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What is the difference between organic milk and regular milk?

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With the American concept of "organic" gradually penetrating our lives, people's living and eating habits have changed greatly. Especially when feeding infants and young children, organic milk powder is more popular. Parents who choose organic milk powder for babies will find organic milk sources more nutritious and pure. To let you better understand the organic milk source, let's introduce the difference between organic milk source and ordinary milk source.

milk source
milk source

Milk powder produced in the organic milk source area has no residues of pesticides and insecticide and is more pure, healthy and safe. Milk powder from common milk sources contains pesticides, insecticide, and other harmful substances. Pesticides and insecticides can reduce the function of immune systems of babies, damage the nervous system function and immature reproductive system of babies, and have carcinogenic hazards.

Milk powder from organic milk sources does not contain antibiotics and growth hormones. Milk powder produced from common milk sources contains antibiotics and growth hormones. The overuse of antibiotics can affect people's health, especially infants and young children. Every antibiotic has strong toxic side effects, which can damage hearing, kidney, liver, and also cause milk allergic. It also kills normal cells in the body, causing harmful bacteria to invade. 

So what does cow eat? The dairy cows in organic milk sourced only eat natural grass and drink pure mountain springs. The dairy cows do not use any auxin and should not use genetic modification technology to ensure that raw milk is truly natural. But ordinary milk sources can not be truly natural.

Organic milk sources require cows to have a certain grazing time. Cattle grazing not only maintains the growth law and living habits of dairy cows but also effectively avoids the spread of disease. This is safer and healthier than ordinary milk powder from captive cows.

milk source
milk source

Milk powder produced from organic milk sources has strict requirements on sunshine, air, soil and water sources, including fresh forage for cattle must be guaranteed to be natural forage. Therefore, milk powder produced from organic milk sources is not only healthier and safer, but also more mellow and delicious, and has better taste than ordinary milk powder.

Milk powder from organic milk sources is more beneficial to health. Research shows that organic products contain more trace elements such as iron, magnesium, calcium and vitamin C, with high antioxidant content, while heavy metals and carcinogenic nitrates are lower. It can enhance the human body quality, more conducive to the health of the baby. However, the content of iron, magnesium, and calcium in milk powder from a common milk source is not as high as that of milk powder from organic milk source.


Organic milk powder is more easily absorbed by the human body. It is known that the content of antioxidants in organic vegetables and fruits is 40% higher than that in conventional products and 60% higher than that in organic dairy cows, so organic products are more conducive to improving people's nutritional absorption.

More importantly, organic milk sources do not use the feed to feed cows, which makes milk powder avoid aflatoxin pollution. Aflatoxin is a highly toxic toxin that can cause cancer if ingested for a long time. One of the reasons for aflatoxin in dairy sources is that the dairy female cow eats feed containing aflatoxin. After aflatoxin B1 and B2 are eaten by dairy cows, a small part of aflatoxin B1 and B2 will be converted into M1 and M2 into milk, respectively. This is the source of aflatoxin in milk. So, if cows eat grass, there will be no aflatoxin milk.

In conclusion, in the choice of milk powder, milk powder from an organic milk source is more suitable for the growth and development of babies than that from ordinary milk sources. Like HT, it is the milk powder produced from organic milk source. Its mellow taste and rich milk nutrients bring healthy and happy growth time to babies and every family.

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