Strep. Faecalis Media

Streptococcus Faecalis Culture Media For Water Quality Detection
E. Coli Count Plate

For Water Quality Detection

Storage: room temperature
Shipment: no need to cool
Results: easy to distinguish and count

1. Friendly to use, simple steps and easy to count

2. Contains bacteriostatic agent, no additional addition, current hydration, good inhibition

3. 48 hours to confirm the results, no need to verify again

4. Suitable for testing a variety of water quality: drinking water, secondary water supply, well water, groundwater, natural mineral water, domestic sewage, industrial water, laboratory water, food production water, etc.

Water quality microbial detection ready-to-use medium series
The test results meet the requirements of the national standard and regulation.

Cold Sterilization Technology
No heat sterilization, heat-resistant ingredients have been added to the medium, no additional need to be added

Easy to Use
Remove the stagnation step, open the bag and use it without any other steps

High Resolution
Unique technology, high transparency of the medium, easy to distinguish colonies

Low Cost
Small packaging, reducing material loss and greatly reducing the cost of use

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