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Several things of Difficulty in Dairy Cow Breeding

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Dairy cows play an important role in China's cow industry. Now the milk in the market is processed. Milk is conducive to the growth and development of the human body, especially children, so it is sought after by many people. However, although raising dairy cows is relatively profitable, many people do not understand the advantages and disadvantages of dairy farming and do not know some troublesome things in it, so ultimately leading to the failure of farming. So what are the troublesome things in dairy cow breeding?

Several things of Difficulty in Dairy Cow Breeding
Several things of Difficulty in Dairy Cow Breeding

1. Breeding scale
Dairy cow farming is generally large-scale, and the number of cows varies. But now in the countryside, some people will raise several cows in their leisure time, forming rural retail farmers.

The dairy farming of retail farmers is very unwise. First of all, retail farmers do not have reasonable farming technology, nor do they have farming equipment and advanced mechanical technology, which can not guarantee the quality of milk. Moreover, there is no market for the milk of retail farmers, and the profits, in the end, are less.

2. Feeding methods
Some dairy farmers do not have a correct feeding method for dairy cows, especially for some individual farmers.

These retail farmers have usually raised cattle, so they use the same method as cattle when feeding cows. This method is not suitable for cows.

When feeding dairy cows, we must reasonably mix feed nutrition to ensure that the nutrition of dairy cows is fully absorbed, to promote the growth of dairy cows and improve the quality of milk. 

Several things of Difficulty in Dairy Cow Breeding
Several things of Difficulty in Dairy Cow Breeding

3. Breeding methods
Dairy farming is different from other common cattle farming. When we breed dairy cows, we should observe the life habits and hobbies of dairy cows. We should not violate the growth rules of dairy cows, otherwise, the cows will have a stress response.

Dairy cow breeding needs to be observed regularly every day, such as food intake, growth, and changes, to prevent cows from the disease. If the management is not in place, it will lead to a decline in milk production, the quality of milk will also be affected, and the benefits of breeding will also be reduced.

So we must have a reasonable and correct way of breeding cows and observe all aspects of the growth of cows.

4. Other aspects
This includes the nutrition and breeding cost of dairy cows. The nutritional needs of dairy cows are relatively comprehensive. Our primary goal of breeding dairy cows is not to increase the fat of dairy cows, but to improve the milk production and the quality of milk.

So we need to control the proportion of concentrate to roughage when feeding. The cost of breeding is also a troublesome thing, not only to consider the construction of dairy farms but also the purchase of feed. The choice of feed is not the more expensive the better, but to ensure the best growth of dairy cows at the lowest cost is the most important. This can also further improve your breeding efficiency.

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