Which one should pregnant women choose? Pure milk or yogurt?

Should pregnant women choose Pure milk or yogurt?

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After reading a lot of information, it is concluded that it is alternating, but it may be more biased towards yogurt.

  1.  (Probiotic fermentation) Benefits of yogurt

Yogurt helps to increase appetite, prevent constipation, lose weight, and promote digestion.

Firstly, pregnancy reaction may occur during pregnancy. At this time, Pregnant women may feel bad appetite. Then they can drink some yogurt properly, which can promote appetite. In addition, it can also help promote digestion.

What’s more, yogurt has some effects in preventing constipation.

Which one should pregnant women choose? Pure milk or yogurt?
Which one should pregnant women choose? Pure milk or yogurt?

It is rich in nutrients and easy to digest, what’s more, it can supplement calcium, which helps to improve sleep quality.

Milk is nutritious, not just pregnant women, but many others prefer to drink milk, especially at breakfast time.

Besides, a pregnant mother needs calcium supplementation, and calcium is a relatively important trace element in children's growth. It lacks calcium and is easy to cause rickets and osteoporosis. Therefore, drinking some pure milk can also help to supplement calcium.

Also, there are functions such as moisturizing and reducing dryness.

  • Most people are easy to diarrhea after drinking pure milk

I would like to say that there is a symptom called "lactose intolerance". According to different regions, the incidence will be different. For example, the United States accounts for about 20%, while Asians are relatively high, about 80%-90%. So, sometimes after drinking pure milk, you will feel your stomach uncomfortable, it seems to be normal.

The reason is that as people grow up, from the beginning of weaning in infancy, or the habit of not drinking milk for a long time, the lactose activity in the intestinal mucosa is reduced, and even the lactase in the body will disappear, and then when you drink milk, your body will develop lactose intolerance, which will lead to symptoms of diarrhea.

Which one should pregnant women choose? Pure milk or yogurt?
Which one should pregnant women choose? Pure milk or yogurt?

Some people say that in fact, most people in China are not suitable for drinking pure milk.

Therefore, for pregnant women, whether to drink pure milk is depended on their physical condition. if you have not used the habit of drinking pure milk before, and then you drink it, it may be prone to lactose intolerance.

So, comprehensively, if you choose between milk and yogurt, it is better to chose yogurt. However, if you have lactose intolerance in your body, it is recommended to drink less when you drink pure milk. You can drink it with cereals, soy milk, etc., which will alleviate the symptoms of lactose intolerance.

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