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Is it OK for a dog to drink milk-Goat Milk

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Why can dogs drink goat milk instead of milk for a long time? How does dog drinking goat milk help dogs to grow?

Dogs are the first wild animals to be domesticated by humans. Nowadays, pets have become a trend, the most popular pets are dogs and cats. Dogs are very popular. Whether you are an office worker or a retired old man, you want to have a baby pet who can accompany you. Of course, the nutrition problems of dogs are also very concerned with their breeder. The pet’s owner must remember to improve the function of the dog's immune systems must start with a scientific diet and enough exercise!


It is well known that milk nutritional facts of dairy products are very rich, and many people are used to having a cup of milk in the morning and evening to meet the body's nutritional needs. Pet’s owner also wants to feed enough milk nutrients for their pets, and they want to feed their dog milk, but how to scientifically feed them with the milk powder, many problems deserve attention.

1. Dogs can't drink milk.

Because of its special constitution, dogs can't drink milk, especially young dogs. Because of the difference between the age of the dog and the individual, the tolerance to milk is very different. Some dogs may drink milk completely, but some may get milk allergic and have vomiting and diarrhea after eating, and even serious cases may lead to dehydration. Moreover, milk does not match the nutrients required by dogs.

Milk is characterized by low protein, low fat and high lactose, while dog breast milk is high in protein, high in fat and low in lactose. Most dogs have lactose intolerance. Milk contains high lactose. In general, lactose degrading enzymes in dogs are less and decrease with age. It is impossible for dogs to completely digest lactose in milk, which may cause lactose intolerance disease. Lactose is fermented by microorganisms in the intestines to produce gas and cause flatulence, even leading to osmotic diarrhea.

2. How about goat milk?

Goat milk is a great substitution for milk, it contains more than 200 nutrients and bioactive factors, of which the total content of protein, minerals, and various pet vitamins and supplements is higher than milk. The amount of 12 vitamins in goat milk is also higher than that of milk. The natural calcium content of goat milk is twice that of milk.

Moreover, the fat globules and protein granules of goat milk are only 1/3 of the milk, and the particle size is uniform, so it is more easily digested and absorbed by the body. At the same time, the content of immunoglobulin in goat milk from milk markets is very high. Immunoglobulin can effectively eliminate the virus in the body and protect the body from harm. It also plays a certain role in the dog's bones-reinforcement, improving immunity, and improving intelligence.

MAG goat milk powder, using pure natural goat milk as raw material, and a variety of vitamins such as concentrated whey protein, taurine, DHA and vitamin A are added in it to help the pet grow healthily. Improve the intestines, bones, fur, physique, and intellectual development of the puppies. It is a good choice for dogs to supplement nutrition and promote comprehensive development!


For the newborn dog, as well as the growing dog, and the old dog can drink the goat milk powder specially for the pet, so the pet owner remembers to feed some of the goat milk powder to the dog!

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