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8 brands of fake milk powder in China

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Many mothers because of physical and work reasons, can't breastfeed the child. They can only give milk powder for babies. Now many Chinese milk brands is fake milk powder, what are the Chinese fake milk powder?

Nowadays, on milk markets many brands' names of domestic milk powder and Propaganda, seem to be imported milk powder, but, they are domestically produced milk powder. Such misleading behavior of the company makes people feel very uncomfortable and angry even the milk powder is good. I have summarized a lot of articles on the Internet, and then I will tell you about these fake foreign milk brands, 80% of which are “created” by Chinese people.

 According to industry insiders, the cost of these fake foreign milk powder is only half of the cost of foreign famous big-name milk powder, and the gross profit margin is more than 60%, which is much higher than that of big brands.

This has long been an open secret in the industry. After the melamine milk powder incident, more and more Chinese milk companies have registered trademarks overseas, or they have used the “OEM” imported products to counter the domestic market.


1. the United States cnetrum

"cnetirum" is a deliberate name for the Chinese market, using the Chinese people's psychology. They modified the US vitamin brand "Centrium" slightly, replacing e with n, and swap the sequence of r and me to deceive consumers. The Chinese pronunciation of "cnetirum" is close to "Centrium". It can deceive the innocent mother. According to my findings, Centrium vitamin does not produce milk powder.

2. French Biostime

As early as 2007, he was exposed by "315" and also had a lawsuit with "315 Complaints Network". Of course, Biostime lost the lawsuit, and was forced to change the original trademark "BIOSTIME French Synergy" to "BIOSTIME Synergy". The word "French" has been removed, and the advertisement does not dare to call itself directly is the French brand. But at the time they didn't make milk powder, and everyone didn't pay much attention to it. Biostime’s baby probiotics have done a lot of advertising, and they sell very well. Many mothers ask me whether their babies can eat this probiotic. In the French, Biostime found a company call Lallemand to help it to produce Probiotics, and import the Probiotics to the factory of Biostime in Guangzhou. However, the brand and products of Biostime were never sold in France. Moms should pay attention to it.

3. US scient

Needless to say, mothers should know that the biggest fake foreign brand in the milk powder industry. YASHILI changed its name, and the pricing of milk is very high. And it was packaged in Guangzhou. The milk source came from a milk powder base in YASHILI Shanxi. The same formula and raw materials as YASHILI, but deceive the consumers by claiming it as a USA brand to earn money, a few years ago relying on numerous advertisements became famous, and later in the melamine accident and the fake foreign brand was exposed, it almost closed down, but YASHILI used a lot of money to support it.

4. Dumex

Although Dumex is advertised as belonging to the French Danone Group, the equipment used is imported from Denmark, Australia, New Zealand, and Norway, but the production line is located in Shanghai Jinqiao Export Processing Zone. This brand is very interesting. In 1993, Danish Baolong foreign bank invested in the construction of Intel Nutrition Dairy Co., Ltd. in Shanghai, established a milk powder production base with local milk source as the main raw material and produced a milk powder named Dumex, which called itself the Danish brand. But in fact, it is just a Danish brand, not a Danish imported product. In 2006, it became a Dutch brand. In 2007, it was incorporated into Danone and became a French brand. Whether it is an authentic imported product, please also distinguish it yourself.

5. MG

Similar to Fonterra, MG is Australia's leading dairy supplier. The main products are full-fat, skimmed milk powder and whey powder. It is also a major foundry company. The previous Ausnutria brand was produced on its behalf. In recent years, it has set up a factory in Qingdao and started to operate the Chinese market independently. However, the MG brand was developed specifically for China and has not been sold in Australia.

6. New Zealand tour

It called itself is the Australia and New Zealand brand, the product only has a fixed mailbox on the milk tank, no production address is indicated, and no sales of Nurem products are found in the local market of New Zealand.

7. Australia Ausnutria

Like scient and Biostime, it is also a fake foreign brand. It is a brand that was created by a group of managers in Nanshan, Hunan. It is mainly production material is from Australia's raw material labeling company NATURA, and some are shipped as formula powder Back to Changsha to package.

8. the Netherlands, Mercebio

Known as the Mercebio milk powder, which was founded in 1894 as the flagship brand of the Dutch company, the local mainstream channels have not seen the brand products. They have always appeared under the brand name “Netherlands Mercebio” and are only available in China.

Next, let me introduce the hazards of fake milk powder?

1. The fake milk powder will make the organ of the Infants, such as heart, lung, liver, kidney, etc., also have edema and dysfunction, the immune systems will also be affected, resulting in decreased immunity, prone to various infectious diseases.

2. The development of the brain will also be damaged to varying degrees. 0 to 3 years old is the fastest time for brain development after birth. During this period, the weight and volume of the brain will increase by 3 times, reaching 80% of adults. Brain neural network gradually become mature. If the milk nutrients intake is not enough or uneven at this time, it will cause serious harm to the development of the brain. After this stage, the damage to the brain can not be recovered.

3. Harm to human health. The elderly and the weak, especially infants and young children after the long-term consumption of the fake milk powder China, the hematopoietic dysfunction, visceral failure, and immune function are often found in their body because of the fake milk powder lack of any kinds of nutrition needed by a human.

4. The cause of the disease, unscrupulous traders Add starch, dextrin, chrysanthemum, white sugar, fried rice flour, etc., in the production process of fake milk powder. The protein, fat, vitamins, inorganic salts, and other nutrients in the product less 1/3 times of real milk powder.

5. Clinical manifestations. After long-term consumption of fake milk powder, the elderly and the weak will be weaker. Infants and young children also have severe malnutrition syndromes such as bigger head, small body, unresponsiveness, skin ulceration, and enlarged internal organs.

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