Is goat milk powder more nutritious than milk powder? 

Before buying milk powder for babies, be sure to know the truth!
Recently, many parents have consulted Xiaokangjun about goat milk powder. It is well known that breast milk is the best in the world, but parents can only choose milk powder if they are unable to breastfeed for various reasons.

Nowadays, there are many kinds of milk powder in the milk markets. The goat milk powder, donkey powder, milk powder, camel milk powder... nothing is impossible but only you can think of it! This makes the parents who are difficult to choose the product more different to choose the milk powder face with so many sales to point so-called high milk nutrition, closed to breast milk, anti-allergy.  


Is the nutritional value of goat milk higher than that of milk?
The nutritional value of goat milk and milk is not much different. The table shows that the protein of goat milk is slightly higher than that of cow's milk, but it is lower than that of milk in whey protein and other places. Coupled with the difference in animal species and farming environment, there are uncertain factors in the content of milk nutrients, so the data of each test will be different, and it is difficult to judge which milk is better. However, it is gratifying that after scientific adjustment, animal milk powder can also meet the normal development of the baby.

After reading the tables, parents may wonder why the value of animal milk powder is higher than that of human milk. Will the nutrition of milk powder be better than that of human milk? Although the nutritional content of human milk is not high, the baby is more easily absorbed, the intake of nutrition will be guaranteed. It is also because of fear that the baby is not well absorbed by the milk powder, so the animal milk powder will increase its nutrient content and catch up with the nutrient intake of breast milk.

Parents need to know before buying goat milk!
1. Goat milk powder is safer than milk powder.


Milk powder has safety problems, most of which are caused by human’s blind pursuit of interests. So whether it is goat milk powder or milk powder, or even other animal milk powder, if the business pursues profits and gives up product safety issues, then any food is at risk. Therefore, I would like to remind mothers, you should try breastfeeding as much as possible. If you really can not breastfeed your baby, you don't need to sad. In addition to the supervision of the control, parents can buy formula milk powder from the aspect of brand credibility, baby adaptation and cost-effective.

2. Goat milk powder prevents allergies.

This is a rumor, a baby who is allergic to milk is also allergic to goat milk. This is because the protein in goat milk and milk is very similar, so when the baby is rejecting the protein in the milk powder, whether it is goat milk powder or milk powder, it will cause allergies such as indigestion, diarrhea and skin rash.

If your baby is allergic to the protein, then don't eat regular milk powder. It is recommended to eat hydrolyzed milk powder. Detection of allergic results showed:  if your milk protein allergy is 4 ++++, it is recommended to drink amino acid milk powder; more than 2++, it is recommended to eat whole hydrolyzed milk powder; 2++below, you can drink partially hydrolyzed protein milk powder.

Why do you do this? Because the baby who is allergic to protein can't convert the protein into amino acid, which affects the growth. The hydrolyzed protein formula is partially hydrolyzed or completely hydrolyzed in the process of producing, and the macromolecular protein is hydrolyzed into small molecules. The baby who allergic to protein can directly absorb the amino acids of these small molecules, thereby alleviating allergic symptoms and ensuring growth and development.


3. Judging the good or bad of milk powder by price

Although the pricing of milk corresponds to the quality, this is the standard for purchasing milk powder, but it will harm the baby. As for why the goat milk powder will be more expensive than the milk powder, I will give you an analysis. This is due to the large investment of goat milk feeding and the less milk source, high sterilization technology requirements, high propaganda fees, and supply and demand relationships, etc., resulting in high prices. The price of goat milks powder is unrelated. So don't think something is good because it is expensive.