What kind of milk should pregnant women drink?

What kind of milk do pregnant women drink? Milk is rich in nutrition. Pregnant women should insist on drinking milk during pregnancy, which not only provides their nutrition but also makes the baby bones strong. But it is hard for many pregnant women to choose the best kind of milk for themselves? Is it good to drink pure milk or yogurt? The following tips are comparing the pure milk and yogurt which is better.

What kind of milk should pregnant women drink?
What kind of milk should pregnant women drink?

1. the advantages of pure milk

Pure milk is rich in calcium, with a content of 120 mg per 100 ml of milk, and the body's absorption rate of calcium in milk can reach more than 40%. It is helpful for pregnant women to drink calcium supplements for the fetus.

2.the advantages of yogurt

Yogurt is rich in lactic acid bacteria, which can promote gastrointestinal motility, effectively relieve constipation during pregnancy and increase appetite. And yogurt can break down the lactose and protein in milk, making the body more digestible and absorbable.

3. milk and yogurt alternately best

What kind of milk do pregnant women drink? Pure milk and yogurt have their benefits. For pregnant women who have little reaction to pregnancy, it is best to drink them alternately.

Milk itself is rich in calcium and easily absorbed by the body. Therefore, it is best for pregnant women to drink 250-500 ml of milk per day to meet the increase in calcium demand during pregnancy. Yogurt is made from lactic acid bacteria, and its nutritional value is not only the same as fresh milk but also inhibits the proliferation of spoilage bacteria and reduces the production of toxins in the intestines.

Especially in the middle and late pregnancy, pregnant women need to increase their daily calcium intake. To get enough calcium and vitamin D, it is best to drink milk and yogurt alternately.

What kind of milk should pregnant women drink?
What kind of milk should pregnant women drink?

When do pregnant women drink milk?

What is the best time for pregnant women to drink milk? It is recommended to have a cup in the morning and evening. Drinking milk at breakfast provides a full nutritional guarantee for the vitality of the day; drinking milk at night not only helps pregnant women sleep, but also helps the body absorb its nutrition.

Drinking milk on an empty stomach will strengthen intestinal peristalsis, and the residence time of milk in the stomach will be shortened. Nutrition cannot be fully absorbed and utilized, because the protein in milk needs to be decomposed into various amino acids in the stomach by pepsin and small intestine digestion to be absorbed. Drink milk on an empty stomach will help you a fast digest so that some proteins are not broken down into amino acids, and the decomposed amino acids are discharged into the large intestine without absorption in the small intestine. In the large intestine, these proteins and amino acids are decomposed and become harmful to the human body, which increases the burden on it. Therefore, it is best to drink milk with some starchy foods, which can make the milk maintain in the stomach for a long time, which is good for digestion and absorption. So try not to drink milk on an empty stomach in the morning, and drink it during meals or after meals.

What kind of milk should pregnant women drink?
What kind of milk should pregnant women drink?

The benefits of pregnant women drinking milk

1. calcium supplementation

Calcium is the most abundant inorganic element in the human body. It has many important physiological functions, and it is mainly involved in the formation of bone and soft tissues. If you drink 250ml of milk per day, you can meet 300g of calcium that your body needs. Therefore, pregnant women insist on drinking milk every day can provide most of their own and the calories of the fetus.

2.supplement protein

In addition to calcium supplementation, milk is also a source of high-quality protein, rich in amino acids, and its digestive utilization is the same as eggs, but higher than rice, meat, and bread, which is the first choice for pregnant women to add protein.

3.regulate endocrine

The rich protein and sulfur-containing amino acids in milk can enhance the body's immunity, regulate endocrine, and improve microcirculation in the body.

4, drinking milk before going to bed helps sleep

Milk contains some substances that are sedative and hypnotic, and calcium in milk can also remove tension, so drinking milk helps sleep. Pregnant women with poor sleep quality during pregnancy can drink a cup of milk to sleep beautifully.