Which brand of milk powder is the best?

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Due to the quality problems of domestic milk powder that appeared much time, mothers who are worried about their baby's health have turned to a foreign country to buy milk powder from milk markets. There are many foreign brands of milk powder in supermarkets and online. Do you know these famous brands?

Brew milk powder
Brew milk powder

Foreign brand milk powder


Produced by the Dutch Friesland Dairy Company, the Place of origin are Netherlands and Germany. There are Frisomel (0-6 months) Frisolac (6--12 months) Frisogrow (1 - 3 years old). Packing specifications: 400G milk in a bag, 900g in cans, 900g in gold. Its milk company is a professional dairy manufacturer with a hundred years of history, has been selling in Hong Kong for many years, and entered the mainland in 1992. It has a world-class cattle ranch in the north of the Netherlands.

Produced by the Netherlands company Nutricia, the place of origin is New Zealand. It called Niulan in Hong Kong and Macao, and it is packaging in Indonesia. There are 1, 2, and 3 stages, respectively, all of which are 900 grams of the gold version. New Zealand is also called Dutch nutrition. Its company mainly produces milk nutritional products. There are factories in mainland China. The dairy factory in Heilongjiang province baby milk powder manufacturer. The market is shrinking and the company is in a loss-making situation. It has a pharmaceutical factory in Jiangsu. The Nutricia's urine has a very great efficacy when the baby has a cold and low fever.

Abbott milk powder is produced by the United States Abbott, it has a wide range of products, including Permilac series, Similac series, Pediasure (suitable for the skinny ones over one-year-old), prenatal Pediasure (pregnant milk powder), new Out of the gold version Similac.  Place of origin: New Zealand, Ireland, because of the same production standard, so they have the same quality. Hong Kong's Abbott has similar (0-6 months) Enmei (6-12 months) Similac toddler (1-3 years old). Abbott's bubbles are more, because of its production technology. When brewing, be careful not to shake it. It is best to put it for 5 minutes, the bubble will be less, and try to avoid the baby from eating the bubble, so as not to spit milk.

Wyeth milk powder is Made by Wyeth Pharmaceuticals, Wyeth is the world's first infant formula milk powder manufacturer and leads the milk powder production technology. Its products are Wyeth pro mama (pregnant milk powder)WyethSMA (0-6 months), Wyeth permit (6-12 months), Wyeth progress (1 - 3 years old), Wyeth promise (3--7 years old). Packed in gold cans, gold boxes, color boxes (ordinary), ordinary cans, 400 grams, and 900 grams respectively. Its WyethSMA and Wyeth promise is package in Shanghai, the other is package in Singapore. Wyeth is worth recommending, pay attention to the baby to add water, otherwise, it is easy to constipation symptoms.

Mead Johnson:
Mead Johnson China milk powder factory was established by US Mead Johnson Pharmaceutical Factory in Guangzhou. Its product is Enformil (0-6 months) Enfapro (6-12 months)Enfagrow (1 - 3 years old) Enfakid (3--7 years old)Enformil mother (pregnant milk powder).
Packing: Ordinary baby bagged and canned, A+ series bagged and canned. It has been a hundred years since Mead Johnson established and Mead Johnson is the largest-selling baby formula in the United States. The quality is unquestionable.

However, the products produced in mainland China differ from the quality of foreign countries. It can be said that Mead Johnson's Guangzhou product quality is similar to many domestic milk powders, but the pricing of milk is even higher than the original imported brands. (Because mainland baby milk powder marketing costs are too high) must also pay attention to drinking water when eating this Johnson milk powder.

Origin Shanghai, Shanghai Intel Nutrition Dairy Company produced, products are suitable for 0-6 months, 6-12 months, 1--3 years old, there are ordinary and gold version, recently launched the boxed version, Its quality is similar to that of Mead Johnson, but the overall strength is far less than that of Mead Johnson. Dumex is not an internationally renowned brand. Its name is foreign-style and the market is doing very well.

Nestlé Switzerland has set up factories in the Heilongjiang Twin Cities. Sub-brands have Nestlé NAN, Nestlé Lactogen and Nestlé Nestogen. "Nestlé quality is better than many brands on the market", its mistakes is the disrespect to Chinese consumers, so there have been many regrets. Don't be eager to change or panic when eating Nestle's milk powder. If you haven't eaten, just drink another brand and make sure that the milk is good for you.

Japan's Morinaga Pharmaceutical has set up factories in Harbin, and there are products such as Geely Honey. Recently, I heard that there is a product which directly imports from foreign countries.

Milk powder
Milk powder

Japanese brand.

The product has milk powder and rice flour, the general feeling: the quality in general, the price is high.

Korean brand, with milk powder and rice powder.

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