Does powdered milk cause constipation?

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Introduction: Constipation milk powder has always been a topic of high frequency in the circle of mothers. You can hear friends talk about the difficulty of defecation of children. Today let's count the organic baby milk powder that easily causes constipation symptoms.

Milk powder
Milk powder

In this case, most mothers may directly point their finger at the baby's ration - milk powder, and from time to time want to exchange a better-absorbed milk powder, BUT... This really pays off! In fact, the main cause of constipation in most milk powder for babies is that some details of feeding are not good enough. Why does milk cause constipation?

These seven practices are most likely to cause constipation in babies!

1. Insufficient drinking water
Water plays a moisturizing role on the stool defecate, sometimes the baby does not like to drink, parents do not consciously guide, if the baby gets yellow urine and dry stool, you need to let the baby drink water between two meal appropriately, of course, in order to avoid affecting the amount of intake of milk, it is possible to drink 30ml-50ml of water at the beginning, of course, not all babies need to drink water when feeding them. you can refer to the amount of water in the table below.

2. Milk powder brewing
Infants'digestive system development is not sound enough, digestive and absorptive capacity is limited. The excessive-high temperature in brewing can easily make the protein in milk powder denatured and inactivated, making it difficult to digest. At the same time, too high concentration of flushing, incorrect order of adding water and milk powder will also increase the digestive burden of babies, resulting in accumulated food constipation, so the flushing process. Mothers must strictly follow the instructions of milk powder flushing operation, do not take Feeling as the criterion when brewing.

3. Too much or too little milk
Baby stool can be discharged smoothly, gastrointestinal digestive juice also plays a great role, when the baby's milk is too large, the digestive juice in the intestine will be less than that, lubrication is not enough, and it is difficult to fully digest and absorb; and when the milk is too small, food residue will be less, the stimulation to the intestine will be reduced, intestinal peristalsis will be not Enough, will also affect the speed of defecation from the intestinal tract, the intestinal tract repeatedly absorb water from the stool, there is constipation.

4. Failure to exercise baby's defecation habits in time
The development of the infant nervous system function is not mature enough. Correct guidance of defecation habits can help TA form regular defecation reflex, thus normal defecation. Usually, from 10 months or so, the baby can sit in the bedpan for 5 to 10 minutes after half an hour of breakfast, but it does not force the baby to defecate, so the baby can be trained to form a good habit of regular defecation.


5. Excessive supplementation of calcium or iron
Excess calcium is easy to form hard calcium phosphate with protein in food under the action of gastric acid, while excessive iron in the intestine will produce iron sulfide with convergence effect on the intestinal wall, resulting in accumulation of calcium phosphate in the intestine and insufficient intestinal peristalsis, thus leading to constipation. So usually the mother is in the process of supplying calcium and iron to baby, it is better not to mix them directly into milk powder, and eat better half an hour after milk.

6. Irrational dietary structure
For babies who have been able to accept supplementary food, we must pay attention to balanced diet, dietary fiber, fat, B vitamin-rich foods, such as vegetable puree, fruit puree, fruit juice, aptamil cereal, etc., in order to stimulate intestinal peristalsis, lubricate stool, help the recovery of intestinal muscle tension of babies, so as to help baby to defecate

Milk powder
Milk powder

7. Others
For example, environment, weather, medicine, and other factors, maybe parents will have more feelings about this situation. Sometimes when they take their baby back to their hometown or go to a distant place, the baby or adults may have constipation. It is not a problem to adjust their life, diet, and habits properly.

When baby constipation occurs, mothers must start from the above points and adjust in many ways. Meanwhile, they should exercise reasonably, take probiotics on an empty stomach, rub the stomach clockwise, pinch the "stool" lump of the abdomen, hot water sitting bath, etc. to help the baby smooth all the way!

Of course, some diseases can also lead to constipation in the baby, such as intestinal stricture, intestinal obstruction, rectal or anal stricture, congenital megacolon, etc. If the baby is habitual constipation, and sometimes feel abdominal discomfort, using many methods can not improve, it is necessary to timely seek medical treatment to eliminate the causes of the disease.

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