Why aflatoxin exceeds the milk powder standard often occur

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Dairy products exposed endless potential quality hazards, the problem batches of milk off the shelves, industry and commerce departments also said that they should severely punish that enterprise which had the quality problem, can it be fine after punishment? What is aflatoxin? Where does aflatoxin come from, which production links have problems, how to ensure that there will have no problem in the future? If there were the incident that the aflatoxin exceeding the milk powder standard? Is there milk products which with aflatoxin in the milk markets?

Aflatoxin, as a mycotoxin, is a metabolite of fungi produced when the grain is not dried and stored in time, and widely exists in the food. It is highly toxic and carcinogenic. 

Recently, the Guangzhou Bureau of Industry and Commerce announced on its official website the results of recent sampling of dairy products from the milk company and dairy products on the market. The strong carcinogenic substance aflatoxin M1 was detected in 5 batches of Nanshan milk powder. The Ministry of Industry and Commerce said that at present the batch products with problems have been removed from shelves. Because of the serious problems in the test results of Nanshan milk powder, the Ministry of Industry and Commerce will take severe punishment measures.

Question batches of milk off the shelves, industry and commerce departments also said that they will punish Nanshan company severely, can it be always good after punishment? Milk drinkers still have a series of doubts in mind, where aflatoxin comes from? Is aflatoxin exist in the fresh milk from cattle company? Which production links have problems? How to make sure that there will have no problem in the future? If there were the incident that the aflatoxin exceeding the milk powder standard? Is there milk products which with aflatoxin in the market?

The data shows aflatoxin exists mainly in the grain oil and its products which is contaminated by aflatoxin. When grain is not dried in time and stored improperly, it is easy to be contaminated by Aspergillus Flavus or parasitic Aspergillus to produce such toxins. Wang Dingman, president of Guangzhou Dairy Association, once introduced that aflatoxin in milk comes from the feed of the dairy female cow. Even if it is a little excessive, with the intake of human food, it will gradually cause cancer in the human body.

It can be seen that the problem of aflatoxin exceeding the standard in Nanshan dairy products, starting from the source of dairy cattle breeding, requires a comprehensive investigation of the whole process of dairy production. Before the hidden dangers are thoroughly investigated and solved, a lot of work needs to be carried out, not only to destroy a batch of products and left a word of "severe punishment" can be done.

More worrying to consumers is that the quality supervision department is testing dairy products on a random basis, which makes people doubtful that in addition to the batch of dairy products being sampled, there are more aflatoxin over-standard products coming into the market, and may cause bodily harm like milk allergic to people who continue to drink. To eliminate such concerns, Nanshan Dairy must provide special evidence that the batch of problematic products is non-reproducible. Otherwise, for a seemingly accidental but possibly widespread dairy safety problem, we must not make a fuss about it, and it is imperative to implement product recall within a reasonable scope.

milk powder
milk powder

The hidden quality hazards exposed by dairy products emerge endlessly, and the public has gradually become numb from the initial fright, each time something happens. Then the industry and Commerce Department said that it should be punished severely. Then the enterprise would defend it as an accident and apologize to the mass of the people if making a big noise, and then... Often there will be no afterward, and the mistakes that should not be made are still the make. In this way, the lip service is given to the apologies spoken out and the severe punishments are spoken out. In this case, people may find a new substitution for milk products.

The consumers did not see the improvement of product quality. The enterprise did not take consumer health seriously. The regulator did not prohibit hidden causes for the accident so that could never happen again. The solemn apology is no solemn. The so-called severe punishment is not served. 

If Nanshan really feel ashamed for this incident, if the industry and commerce departments really have the determination to punish, they should take the attitude of being responsible for the quality of products, the brand of enterprises and the health of consumers, recall the products with hidden quality problems, investigate the production process carelessly and publish them to the society, and take this opportunity to improve and perfect the supervision system of production quality. That is the embodiment of the sincerity and responsibility of enterprises and supervision departments.

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