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November 30, 2020
What is the best mini freezer?

Quick Navigation What is a mini freezer? Definition Features of mini freezer Classification of mini freezers Uses of mini freezers How to use the mini freezer? Maintenance of mini freezer Conclusion What is a mini freezer? 1. Definition Mini freezer can keep your food and drinks cool and fresh. In addition to being used in […]

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November 27, 2020
What is Marbofloxacin used for?

Quick Navigation What is marbofloxacin? Definition Pharmacological effects Pharmacology Uses of Marbofloxacin Indications Uses Dosage Marbofloxacin side effects Adverse Reactions Warnings Combination contraindications Conclusion What is marbofloxacin? 1. Definition Marbofloxacin belongs to the third-generation fluoroquinolones of antibacterial drugs. It has the advantages of broad antibacterial spectrum, long elimination half-life and high bioavailability. The French company […]

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November 26, 2020
How do quinolones work?

Quick Navigation What are quinolones? Definition Antibacterial mechanism Features Drug Interactions Quinolone classification How do quinolones work? Principle of action Application Fluoroquinolones Side effects Fluoroquinolones Side effects Hidden danger Outlook Conclusion What are quinolones? 1. Definition Quinolones, also known as pyridone acids, are synthetic antibacterial drugs containing the basic structure of 4-quinolones. Quinolones target bacterial […]

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November 25, 2020
What are the ciprofloxacin side effects?

Quick Navigation What is ciprofloxacin? Definition Purpose Pharmacology and Toxicology Pharmacokinetics What is ciprofloxacin used for? What does ciprofloxacin treat? Ciprofloxacin Dosage Veterinary drug application Ciprofloxacin side effects Side effects Precaution Conclusion What is ciprofloxacin? 1. Definition Ciprofloxacin is a synthetic third-generation quinolone with broad-spectrum antibacterial activity and good bactericidal effect. The antibacterial activity against […]

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November 24, 2020
What is enrofloxacin used to treat?

Quick Navigation What is enrofloxacin? Definition Physical and chemical properties Pharmacokinetics Pharmacological effects What is enrofloxacin used to treat? Indications of Enrofloxacin Purpose Dosage Drug Combination Enrofloxacin side effects Enrofloxacin side effects Matters needing attention Baytril Introduction Function Conclusion What is enrofloxacin? 1. Definition Enrofloxacin is also known as ethyl ciprofloxacin. It is a yellowish […]

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November 21, 2020
Is furazolidone safe for infants?

Quick Navigation What is furazolidone? Definition Quality Purpose Pharmacological effects Pharmacokinetics Furazolidone uses Indications Uses Dosage Veterinary Furazolidone side effects Adverse reactions Matters needing attention Furazolidone Interactions Can furazolidone still be used? Conclusion What is furazolidone? 1. Definition Furazolidone is a nitrofuran antibiotic that can be used to treat gastrointestinal diseases such as dysentery, enteritis […]

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November 20, 2020
How do I use nitrofurazone?

Quick Navigation What is nitrofurazone? Definition Application Physical and chemical properties Pharmacological effects Nitrofurazone Uses Indications Uses Dosage Nitrofurazone Fish Nitrofurazone side effects Adverse reactions Matters needing attention Toxicity Why is nitrofurazone banned? Conclusion What is nitrofurazone? 1. Definition Nitrofurazone is a kind of medicine, it is lemon yellow fine crystalline powder; it is odorless […]

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November 18, 2020
Is nitrofurantoin a good antibiotic?

Quick Navigation What is nitrofurantoin? Definition Purpose Pharmacodynamics Pharmacokinetics Nitrofurantoin uses Indications Uses Nitrofurantoin Dosage Nitrofurantoin side effects Adverse reactions Nitrofurantoin Interactions Nitrofurantoin Warnings Conclusion What is nitrofurantoin? 1. Definition Nitrofurantoin is a yellow crystalline powder, odorless, bitter, and darker when exposed to light, belonging to furan antibiotics like furaltadone. It can be dissolved in […]

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November 16, 2020
The banned furaltadone

Quick Navigation What is furaltadone? Uses of furaltadone Hazards of furaltadone Conclusion What is furaltadone?    Nitrofuran drugs are broad-spectrum antibiotics that can kill most gram-positive and gram-negative bacteria, fungi, protozoa and other pathogens. They act on the microbial enzyme system, inhibit acetyl-CoA, interfere with the metabolism of microbial carbohydrates, and play a bacteriostatic effect. Nitrofurans […]

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November 13, 2020
What is the drug trimethoprim used for?

Quick Navigation What is trimethoprim? Definition Pharmacological effects Pharmacokinetics The role of trimethoprim Indications Uses Dosage Trimethoprim side effects Adverse Reactions Matters needing attention Taboo Drugs Interactions Market Analysis of Trimethoprim Conclusion What is trimethoprim? 1. Definition Trimethoprim, TMP for short, is white or off-white crystalline powder which is odorless and bitter. This product is […]

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November 12, 2020
What is meant by sulfa drugs?

Quick Navigation What are sulfa drugs? Adverse reactions Classification Clinical application Notes Conclusion What are sulfa drugs? Sulfonamides are synthetic antibacterial drugs that have been used clinically for nearly 50 years. Sulfa drugs have the advantages of broad antibacterial spectrum, stable properties, easy use, and no food consumption during production. Especially after the discovery of […]

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November 11, 2020
Does silver sulfadiazine promote healing?

Quick Navigation What is silver sulfadiazine? Sulfadiazine Silver Nitrate Pharmacological effects of silver sulfadiazine Pharmacokinetics What are the side effects of silver sulfadiazine? Silver Sulfadiazine Cream Uses Conclusion What is silver sulfadiazine? Silver sulfadiazine is a compound of sulfadiazine and silver nitrate. It has the astringent effect of silver and the antibacterial and anti-inflammatory effect […]

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