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What is the best mini freezer?

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What is a mini freezer?

1. Definition

Mini freezer can keep your food and drinks cool and fresh. In addition to being used in homes and offices, it can also be used directly in cars. The size of a mini freezer is generally width 400 * depth 370 * height 490mm, width 435 * depth 432 * height 570mm, etc., and the volume is 20L, 35L, 40L, 42L, 46L, 48L, etc. Different brands of freezers have different sizes. It is recommended that you buy a mini freezer of 50 liters per capita.

The small freezer can conveniently store sandwiches, fruits, cosmetics and many kinds of items.

In 1910, the world's first household freezer with a compression freezer came out in the United States. In 1925, the Swedish Lido Company developed a household absorption freezer. In 1927, the United States General Electric Company developed a fully enclosed freezer.

As early as 2000 BC, ancient inhabitants of the Euphrates and Tigris river basins in Western Babylon had begun to pile ice cubes in the pits to freeze meat. In the Shang Dynasty (early 17th century BC to 11th century BC), Chinese knew how to use ice cubes to refrigerate food. In the Middle Ages, many countries had original freezers that put ice cubes in special water tanks or stone cabinets to preserve food. Until the 1850s, this type of freezer was still sold in the United States.

In the mid-17th century in the West, the word "freezer" entered the American language. Through the development of cities, ice trading has gradually developed. It was gradually used as food preservation of meat, fish and butter in hotels, hospitals, and some discerning city merchants. After the civil war (1861-1865), the ice brick was used in refrigerated truck and also entered civilian life. By 1880, half of the freezers were sold in New York, Philadelphia, and Baltimore.

At the beginning of the 19th century, inventors had a very rudimentary understanding of thermophysics, which is vital to refrigeration science. In the West, people believed that the best freezer should prevent the melting of ice, but such a very common view at the time was wrong, because it was the melting of ice that caused the cooling effect. Early people’s efforts to preserve ice, including wrapping the ice with blankets, were huge until the end of the 19th century, when inventors succeeded in finding the precise balance of insulation and circulation required for an efficient freezer. Common refrigerators include vertical freezers, horizontal freezers, desktop freezers, ordinary household refrigerators, and ultra-low freezers which are popular because of the COVID-19 vaccine.

2. Features of mini freezer

The small freezer can keep your food and beverages cool and fresh. The switch after turning the box is converted into a heating system, which can heat food to 65 °C. Equipped with a public connection wire and a car cigarette lighter connection wire means that you can keep food and drinks cool in the car, suitable for picnic or fishing. Once you have a mini freezer, you will want to put one in every room.

Adopting the new concept of space technology PELTIER effect, without the bulky, noise and fluorine pollution of the compressor, it has long life, cute appearance, small size and light portable belt, suitable for indoor and outdoor use.

Therefore, the product can not only be used in the home or office, but also directly in the car. The product has a cooling fin with a life of 85,000 hours, a DC fan with a life of 30,000 hours for heat dissipation to ensure the built-in product. Powerful cooling capacity: cooling: the lowest temperature can be 5 °C, 20-25 ℃ lower than the ambient temperature. Heating capacity: up to 65 °C.

3. Classification of mini freezers

One is to connect the freezer to the cigarette lighter through a cable, so that it can be cooled. This kind of freezer is mostly used for cooling and heat preservation, and can be used as an incubator in winter. Some car freezers can also be used at home, as long as it is connected to the home's 220V power supply.

The other is to use a group of energy storage boxes in the freezer to cool or keep warm. Put this group of energy storage boxes in a household freezer for 10 hours, and then put the energy storage box in the car freezer to cool, which can last 20 hours to keep the temperature below 15 degrees. Put this group of energy storage boxes in a microwave oven to heat for 120 seconds and put them in a car freezer, and it can be used for heat preservation. However, this kind of freezer has a small capacity holding up to six cans of Coke.

Uses of mini freezers

1. Office

The mini freezer is the ideal choice for your office. On your office desk, conference room, reception, etc., it can provide any professional with fresh and refreshing food and beverages at any time.

2. Home

When you watch sports programs on TV or your favorite daily comedy in the room, and at a party, the night drinks in the bedroom are connected with a 220-volt public standard wire. You can put the mini freezer in any corner.

3. Car

During holidays, family trips-using a standard 12-volt cable, you can connect the mini freezer to your car's cigarette lighter. So you can enjoy refreshing food and drinks in the car.

How to use the mini freezer?

1. Location

Due to the small size of the mini freezer, many people put it directly in the bedroom or under the desk for convenience. But in fact, it is easy to block the cooling vent of the mini freezer, which may cause malfunctions. Therefore, it is recommended that you choose an open place as much as possible and leave a little space around it. In addition, the radiation and cold of the freezer can easily affect your body, so it is recommended that you place the mini freezer in the living room as far as possible.

2. Power

Many people will use the mini freezer in the car. At this time, the power supply needs to be paid special attention: Generally speaking, the mini freezer needs to use the attached DC power supply in order to assure safety in the car. Never use it on 24V motorhomes or buses, otherwise serious fire accidents may occur.

3. Care

Most of the water vapor comes from the air. When people store food and open the freezer, the indoor air and the air in the freezer exchange freely, and the humid air in the room quietly enters the freezer. Part of the moisture comes from foods stored in the freezer, such as cleaned vegetables and fruits placed in fresh-keeping boxes. The moisture in vegetables and other foods evaporates and condenses into frost when cold.

Especially in summer, the indoor temperature is high, the humidity is high, and the temperature difference between the room temperature and the freezer is large. When the freezer is opened, a cool air flows from the inside to the outside, and the indoor air burrows into the freezer. In a few moments, a layer of hoar frost formed on the surface of the freezer. People have also found that even if there is nothing in the freezer, a thick layer of frost will form in the freezer that is often opened. It can be seen that a large part of the water vapor in the freezer comes from the water vapor in the air.

Some freezers require defrosting. Manual freezer defrosting is time-consuming and laborious, with poor defrosting effect. Here I recommend a defrosting trick to you. Cut a piece of slightly thick plastic film according to the size of the freezer compartment of the freezer and stick it on the frosted wall of the freezer compartment without any glue. When defrosting, take out the food in the freezer temporarily, then peel off the plastic film and shake it, and all the frost will fall off, then re-attach a film.

4. Clean

Just like ordinary household freezers, mini freezers will also have mildew and smells, and they need to be cleaned and maintained regularly. To avoid discoloration, you cannot use irritating cleaning fluids such as alcohol or delustering liquid. Just use a rag and scrub it with water. When scrubbing, unplug the power first to avoid electric shock, and then empty the food and beverages in the freezer.

5. Energy saving

A. Keep away from heat sources and keep gaps

Every time the temperature around the freezer increases by 5°C, its internal power consumption will increase by 25%. Therefore, it should be placed as far as possible from heat sources, preferably in a ventilated and shaded place. Do not put hot food directly in the freezer, put it in when it reaches room temperature. The food in the freezer compartment is best packaged in plastic bags, which can be frozen quickly and prevent moisture from turning into frost; the food should not be packed too full, and there should be a gap between the freezer wall to facilitate flow Air-conditioning.

B. Avoid frequent door opening

If the door is opened too frequently, on the one hand, the power consumption of the freezer will increase significantly, and at the same time the service life of the freezer will be reduced. Because the door of the freezer is large, the cold air inside the box escapes, and the warm and humid air outside the box enters, which will increase the temperature inside the box. At the same time, the moist air entering the box is easy to accelerate the frosting on the surface of the evaporator and thicken the frosting layer. Since the thermal conductivity of frost is much smaller than that of the evaporator material, it is not conducive to heat conduction, causing the temperature in the box to drop slowly, the working time of the compressor increases, the wear is accelerated, and the power consumption increases.

If the thickness of the frost layer on the surface of the evaporator is greater than 10 mm, the heat transfer efficiency will drop by more than 30%, resulting in a significant decrease in the cooling efficiency. In addition, when the door of the box is opened, the lighting in the box is turned on, which consumes electric energy and emits heat, which is obviously not conducive to energy saving.

C. Keep fresh in case of power outage, and use power at staggered peaks

If you are worried about the "power shortage" caused by the peak power consumption period, we recommend that you better use a freezer with the function of "time-by-hours electricity, power failure preservation". This kind of freezer can still keep fresh in the case of power cuts for up to 20 hours; moreover, its "time-by-hours meter" function can avoid cooling during peak electricity consumption periods with expensive electricity prices, and automatically achieve "avoid peak electricity consumption".

Maintenance of mini freezer

  1. The freezer should not be overfilled, and proper space should be left so that the air-conditioning can penetrate all stored products. In addition, the freezer should be disinfected regularly. Wipe it with dilute bleach water or 0.1% potassium permanganate water for 3-4 weeks. At the same time, it is necessary to clean the freezer regularly, especially the filter, where dirt and germs often accumulate.
  2. Always clean the dust on the back or bottom condenser and compressor of the freezer. You can use a vacuum cleaner or a brush to remove dust. Be careful not to wipe the dust on the freezer and compressor with a damp cloth.
  3. When the freezer is out of service for a long time, the power should be cut off first, all the food in the box should be taken out, the inside and outside the box should be cleaned, and the door of the box should be opened for a few days to fully dry the box and dissipate the peculiar smell in the freezer.
  4. Check the drain pipe. If the drain pipe is blocked, water will leak into the freezer. Poke the drain pipe with an iron wire to remove the accumulation on the drain pipe.
  5. Don't neglect the cleaning of the door seal strips. Dilute the bleach with 10 times the amount of water and then clean it with a toothbrush. Finally, rinse off the bleach with water. Dirty strips are easy to age, which will affect the airtightness of the freezer and increase power consumption.
  6. Check vibration, noise and compressor temperature. Touch the compressor shell during operation, there should be no obvious sense of vibration.
  7. Check whether there are cracks in the power cord to prevent leakage.
  8. Clean and dry the inside and outside the freezer with warm water or neutral detergent, and open the freezer door to ventilate and dry for one day.


Nowadays, mini freezers have become a good partner for many people in trips: it is convenient to use, easy to carry. It is very suitable for indoor, office or car use. Mini freezers can not only store many types of food, but also heat or freeze them, which can be described as a good product for home and travel.

ultra-flow freezers
ultra-flow freezers

Mini freezers are generally available in major stores. But if you need ultra-low freezers that can store biomaterials, you can buy one at BALLYA.


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