How to brew milk powder properly?

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Breast milk has rich milk nutrients and it's the natural food for babies, but when mothers cannot guarantee adequate breast milk after childbirth, we should choose milk powder for babies. How to brew milk powder to make your baby healthy and safe to eat? This is very particular.

How to brew milk powder?

Step 1:
Select the right milk powder from milk markets. Before brewing the milk powder, we have to wash our hands to prevent bacterial infection.

How to brew milk powder properly?
step 1

Step 2:
Heat the water to about 40 °C, then immediately pour water into the bottle, and fill in half of the total amount. When brewing milk powder, you should first fill the water, then put the milk powder for the appropriate concentration. By doing so the baby's stomach digestive system and kidney excretion function are well protected.

How to brew milk powder properly?

Step 3:
Using the measuring spoon attached to the milk powder can, fill it up, scrape it flat, and pour it into the bottle. Please noted that read the instructions on the milk powder can before brewing, do not add additional milk powder or water, make sure the milk is good for you.

How to brew milk powder properly?

Step 4:
After the milk powder is added, gently shake the bottle. Shake it left and right. Then use still about 40 °C water to fill it to the standard capacity. The warm temperature retains milk nutrition for babies. The scale on the bottle helps you reach the standard scale accurately.

Step 5:
Continue to shake the bottle until the milk powder is completely dissolved. Remember do not shake the bottle in violent shaking. Do not shake it up and down, because by doing so can avoid foam and air bubbles, or babies are easy to vomit after drinking.

How to brew milk powder properly?

Step 6:
Finally, we can feel the temperature of the finished milk on the wrist, and the warm feeling is the best.

Step 7:
Cover the ring and the nipple of the milk bottle to feed your baby. To make the baby feel more like sucking breast milk, the mother can choose different flow nipples according to the age of the baby.

How to brew milk powder properly?

Step 8:
Besides, with a one-piece anti-flatulence valve system, the unique surrounding structure of the nipple will bend, ensuring that air enters the bottle without entering the baby's belly, and the baby can naturally control the milk flow as if sucking breast milk.

How to brew milk powder properly?

If you want to go out with your baby, remember to put the nipple cover on the bottle of milk powder to ensure the hygiene of storage and carrying.

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