Should I take DHA while breastfeeding?

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Newborn infants are calculated according to the weight of 3 kg, demand 60 mg DHA per day. If only use formula milk powder for babies, 150 g gold Abbott milk powder or 108 g Wyeth milk powder is needed to meet the demand.


Milk powder purchase:

1. For the healthy growth of the baby, Mom should try her best to feed breast milk for babies. Every mom should know the importance of DHA and AA for infant growth, vision, intellectual education, and baby's daily DHA and AA Demand. Breast milk is the best source of DHA and AA after birth. For special reasons, if it is not possible to feed your baby with breast milk. You should use DHA and AA formula milk powder (ie gold products) for your baby to supplement milk nutrients. It is best to not feed your baby with regular traditional formula milk powder until he or she is six.  Premature infants need to use special milk powder with higher DHA and AA.

2. Newborns baby must ensure adequate DHA and AA intake within 3 months and 18 months before birth. It is useless to intake DHA and AA after 3 months and 18 months. Mom should eat more foods or drink milk that is rich in DHA and AA three months before and after the birth of the baby, and make sure that the milk is good for you.

3. Newborn baby weight of 3 kg, demand 60 mg DHA per day. If only use formula milk powder to feed the baby, 150 g gold Abbott milk powder or 108 g Wyeth milk powder is needed to meet the demand. The average newborn baby can not drink such amount’s milk,  therefore it requires the drinking of a higher DHA content of the formula.

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4. The relevant departments of China have seriously lagged behind the formulation of infant formula milk powder standards. So far, infant formula milk powder has not implemented quality and safety QS certification, resulting in a variety of baby milk powder brands on the milk markets, the amount of DHA and AA added in China's infant formula milk powder and foreign famous brands have a large gap. And the first-stage gold milk powder of famous brands such as Yili in China is also lower than this standard.

5. The famous brand of milk powder (such as imported Abbott, Wyeth, domestic Domez, Yili, etc.) added DHA from the United States Market (Martek) company, does not contain EPA harmful to infants, some formula milk powder on the market added DHA which comes from fish oil (lower cost), the fish has a heavier taste and contains EPA.

6. It is best to buy 1 stage formula which recipes with milk powder contain DHA and AA, do not be confused by some products labeled "containing DHA precursors", the baby can not convert these "precursors" into DHA and AA. When choosing milk powder, choose those milk powder which contained AA and DHA’s ratios close to 2:1. If the baby who eats 3 stages of milk powder eats the food supplement well, eating fish and egg yolk, etc., The baby can drink ordinary Formula milk powder.

8. It is best to choose the canned milk powder when buying 1stage gold-version milk powder. If it is used in bags, it should be selected within three months from the milk company, and it should not be purchased too much to avoid oxidative deterioration.

9. Normally breastfed babies generally do not need the supplement of DHA and AA preparations. After weaning, the baby will normally eat formula milk powder and better supplement DHA supplement food and do not need to supplement DHA preparation. Excessive supplementation of DHA and AA is harmful to your baby. If you need to supplement DHA, it is recommended to use Zhiling Tongdi soft capsule. Do not give your baby an omega-3 deep-sea fish oil (including DHA and EPA) for adults (such as Alaska deep-sea fish oil imported from the United States), a baby under 2 years old (some experts recommend baby under 3 years old) to supplement vitamin AD. Do not use natural cod liver oil to avoid EPA damages to your baby.

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