Why the foreign milk powder not always safe

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According to Reuters on December 6, Nestle recently announced that it had recalled a batch of Alfomino Baby Formula Milk Powder in Germany, saying that some of its products contained too many minerals, which might cause discomfort to children. The problematic product is a 400-gram Alfomino Amino Acid Canned Milk Powder with batch number 80250346GA.


Nestle reply: "If babies eat this batch of problematic canned milk powder, they may suffer from nausea, vomiting, and headache. Parents should take their children to see a doctor in time and change a new milk substitute." Nestle warned parents not to give their children this batch of milk powder and prompted the problem that the milk powder for babies will appear gray or green after brewing, which is easy for parents to identify. Nestle said it had immediately notified distributors and retailers to stop selling and recall the batch of products and had actively organized a team of experts to discuss and study the causes of the high mineral content. In Nestle HealthScience's official flagship store in a Chinese famous shopping website, 400 grams of Alfomino Canned Milk Powder sells for 488 yuan, originated in Switzerland and imported from Switzerland.

According to introduce, Alfomino is a 100% amino acid milk powder specially developed for milk allergic babies. It is recommended to eat for about 3-6 months. The reporter asked the customer service personnel whether the batch would affect the domestic(China) products, and the customer service responded, "Please buy it without worry." Subsequently, the reporter turns to Nestle to ask for testification, Nestle confirmed the problem of milk powder is only in Germany, and apologized to consumers, "We decided to recall a batch of Alfomino in Germany. The batches involved may contain excessive amounts of minerals in very limited quantities (30 to 40 cans), and the batches affected are only for the German milk markets. We apologize for the inconvenience.

In fact, it's only over four months since Nestle's last milk powder problem. On July 27, Chile's Ministry of Health issued a warning that Nestle NAN premature infant formula milk powder had detected excessive bacteria.
At the same time, the batch number of bacteria exceeding the standard was L80190346AH, which entered the market from May to June this year.
On August 8, the Ministry of Health of Chile issued a new round of testing report: the batch number of L80480346AT also detected bacteria exceeding the standard.
On August 10, the latest announcement announced that the batch number of Staphylococcus aureus exceeded the standard in L72080346AB of Nestle NAN Prematuros.

Subsequently, the Chilean Ministry of Health ordered the suspension of the sale of three batches of problematic milk powder and imposed corresponding sanctions on Nestle. In the domestic market, Nestle milk powder has also exploded negative news. On April 16 this year, the State Administration of Market Supervision first reported the inspection results of infant milk powder production enterprises. The infant milk company had defects, including Nestle, Mead Johnson, Fir Mus, Meilu. According to the letter, The milk brand Shuangcheng Nestle has shortcomings in terms of maintaining production licensing conditions and implementing a food safety management system. And these recalled milk powders may lead babies to get an allergy to milk.


It is worth mentioning that Nestle has attached great importance to the Chinese market in recent years. Up to now, Nestle's direct investment in Greater China has totaled more than 7 billion yuan, with 33 factories. It is understood that Nestle has more than 440 factories in the world, including more than 100 in the United States. At present, the number of factories in China is second only to that in the United States. Meanwhile, Nestle has about 50,000 employees in China, more than one-seventh of all Nestle employees. And for Chinese, the pricing of milk products is acceptable.

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