropriate. Mothers are advised to buy anti-flatulent bottles for their babies, which can not only exercise the right way of sucking of the baby, but also effectively reduce the situation of baby flatulence.

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2. There is water left in the bottle

After cleaning the bottle, there are other things occupy parents, so the bottle is not completely dry. This will not only breed bacteria but also if the bottle is not dry,  next time the bottle will smell mildewed when brewing milk, which will affect the baby's appetite. Therefore, after cleaning the bottle, the mother should timely dry the bottle, or put the bottle upside down to pour the excess moisture, so that next time when brewing milk powder, the baby will eat healthier.


3. Pacifier cleaning is not perfect

When babies finish their milk, many mothers will only pay attention to the cleanliness of the bottle, but ignore the cleanliness of the small nipple which is washed simply. Nowadays, most of the nipples are made of silica gel, which is soft. When the baby sucks, the shape of the nipple will be changed, so that a lot of dirt is hidden in a secluded corner of the nipple. If mothers do not wash in time, not only will they clog the milk outlet, but also numerous bacteria are directly in contact with the baby's mouth, which is easy to cause oral infection. Therefore, when mothers clean the bottle, she must not forget to keep the nipple clean and hygienic.

drinking milk
drinking milk

4. Clean bottles frequently

We all know that the baby's body immune systems are relatively poor, only the bottle of the baby is sterilized that parents can be more assured. Especially for milk bottles, which are easy to breed bacteria, sterilization is very important. So many parents will sterilize the bottle in hot water every time the baby uses it. Many milk bottles for babies are plastic texture, frequent high-temperature sterilization is easy to destroy the molecular structure and the unqualified bottles will release harmful substances.  It causes a variety of baby diseases, which need to be paid attention to by parents.

In short, the baby's body is very fragile, caring for him is a difficult job. Mothers should not only know a lot of parenting knowledge but also knows some common sense of life. Bottle cleaning is a very important thing, a mother must pay attention to it.

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