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Top 8 unqualified milk powders you should know

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On milk markets, there are many problems with milk powder or enterprises. This article summarizes the milk powder and enterprises that have had problems in 2018, for reference only.


At the beginning of 2018, eight dairy enterprises were exposed to food safety problems. At the beginning of 2018, the official website of the State Food and Drug Administration announced the inspection of food safety production standards of eight milk powder enterprises. Among them, two milk company of Yili and Mengniu was named. The below situation of those companies is unqualified.


1. Heilongjiang Province Guangming Songhe Dairy Co., Ltd.:
Before the material enters the raw material warehouse, only the brush is used to clean the outer packaging of the material, and there is no vacuuming facility. No special commissioner was stationed to supervise the self-controlled milk source base.

2. Shanghai Howell Nutritional Dairy Co., Ltd.:
The working uniforms and the Cloth bag which directly in touch with the material of the product share the same washing machine cleaning, and no corresponding cleaning control procedures; the on-site inspection capability assessment results show that the milk nutrients project inspection capability is insufficient.

3. Beien Yipin Nuka Dairy Co., Ltd.:
The coal bunker only covered its top, the surrounding is unprotected, the wind is easy to raise dust, easy to get the bacterial infection, and there is a hidden danger to the production. From January to September 2017, the test kit for the Aspergillus Flavus toxin M1, biotin, folic acid, and vitamin B12 items lacked a record of use; the net content monitoring record for the packaged process of Yipin 5A + infant formula milk powder on June 19, 2017, was not provided.

4. Mingyi Dairy (Qiqihaer) Co., Ltd.: 
The enter-factory inspection report of Purchased whole milk powder (batch No. 1 January 2017 / 22833226) shows that the proportion of "protein / non-fat milk solids" is 33.77%, and it does not meet product standards which are≥34% of the requirements, but the conclusion is judged as qualified. In the production workshop, some pipelines, brackets, platforms and other places have accumulated powder and dust accumulation.

5. Mingyi Dairy (Fuyu) Co., Ltd.:
There is a worm invading the ground in the feeding area of​ the probiotics in the cleaning operation area. The whole milk powder (import) internal control acceptance standard of enter-factory inspection does not include the test of chromium, and the whole milk powder has not been tested following the requirements of the “Food Safety National Standard Milk Powder” (GB 19644-2010).

6. Shanghai Newbezi Nutritional Dairy Co., Ltd.:
The site quality inspection report of the supplier and manufacturer of the base powder and hydrolyzed protein was not provided. The on-site inspection capability test showed that the selenium, manganese and fatty acids project inspection capabilities were insufficient.

7. Inner Mongolia Ou Shi Mengniu Dairy Products Co., Ltd.:
The General Administration of Food and Drugs refers to the company's defects in the maintenance of production permit conditions and the implementation of the food safety management system.

8. Inner Mongolia Jinhai Yili Dairy Co., Ltd.:
The 2018 315 party milk powder exposure list did not expose a list of specific milk powder. Just remind consumers that overseas purchase needs cautious. We should not blindly pursue foreign milk powder. The big brands of domestic milk powder are wonderful now, the pricing of milk is lower, and the quality of all aspects of the audit is stricter than foreign countries. If you want to buy foreign milk powder for your baby, it is recommended to find a reliable purchase, preferably your relatives and friends, must ensure 100% quality and safety.

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