How to deal with milk powder clots?

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Drinking some milk can effectively meet the needs of various milk nutrients in the body's development, but the preservation requirements of milk powder are very high. Recently, many friends have found that their milk powder has a clot. If there are clots in milk powder, you should stop to use that dairy product. Be sure to check if the milk powder has deteriorated. Below I will come to everyone to specifically spread the milk powder agglomeration how to deal with it.

1. Slightly agglomerate can continue to drink

If the milk powder has agglomerated, you must pay attention to observe whether the milk powder has changed its color and taste. If there is no obvious change, you can use the spoon to gently touch the milk powder to loosen it and continue to eat. The occurrence of agglomeration of milk powder may be due to the turbulent friction during transportation, which makes the gap of the milk powder particles smaller, and thus the agglomeration caused by static electricity does not affect the quality and milk nutritional facts of the milk powder.

brew milk powder
brew milk powder

2. The milk powder should be discarded after agglomeration

If the milk powder is aggravated and hard, it may be caused by moisture or improper storage. If you observe the problem that the color of the milk powder turns yellow and black, or if it smells bad, the baby should never drink it, otherwise, it is harmful to babies' immune systems and may cause the baby to have diarrhea and vomiting, even milk allergic.

3. Pay attention to moisture absorption

After the milk powder is finished, you can gently tap it with a spoon. You can also put a few cubes of sugar in the milk powder jar. The sugar cube has a very good effect of absorbing moisture, which can greatly reduce the chance of milk powder getting wet.

4. Pay attention to proper storage

The problem of agglomeration of milk powder is often related to improper storage. Therefore, try to store the milk powder in the refrigerator and keep it sealed to prevent the milk powder from deteriorating. At the same time, the milk powder must be consumed as soon as possible after opening the lid and make sure that the milk is good for you.

milk powder

Presumably, everyone has a clearer understanding and understanding of the coping methods after milk powder agglomeration. Milk powder protects the baby's healthy growth, so don't give your baby expired milk powder. Daily storage of milk powder should be sealed and stored as cold as possible, which can effectively extend the shelf life of milk powder.

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